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When you fail, get back up and try again, you never how many tries away you are from succeeding!
80kg Military Press x 3 reps

What do you think my 1RM is??


I was told to do the most muscular pose, when he tells you to do it, you do it
Massive shoutout to @calumvonmoger
He is such a good guy! Honestly the biggest and tallest bodybuilder ive seen to this day!! Hope to see you next year in LA Calum!! One day my arms will get swole 😂

ASB Showgrounds

@nzfitnessexpo what a blast and day to just learn and get back on track
Its not the expo that made the difference but what i made of the expo! Learnt a lot and definitely feel so much more motivated!
Shout out to the king @ronniecoleman8 @maz_dan @josefrakich @arkantaha @brian_choi_fitness @hideyamagishi
You all inspired me and just real great to have you guys see me at some point in my journey! Appreciate the time and effort

Shoutout to @jaestheticsnz for taking the photos but also motivating me!
Give all them a follow!!!

ASB Showgrounds

Move forward, not backwards, life is not about living in regrets, it is about reaching new stages in your life and accomplishing new things. We are all different and nothing but you will define yourself.


Achieve more than just your goal, keep going hit 110% aim higher, you can do it, because anything is possible if you set your mind to it!!! P.S my legs are on the return 😉

Who can guess my arm size?


Ready to go for a lean bulk 😄
Know your own body, dont follow someone just because they are successful, follow them for the "why" that pushed them through their obstacles. Your 'why' has to be stronger than anyone, why did you start? -Road to recovery week 7-


Road to Recovery!
Week 6:
A famous quote once went, "pain is temporary, it may last a minute, an hour, a day or even year... but eventually it will subside, and something else will take its place"
Make your choice, everytime just say to yourself, "just one more". Makes you forget that theres a certain amount you need to do but infact the amount you should be doing!
Theres nothing that will stop you or me, lets see who is hungrier for our goals!


Appreciate your time, never ever will you experience the same second, it will always be different.
Make today count, you never know when it will be your last, at least go knowing that there is no regrets youre leaving behind
What did you today?


Slowly but surely, you can do it, you can make what other people doubt happen. Prove them wrong!
Are you willing to do what it takes??

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When theres a problem you cant fix now, move on to something else and come back when you can, often its the ones who go back to what they havent yet achieved be the ones to go further in life.
Did you make something work today?


When you get back up, look further than you ever have, youre motivated to have gone back up, utilize that feeling and take advantage of it, you might even go further than your old goals


The comfort zone is a great place, we love it but to tell you nothing gets done
Step up and get out of that zone! Get work done!
Respect not only yourself but the opportunities that are out there helping you to become a better version of yourself


Throwback 101
Seated Machine Row.
Pull with your elbow your hands are just to hold, feel the squeeze in your back and rear delts.
Remember this principle, in every exercise, this seated machine row for example, youre trying to drive your chest into the movement as well as pull from your elbows, this allows you to activate all the necessary muscles!

On a recovery note, cant wait to train again! Surely but slowly ill get back stronger and faster than i was before!

Show me your seated row!


*Motivational Post*

Have pride in yourself, dont change yourself to fit the system, make the system flow to who you are. Dont stop doing what you love because people say dont, dont stop striving for your goals because people say it cant be done. Instead keep going and keep doing what youre doing, you never know if you reach your goal in the next step.

Are you willing to become a winner?


Pre operation!
There is noone out there that doesnt face a struggle, life works to create obstacles hard for you. Whats hard to me may not be hard for you, support is not from those who say theyve been through it, but it is from those who are there and help you during your struggle of time.
There are no better supporters in my life than family 😊


Light up like no one else, shine brighter than you have done, fire it all up!
All it takes is a little spark to ignite this light. You will realize you get back more than what you put in!

Who is going to shine brighter than me?


You are the strongest and weakest part of your life, its not what others think of who you are, its what you accept of what you do.

Challenges lie ahead and its how we choose to face them, we can get help but ultimately its the actions you choose which defines you.

Will you take on the challenge?


