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Kawasan Falls - Philippines ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨✨@timothysykes✨✨ follow him for millionaire lifestyle!!!


Photo @hammond_robin for @witness_change. The Ramadan family fled their home in Homs, Syria to Lebanon in 2013. 17 people, including 12 children, from four families now share the same house in Beddawi Refugee Camp in the northern Lebanon. Their house in Homs lay between front lines - on one side the Syrian regime on the other The Free Syrian Army: “There was shelling around the clock, everyday, by air, by tanks, troops. Our house got hit but no one was in the room and no one got hurt” says 42 year old Fatima Ramadan. “We got used to going to sleep to the sound of the bombing” says Mustafa Ramadan, 13 years old. “I saw a lot of dead bodies. I saw a lady and a little girl with her daughter on their way to fill water and a nearby castle. They were both shot in the back. I saw it with my own eyes… How can we forget what happened to us. It is always on own mind” he says. One of the mothers told me about the ongoing trauma the children have been left with: “We still have a problem of nightmares, kids peeing their pants, memories of the war. I hear some the children talking to themselves in their sleep about the war, and they wake up crying.” But life in Lebanon is still hard: "We came to Lebanon to escape the misery but we find we are suffering here. Our men cannot find work. We have a problem to keep the peace among the children. They fight amongst each other all the time over the bathroom, they fight over everything. I can see the war very negatively affected the kids, they used to have more fun, those days are over.” #InMyWorld is my new campaign designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with mental health issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. This first phase of the campaign was created in collaboration with @handicap_international as part of Witness Change's work on global mental health. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to end human rights violations for marginalized communities through visual storytelling. To see more please follow @OneDayInMyWorld


Photo by @amivitale.  A Kashmiri paddles to the floating market in the early freezing temperatures before sunrise on Dal Lake in Srinagar, India.  Back in 2001,  I wandered into the poetry of this place and couldn't let go. It's sublime and has been described as Paradise on Earth since the 15th century.  It is also described in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most militarized place on the planet and the longest pending conflict in the world.  My work documents narrative and photographic portrayals of the people whose lives have been shaped and changed by the conflict. These pictures and stories  aim to express the resilience of the people of the valley of Kashmir, how an old culture survived a war, and what has changed as a younger, globalized generation has embraced modern education and technologies to communicate their stories and make life choices. Follow me (@amivitale) for more stories from around the world.

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At Night | Photograph by Raffi B.
“This lion was relaxed in the dry sand riverbed guarding his mating lioness a few feet away,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Raffi B. “Our night adventure took place during a photographic safari in October 2013 at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa.”

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Photo by @piggypoo_and_crew
Hello, world! It’s time to meet the five rescue pups and the Vietnamese potbellied pig who make up @piggypoo_and_crew. From left to right, there’s Rika, Slick, Nya, James, Bashe and Chowder. “When I look at my crew, I see the reflection of who I am in them,” says their human Shelby, who lives in Southern California. “Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole lives rely on me and I will never ever let them down.”
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Southern California

¿Qué significa ser humano? #TheStoryOfUs con #MorganFreeman, en enero.


Do you know what year this photo of puppies feeding at a dog food company's laboratory was published in National Geographic magazine? Photo by J. Baylor Roberts. Check back to see the answer posted in the caption. #tbt #throwbackthursday #puppies #dogfood #vintage #blackandwhite
Answer: 1942


#followmeto Sheikh Zayed Mosque with @natalyosmann. Bucket list check ✔️- for us it is definitely 8th wonder of the world. What is your top 3 bucket list? #InAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

“WARNING: This video includes a cuddle interruption which some might find upsetting” writes @henryloveskiki


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