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While you read this post, Lynne is pedaling from Virginia to Oregon with a quest to raise $4,288 -- a dollar for every mile she's riding.

Lynne explains why she's riding for #TeamSierra: "This bike tour began as a fun, exciting way to spend every minute of my summer outside in my element, rain or shine. I realized, however, I have the capacity within me (as do you) to do a great amount of good in the world, or at least do my best to." Learn more about Lynne's journey at


May 18 is Endangered Species Day -- what better time to help protect vulnerable wildlife? Our symbolic animal adoptions -- just $39 -- support our work defending America's precious wildlife and wild places.

Soft and cuddly, Adopt-A-Wild Animals are the perfect gift for the nature-lovers in your life. Pick a squeezable gray wolf, lovable black bear, or a majestic humpback for you or someone you love. Ground shipping is on us! And use code WILD15 for 15% off! Learn more at #endangered #endangeredspecies #endangeredspeciesact


Did you bike to work today during #BikeToWork Day 2018?


"No grizzly bears will ever be hunted on Shoshone-Bannock lands, and my Tribe will oppose any attempts to hunt grizzlies in our recognized ancestral homelands." - Fort Hall Business Council Chairman Nathan Small of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes "The grizzly bear is not a 'trophy game animal;' the grizzly is our relative, an ancient teacher of sacred ways and a two-legged being, like us. What do you propose next? A trophy hunting season on us?" - Crawford White Sr. of the Northern Arapaho Elders Society.

Join Tribal Nations to honor the Greater Yellowstone Grizzly: go to to tell Wyoming #NoGrizHunt


"My family is Muslim but culturally connected to Hinduism, and through the landscapes of Utah, I am blazing my own spiritual trails. Being an American who is part of the Indian and Pakistani diaspora, I often feel that I do not belong to either human-designated pole, so the more-than-human world is my refuge. Among these spaces—the wide, black-eyed communities of aspen and the cool seats in amphitheaters of redrock—my identity is planetary citizen. I am a citizen of Earth in the silence and soil of the canyon, in the shadow of oblong hoodoos. I am an earthling today, sitting, trying to read the Quran in English, to cast my net further into the waters of past and present." Jai Hamid Bashir, author of "The Quran in My Backpack" in this month's @SierraMagazine, narrates excerpts from the piece. Read the full article at


The Trump administration is rushing to sell out the majestic natural splendor of the Arctic Refuge -- but who's actually buying?? Today, institutional investors worth over $2.5 trillion (with a T) sent a warning to banks & oil companies that are interested in Arctic drilling: moving forward with this project will do permanent damage to your reputations and bottom line. This group included religious endowments, pension fund managers, and major asset managers, all sending a strong message that drilling in the Arctic Refuge is a bad investment. You can see the letter in images 2-5.

Also today, we joined the Gwich’in Steering Committee and more than 100 other environmental and Indigenous rights groups to send our own letter, making the case for why oil companies and the banks that fund them should pledge to stay out of the Arctic. You can see the letter in images 6-8.

It should be obvious why drilling in the Arctic is a terrible idea for oil companies and for the banks that fund them. The overwhelming majority of the American people support keeping this fragile, pristine wilderness protected, and with good reason: the Refuge is home to some of the most abundant and diverse wildlife anywhere in the world. ❗️Birds from all 50 states and six continents migrate annually to the coastal plain because of the incredible abundance of food there during the long Arctic summers.
❗️The Refuge is one of the last truly wild and intact ecosystems on earth.
❗️The coastal plain supports the subsistence way of life of the Gwich’in people, who depend on the porcupine caribou herd that birth their young in the coastal plain for their primary food source. Oil and gas operations there would threaten their food security and survival.
❗️Drilling would exacerbate climate change. If developed, fossil fuel operations in the area would create the climate emissions equivalent to 898 coal plants or 776 million cars.


Happy birthday to @carlsbadcavernsnps! On October 25, 1923, the Carlsbad Cave National Monument was created and less than seven years later, on May 14, 1930, Carlsbad Caverns National Park was created! The Big Room trail has a way of making one feel very small, especially in the Hall of Giants pictured here. With the Giant Dome towering at over 60 feet high, this area is home to some of the cave's largest formations! #monuments #findyourpark #monumentsforall


Happy Mother's Day to all the heroic mothers out there! Did you know that mama grizzlies like 399 (pictured) raise their cubs all by themselves? These single moms already face harsh conditions in the Yellowstone region, a changing climate and other threats, we must help stop Wyoming’s proposal to trophy hunt 24 grizzlies this fall. Take action at #NoGrizHunt #whatswrongwithWY


“I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.” ~ Maya Angelou

Your Ray of Hope taken by photographer Linda Hall.

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This week, Mayor @SteveBenjaminSC of @wearecolumbia took office as the 76th President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors -- the nation’s largest gathering of U.S. mayors. As our Mayors For 100% Clean Energy co-chair, mayor of the first city in South Carolina to commit to 100% clean energy, and leader of the landmark “100% Renewable Energy in American Cities” resolution that passed unanimously at the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors gathering in 2017, Mayor Benjamin in nothing short of a clean energy champion and climate justice hero!

Congratulations Mayor Benjamin, residents of SC and the American South, and all of our U.S. cities on this major milestone! #Mayors4CleanEnergy #ReadyFor100


Today is EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s 50th birthday. We’ve lost count of his scandals, but think it’s more than 50. It’s time to boot Pruitt. Sign here: #BootPruitt


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is squirting lava and toxic gas through new cracks in the Earth. The Big Island’s most active volcano is forcing thousands to flee, though officials say only a small area is affected. Read more at

#Repost @abcnews
Incredible footage shows the lava flow during Sunday morning's fissure eruption on the east side of Hawaii's Big Island. More than 1,800 residents have been evacuated from their homes. #volcano #hawaii #kilauea


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