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Writer. @NBCNews. Oglala. Chicano. Indigenous. @columbia alumnus. Former @mtv, @denverpost. Writing a book for UMN: “Your Spirit Animal is a Jackass.”

That one time when the BBC in NYC threw me in a closet for a segment and made it seem like I was in a studio while the host was in a studio and I was in a closet with a green screen.


Lured by the Fanged-Tooth Angler’s glimmering bait, an American Winged Long Nose finds itself in the death grip of the predator’s razor sharp teeth ... also, I’m just waiting for my flight.


New Yorkers march from City Hall in lower Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, the theft of babies, the separation of families, and blatant racism paraded as patriotism.


Ripping frightened, crying babies from their parents

Justifying the aggressive separation by citing Bible passages

Establishing prison camps

Setting into motion centuries of intergenerational trauma

Sounds pretty American to me.


“Hi Simon, I think it's up for two years. The gallery is called ‘California Indians’ and the section that your portrait graces is entitled ‘Annihilation, Assimilation, and Appropriation’ ... Our museum is all about social justice and diversity ... As you know, I have tried to keep the Indian gallery in Native voice, so you are the go-to guy in this section.

When you visit California, I will buy you tacos. -Paul” (Painting by @brittainpeck.)


The hypocrisy. #NotYourMascot


A self-portrait taken moments after being released from the hospital. X-rays, CAT scans, and an MRI. I suffered an intracranial hemorrhage, but I’m alive. “You’re lucky,” the rez doc said. Flew off the road at 60 mph. Hit a burm. Car totaled. But I’m alive. “A new lease,” they call it. I’ll take advantage of it. Salud.


Mom hands me a black and white Polaroid. “Remember this?” she asks gleefully. The photo, weathered with pin holes from when it once lived on a wall, is of me, then a budding 19-year-old writer (with a pierced left eyebrow), jotting down thoughts about god-knows-what. Probably poetry; probably lyrics to a song lost in time. Nearly 17 years later, at age 34, and after years of good times and vicious times, of lovers and nasty evil ogres, I’ll file my first full-length book in a few weeks. More soon.


My latest column via @nbcnews:

But of course, it is not that the Gray brothers were “real quiet,” it’s that they were “real quiet” and are not white: If the two were “real quiet” and white, it’s difficult to believe that the woman would have called the police.

Link in bio.


Oh hay, Roarke and I have the same haircut.


Is my head that big?? Maybe. Piece by @brittainpeck.


This guy. I mean, look a this guy. Rocky. He definitely had plans for my leg. #tbt