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Journey back to Recovery

Turn around and look at how far you have come! Dont stop now keep on going because there are so many opportunities that come around if you keep moving forward! Some that will make you want to turn around and leave but some that will make you want to go even further! The goal is near you can achieve it 💪💪 How far do you have left?

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Physique Update:
Journey Back to Recovery

If you blame anyone else but yourself, you are in the wrong place, when you reach a stage where you are humbled and are willing to take on the blame you have reached a place in your life where responsibility is now a part of your life! Dont force the blame to be upon you but if you found that you have many places to work on, stay there and work on it because without those surrounding people, environment etc you would not have been able to see your own weaknesses that you can now work on to create more strengths 💪


Journey back to Recovery

Know that you cannot do this by yourself, find the person that can make you the best version of yourself. Trust me when I say I know how it feels to have some one who encourages, cares, loves and looks out for you. Dont let that person down, work... work... and keep working till the job is done.

Can you do what it takes?


Journey back to Recovery

Fall but dont stay down, fail but dont be a failure, believe but act aswell, trust but dont be dishonest. For every up there is a down. If you can recognize one then you can find the other, how can you say that you have failed if you dont even know what the success was? Know what you are up against, be open and learn from whatever happens!

How many months do you think I have left before im clear of rehab? :)


Journey back to Recovery!
Welcome 2018, let there be light to the dark, or better yet be the light! Push through pain for better things come into your life and last forever ❤️
Still trained because today makes no difference in the lifestyle you make, thats why its called a lifestyle not a year-style


Through Blood. Sweat. Tears. I will achieve what I set myself out to do, work harder whatever you are doing now is not near what you are capable of, the pain?? What about the pain, if you stop because of pain then your goal is not strong enough.

Journey back to Recovery
Who is going to hustle during the breaks!


Do things together, but when you are alone know that you could still do it without them, show that you arent relying on people. You are the one who knows best on what you can and cant do!
Journey to Recovery


If theres anyone you should make happy, let it be you!
Feel blessed that you got another day to live! Take advantage of what you have got, you will not ever realize how much you had till its gone, respect the people in your life and love them because they shape who you are too!!
Journey to Recovery


When you fail, get back up and try again, you never how many tries away you are from succeeding!
80kg Military Press x 3 reps

What do you think my 1RM is??


I was told to do the most muscular pose, when he tells you to do it, you do it
Massive shoutout to @calumvonmoger
He is such a good guy! Honestly the biggest and tallest bodybuilder ive seen to this day!! Hope to see you next year in LA Calum!! One day my arms will get swole 😂

ASB Showgrounds

@nzfitnessexpo what a blast and day to just learn and get back on track
Its not the expo that made the difference but what i made of the expo! Learnt a lot and definitely feel so much more motivated!
Shout out to the king @ronniecoleman8 @maz_dan @josefrakich @arkantaha @brian_choi_fitness @hideyamagishi
You all inspired me and just real great to have you guys see me at some point in my journey! Appreciate the time and effort

Shoutout to @jaestheticsnz for taking the photos but also motivating me!
Give all them a follow!!!

ASB Showgrounds

Move forward, not backwards, life is not about living in regrets, it is about reaching new stages in your life and accomplishing new things. We are all different and nothing but you will define yourself.