Return to Aesthetics
Truth is, you are the only one stopping yourself, time waits for noone, time doesnt magically lengthen or shorten, you decide what you do with the time given. If i was to ask you how long a day you spend scrolling through your social media what would your answer be. Would you still be able to be able to say im too busy? I dont have time?
Motivate yourself, get comfortable being uncomfortable, most of the time you wont feel like you want to but the difference is are you or are you not going to make a change today?


Return to Aesthetics
Do what you can do not what others can, accept and move on! No matter how hard you try you cant be anyone else but yourself so start embracing that and be special, standout and let everyone know that you are you. Be confident, stay motivated because te only one that can bring you down is you.


Im back
Life has knocked me down yet again, with another obstacle, and i got back up
Life gave me a reason to stop, but i kept going
Life kept trying to give me excuses, but I did it without saying a word
Life is not as merciful and easy as you think, the harder you try the harder it tries to bring you down, life can only take away 99% of yourself, what you choose to do with that 1% makes you a champion, a winner, successful.
Im motivated, and nothing is going to stop me. Return to Aesthetics journey will begin, starting with prehab.


Journey to Aesthetics
Little throwback to about a few weeks back.
Its not always bad to look back, but what you do next defines you, it takes courage to be the better person, we cant always be the better one but when we have the choice to, is when you should do. Theres always opportunities if you look for them


Journey to Aesthetics
Wind doesnt change directions for anyone, we all like to travel in a straight direction but truth is, you either hustle when wind gets strong so you dont lose where your focus and destination is, or you let the wind take control and get you further from your goals. There will never be a wind strong enough to break you if dont let it! Be strong fight for your own self! Never give up and reach your goal!


Journey to Aesthetics
The power of someone is not with action strength alone, but words that match with it before you even do it, those that dont believe you will call you a liar, cheater because they dont know, show who you are not because of haters but because its the time to be you! You have the power to change others with your words and actions!


Journey to Aesthetics
One positive thought... Just one and that can change your day
Be that positive person, be that person to motivate and inspire, be the person that people look up to, but be who you are
Love yourself, respect yourself and people will follow you on your journey


Stay Alive Challenge Accepted

Not everything is worth looking at badly, you cant always put yourself down, instead look up and see the better future in you, it wouldnt be possible if you havent seen it in your head
You are worth it all!


Theres so much to look back on, its been such a journey yet im still on the same journey today and i will always be, I have progressed in ways that made me a better person, I have achieved goals that I have set myself. But I have also failed more, I have fallen down, I almost gave up... But its the biggest downfalls that make me who I am today, stronger, better
Ive ended 2k16 with a big uphill, my shoutout goes to my Family for just always supporting me, never letting me, just always there when noone else was.
I am Edwin Kang, I am Shredyeddy and noone is going to stop me, im going to succeed
Shoutout to @bryallangel_lefty made this year an absolute blast 2k16 finished strong!! Happy New Year Fam


Another goal achieved, 4 months into the return of Aesthetics
People fail, people make mistakes, people miss opportunities, this is part of our nature as a human, but all it takes is acceptance, to keep moving forward, once you accept whats happened whether its fair or unfair and start making actions happen, that will separate you and the ones that you dont need in your life. You cant change the past but you can change your future for the better! Pursue what makes you happy! Happiness is earnt not given!
Youre worth it all, you have a bright future ahead of you, just keep pushing and youll make it, help one another, achieve the goals you have made because you truly have the power to do that!
"For i can do everything through Christ who gives me strength"
-Phil 4:13


Work on yourself before you work on others, ive been inspired and motivated to work even harder and be hungry for my passion and my goalz, let that drive in your head take you to success and be the one you want to be!


Absolute shock to meet such great athletes, down to earth awesome people that understand what its all about, its so good to know that there are good people who are working hard!
@brian_choi_fitness honestly youre such a great dude with an absolutely amazing physique and mindset man! All i can say is hope you endeavour further in the future!
@keffitness so great to see you, absolutely eye catching physique and i hope the road you take will get you higher and higher!
@ic_nutrition it seems like thats where its at!!
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Journey to Aesthetics
Life offers nothing but returns what we give out, the more you give the more you get, sometimes its good sometimes its bad, life moves forward regardless, its not easy going through the hard times but to push and keep moving forward shows true courage
Have faith