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Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Dad's around the world. Whether they are still with us or not, we celebrate all the amazing memories and love we have because of you today. ❤️🙌


SIX days left to purchase the gift that keeps on giving! Don't be afraid to tell your old man his feet stink in the most subtle way possible! SixSox are 100% Anti-Odor! 📸@40_something_style


Don't be the son/daughter who shows up like this on Father's Day.. SixSox is the gift that will never stink! Link in bio for 20% OFF FULL OUR FULL SITE!


Fathers Day is right around the corner! Don't forget to grab the important Fathers in your life a gift that WILL NOT STINK! 100% Guaranteed! 😋👃
All socks are 20% Off plus FREE 🇨🇦🇺🇸 shipping! Link in bio!


FATHERS DAY SALE IN FULL EFFECT! Shop now and Save 20% PLUS Free 🇨🇦🇺🇸 Shipping!!!
We guarantee this gift will NOT stink! Get it?? 😋😁


SixSox is officially announcing our No-Show socks for Sneakers and Low-Cut Loafers! Every pair is still 100% Anti-Odor and our Non-Slip guarantee! 😁 Who would rock these this summer?! 😮👋


Wedding Season has arrived! Check out our friend @lukebilyk getting fitted at our favorite Menswear shop in Toronto, Pace Mens Collection! #SixSox can compliment any #WeddingMenswear


Hoping everyone in Canada had a great long weekend! Back to work tomorrow.. Most of us will be counting down the hours until next Saturday! Are we right?! 😂🇨🇦


SixSox Canada and USA was at the Royal Wedding! Congratulations to Prince Harry and Princess Meghan! #Royals


SixSox is in Europe! Can anyone guess what big event we're going to be at this Saturday?! We'll give you a hint: It involves a Prince and TV star! 😉😲


May 9th is a sad day for all sock lovers. Today we remember all of the lost socks that have gone missing from each and every one of our homes.. 😢😣 #nationallostsockday -------------------------------------------
To honor all of the lost socks, we are offering FREE 🇨🇦🇺🇸 SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. It's time to move on and replace all of those lonely singles!


Doesn't it feel great knowing shorts season has just begun?! -----------------------------------------------
On a side note the 3 SIXSOX CONTEST WINNERS have been drawn! Congratulations to our winners @taymerrr @m.kissoon and Kim Everett 👐😁 Thank you to everyone who participated!


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