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💕 06/11/17

Little bit of a posing there, but hey the calves actually looked half decent!

No matter what happens of how you feel, dont let responsibilities go, it defines you! Keep your promises and stick with them, its how you build reputation and trust, build your honour and pride, but dont be afraid to make mistake because we all learn that way!


Enjoy the moments!
Who cares who is watching, they be mirin your freedom to do things they cant :)
On a serious note always remain disciplined, if theres anything to separate the great from the goods is the level of discipline, why did you start?


00:43:13 was my time! I always do better on second attempts so i think ill try it again and get it done 👌
1mile run
100 pullups (strict for me)
200 pushups
300 squats
1mile run

Give it a go 👌😁


What would you do if you had $86400 in you bank today, knowing that it goes away everyday. Would you try to defy doing things because youre scared or you have fears? Either way the money is gone at the end of the day... You would use it wouldnt you? For your benefits, for others benefits, to get things you need and to make sure everything is spent. Well now lets change those dollars to seconds... we are given 86400 seconds a day, since when has money been more important to use than what life gives us everyday? Why wouldnt you spend your seconds knowing that everyday youre going to be renewed with another 24 hours? Use the things that are given wisely and live life to the fullest! What you do with each second makes you different to others :) Photo cred: @marcolivierjodoin_portrait @marcolivierjodoin


Summer is coming!
Lets embrace the sun and let the functional training begin!! Been a while I could hold myself up like this 😊 just like a human 🇨🇦 (flag)


Underneath it all, we are all the same. Blood... sweat... tears...
What makes us different are the choice we make and what we do to learn from them.
Discipline yourself and even the days that are hardest, you can do it!


Smile and embrace yourself, you're beautiful for who you are and you will always be remembered for what you do. You are amazing and don't let anyone especially you, make yourself feel otherwise.

It takes one drop of poison in water to ruin the whole drink, protect yourself and take care of yourself because you only got one shot at life 😎

Photo Cred: @marcolivierjodoin


The Journey is complete! I am now a regular human being 😋🤔 or am I?

Needless to say the past 9months has been insanely difficult mentally, physically i just had to accept what comes by but mentally its not that simple to just accept it. The goal i set myself was to focus on my legs now I can restart from the basics. This doesn't mean the work i had before wasnt as good but I can appreciate that sometimes life requires a balance, to look good and be good. In having my upper body go down a bit i allowed for my diet to get my legs stronger. 9months ago i weighed in at 89kg and here i stand at 81kg with bigger legs and stronger. Journey is complete!
On the left I stood at 89kg bodyweight after surgery, took on weight that was bound to happen, on the right.. i now stand at 81kg. This 9month journey from 4th Aug 17 to 4th May 18 was slow and long process but in doing that im now back to being as strong as I was, the new goal to now exceed them.
Though there aren't huge differences noticed, it is the feeling within that I feel more confident and stronger, the journey has taught a lot... there are no limits. Even if you spill a bit of water, you can always clean it up and fill it back up 👍 stay motivated people because nothing is impossible.


Journey Back to Recovery

First time I have played basketball for a long long time and here I stand that it was because of Basketball that i got injured. Take the lesson that a hold back doesnt mean you have to stop, you just got to be humble and realize where the mistakes were before and not let it happen again.
The elevator lighting looks good, do you think this is lighting or my diet worked really well?


Journey Back to Recovery

Just a couple more weeks left and ill be clear! Losing weight, gaining muscle and strength, slow, fast, long, short progress is still progress, there is no end but you can reach limits, push those limits further and further! Your difficult times might be easy for someone else but dont be discouraged because they find it easy here, i promise that you will have something they find hard and difficult to be easy! Work together and reach your goal!! 100lbs x 4reps (get that negative rep gainz)


Journey Back to Recovery

Pick yourself up, and why not something with you so you can stand tall and tell the world I can do even better than just myself!
Booty gains are real even in the males!

Squat 340lbs x 4sets x 2reps


Journey Back to Recovery

Just 25 more days and im cleared of my knee surgery! So far coming back stronger, but its time to get the athleticism back in action 🏀🏋️️‍♂️ Who else has been set back but is motivated to come back stronger?