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@renan_ozturk and @jamesqmartin started climbing the south Six Shooter tower in Indian Creek at 4 am just about when I was packing up to fly from Monument Valley to try to shoot them on top at sunrise...the timing worked out perfectly!


Another mind blowing sunset flight here in SE Utah! This is a slice of the San Juan uplift.


First light on Tse Bii' Ndzisgaii... in the last year I’ve learned so much from flying with some the most amazing photographers...and the one thing I think we are all striving for is a way to hold a beautiful moment...recorded perfectly with a camera, to share and remind us and others of the wonder of this earth and this life we live.
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Just in awe of this landscape here in Utah...we live on an amazing planet that gives us everything... we just have to learn and remember how to take care of it! -
This was a nice sunset flight on the north end of Comb ridge with @argonautphoto who is on assignment with @natgeo trying to show the complexities of the issue of our public lands and Bears Ears National Monument. It was good hearing what he has learned on this assignment and I look forward to the story release.
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Who knew there was a beautiful little dune field near Monument valley... this runs along the southern extension of Comb Ridge. Really enjoying flying here again with some great people and learning new things from everyone. Today I got to fly with my soul brothers @paulhoelen and @navajomylo through these awesome landscapes. Huge shout out and thanks to everyone here at Gouldings lodge including @scott_laws_photography, Wayland LaFont, Janie and all the friendly people here in the #navajonation!!! #utah#monumentvalley


I took off from Taos at about 5:10 am and got to watch the sunrise behind me as I flew west. Five hours later I landed in Monticello Utah. Life is full of adventure waiting to happen!


I flew past the tower this morning after a fly-in camping session at Mineral Bottom... it’s a sweet dirt strip at the bottom of the Green river canyon. I didn’t see anyone the whole time and it was peaceful being out of cell range for a change. .
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I’m having visions of flying by this amazing place next week on my way to Utah. Here my buddy Randy @mydoggus50 flys towards the sunset with @chrisburkard shooting from the back seat. Stay tuned!
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Virga sunsets are cool!
Just don’t fly under these clouds unless you want to get a beating🤪. I learned the hard way.
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It’s a real treat to fly sunset on the west side of the Sangre De Cristo mountains.
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Morning shadows of the Mittens at Tse Bii' Ndzisgaii stretch for miles into the Navajo desert.
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It’s hard to describe with words what it felt like flying into Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii or Monument Valley for the first time...kind of like I had just arrived on an alien planet... these powerful and sacred Navajo lands are hauntingly beautiful and have been calling me back ever since. .
Here is a shot of the cockpit as @renan_ozturk and I take in the magic...I’m excited to be pointing my compass back in that direction for the 5 hour flight from Taos in a few days.


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