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This little lake near Creede, Colorado is one of the coolest high mountain lakes I’ve seen.

Creede, Colorado

Rio Grande Pyramid is one of those special peaks... hard to get to on foot with a striking pyramid shape. This is where the Rio Grande river starts and at 13,827 it towers over everything in the immediate area. .
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Rocky Mountains

From high above the Sangre de Cristo range looks much smaller than it is. The Great sand dunes are tucked into the west side and the Huerfano Valley lies to the east. This is an incredible area to explore!
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Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Monument Valley sunrises are unforgettable! I still get visions in my mind of this place from flying here for a few days last October.

Monument Valley

The Rio Grande river winds slowly through the Creede Caldera not far from it’s headwaters. The elevation here is around 9000 feet.
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Creede, Colorado

The mountains around Creede make it one of the favorite places to fly...this is Bristol Head mountain and Santa Maria reservoir on an early fall morning with the San Juan peaks in the distance.

Creede, Colorado

Being up here before the morning sky lights up is the challenge and sometimes you reap the reward.
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Taos, New Mexico

Darkness falls on @vailmtn. Fun to see it from above finally.
@jonas_marcinko and I were toasty warm with electric gloves after struggling to stay warm on the sunrise flight a few hours earlier.


A few years ago, after hearing stories about this place, I flew to Leadville with my sights set on flying Mount of the Holy Cross.

Mount of the Holy Cross has been steeped in mystery and intrigue since the 1800’s. The late 1920’s were an exciting and active time for Mt. of the Holy Cross. A trend that started, probably from riding the coattails of men like Dr. Randall and Father Carrigan was the practice of something called, “Handkerchief Healing”. Started by a Denver area religious healer, he urged the faithful who were too ill to make the trek to mail him their personal cloths. He would in turn, bless them upon the summit and mail them back, for a nominal fee of course.
The inception for this came from a passage found in Acts 19:12, .
Only about 100 people responded and participated the first year but what was hard to ignore were the astounding and unbelievable results. By 1932, the pastor was receiving almost 2,000 handkerchiefs by almost half the states in the Union and from places as far away as Alaska and Mexico. During this four to seven year stretch, reported cures from these summit-top blessings remained unexplainably high. .
I still want to go back and ski Cross couloir and experience this beautiful place from the ground.
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Mount of the Holy Cross

Had a great time flying over @vailmtn this week with @jonas_marcinko and @renan_ozturk. My friend Jonas built a sweet, compact gimbal that will carry a RED high end video camera on the nose of my trike that is solid and really affordable for productions without a huge budget...nice work @jonas_marcinko!!! It’s pretty awesome to be able to fly around and capture high quality, stabilized video like I never have been able to until recently. Thanks Renan for fully supporting the dream of the CineTrike and thanks @rudy.le for your constant tech support and expertise! Also thanks to the excellent crew at Eagle regional airport who took great care of us and let us fly in and out between all the high speed jet traffic!

Vail, Colorado

It was a frigid but beautiful morning over Beaver Creek today. Good to fly in a new place with @jonas_marcinko and @renan_ozturk!

Vail, Colorado

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to fly up the San Juan river while filming the Bears Ears in Utah. After we passed the goosenecks we came to this bend in the river and turned east up the Grand Gulch on our way back to Blanding. I can only imagine what this terrain must look like from the ground level!
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Bears Ears National Monument