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Happy Tuesday!!
This is so true for me after finishing projects that I’m passionate about.
I am fearless in my pursuit of an abundant life.
Every year, monarch butterflies migrate more than 2,500 miles to warmer climates. Their northern environment no longer provides the necessary elements for them to thrive. I, too, may experience changes in my life that do not support my personal growth. When that happens, I find the impetus to redirect my life.

Mental habitats of worry, fear, and stress are toxic environments, so I let go and embark on my migratory journey. I soar above any thoughts that might otherwise bog me down. Turning within, I meditate upon the innate potential for good in my life. Divine ideas flood my mind. I take action, fearless in my pursuit of an abundant life.

I have come down to deliver them ... to a good and broad land, a land flowing with milk and honey.—Exodus 3:8


Another epic Eleuthera sunset 🌴
Gods work!!


I wish everyone a wonderful blessed Sunday🙏 🌴Gratitude 🌴
I am grateful!
A pebble dropped into water creates ever-widening ripples that flow infinitely outward. Much like the small pebble, my thoughts and words of gratitude, however small they may seem, create a ripple effect of goodness that reaches far and wide. When I appreciate the people and things in my life, I discover just how full my life is. I take inventory of my blessings, giving thanks for friends and loved ones near and far who enrich my life, for work that fulfills me, for each small instance in which I feel appreciated or I can show my appreciation.

As I give, I receive, and I know my gratitude increases the circulation of good in my life. Even when my day is not going as planned, my attitude makes a difference.

Grace, as it extends to more and more people, may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.—2 Corinthians 4:15


Hanging with this island girl❤️


It’s so important for me in between big projects to take a break and re-boot because my experience as a serial entrepreneur is that when I take on a project—like building a resort, developing one of the largest garbage companies in the state of Louisiana, and condos apartments or hotels. And coming up with the next idea like the crime app that was created to help reduce criminal activity in New Orleans which the New York Times called Uber of policing—When I take on a project I jump in headfirst and I won’t get out until I feel that I have succeeded, even if that means running out of breath and being exhausted, but enjoying every moment—until I don’t anymore in which I sell or move onto the next project.
I share this with you guys because after filming season 2 of The Deed and putting so much of my heart and soul in it for 9 months— trying to figure out what is the next project and/or development or even possibly another season of the show. That really gets me excited and fuels that passion inside my gut can sometimes take a little bit to happen. But what I’ve learned from the past is that you can’t rush it otherwise you can pay a big price- of not seeing it through and/or failure. I see a lot of these other social sites that encourage jumping right in, getting started and doing something, but my experience with success has been you’ve got to listen to your gut when the right inspiration comes to you, the right ideas, and being ready—creatively, mentally and physically— to take on something you're truly passionate about. My experience has been that when the right time and opportunity comes, you will feel it and know it. You can’t rush this delicate process.
I am super excited today to answer any and all of your questions regarding this and or other things you might want to ask as I will be taking over the @cnbcmakeit site :) The last person to do it was Kevin O’Leary from shark Tank and he got a lot of traction so let’s get the same or beat it. Lol😂- of course that’s my competitive nature as a serial entrepreneur coming out ;) I hope to see you there and super looking forward to talking with you all!!! Much love, S 🙏🏼


GM!!☀️ 🌴Release🌴
I release the old and embrace the new.
Each day gives me a chance to observe the beliefs I’ve been harboring. Have I been telling myself I have a limited capacity for giving or receiving? Or do I have a habit of believing I’m not enough?

I shift attention away from outer concerns. I release any constrictive self-images. I let go of old perceptions and open my eyes to see my true essence. I am Spirit in expression.

Affirmations and prayers become my touch points that guide me to the light and love at the core of my being. I rest in the knowledge that my mind is one with divine mind. I am a radiating center of light and understanding.

I release any thought of limitation. As a beloved child of God, I have access to understanding and clarity as I move through each day.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.—Proverbs 3:5


🌴All smiles on this blessed Sunday🌴:)


🙏Divine Order🙏

Divine order is always at work in my life and in the universe.
Seasons change, the sun and moon rise and set, and my heart beats—all without my instruction or even my permission. Divine order is at work, even when it is not easy for me to see. I might even question that divine order exists when it appears that chaos is happening in my life. I simply cannot perceive the bigger picture. That is exactly when I need to remind myself: Divine order is always at work in my life and in the universe!

Affirming divine order helps put me in a positive and hopeful frame of mind. When I let go and let God be in charge of all my life’s circumstances, I demonstrate trust in God and a faith in a higher outworking of all. I feel relief, knowing Spirit is in charge of all.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.—Romans 8:28




Happy Sunday!! 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
My mind is open and receptive to an unlimited flow of divine ideas.
A rich and prosperous life begins with rich and prosperous ideas. My mind is now open and receptive to the unlimited flow of these spiritual ideas. I think with the mind of God. Every aspect of my being is attuned to the harmonious expression of divine ideas.

Rather than seeing my prosperity as something I am looking for in the outer, I know that it is sourced in the creative power within me. It is my natural state, moving from within, out. I completely give myself over to the expression of these new outlets of divine inspiration through me. No matter what may be happening outside of me, the divine flow of abundance is happening through me now, flowing forth as inspiration and ingenuity.

Decide on a matter, and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.—Job 22:28
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I love you beyond words, always and forever. Happy 20th Birthday Sidney. Love, Dad❤️


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