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8pm deadline please

Please confirm your attendance for tomorrows Belt presentation by 8pm today (if you haven't already done so). If you just turn up your grading result won't be ready.
Should you be unavailable to attend your belt will be presented at the next class you attend.

FYI tomorrow's 10am family class is belt presentation. Please attend 9:00am Family Karate, 10:50am Fitness or 11:40am family class for your training, these sessions as normal.
Also please respect our neighbour businesses & only park in bay spaces outside our Dojo and use the free parking at the Barton.

SKF Dojo


Results for the weapons competition are in! Well done to Gabe, Lyla and those not pictured: Alex, Dylan and Lottie!


Kata class competition was awesome! #karate #kata #classtournament #awesomeness #winners #wadoryu


SKF Dojo Summer Grading Results

Very well done to everyone who has passed.
Please book in for belt presentation if your attending (Saturday 21st @ 10am). If unavailable to attend presentation Belts will be awarded at classes the following week.



Theme of the week is;
Commitment “Hardest part of anything is coming out your front door. Consistency is key.”. This weeks lesson content is;
Gradings Done Games / Pain Week :o)
#motivationmonday #commitment #games #pain #reward #hardworkpaysoff


May the force be with all students grading at our Dojo today.
Looking forward to seeing you all being awesome
#justdoit #awesomeness #gradings


Looking forward to a weekend full of Gradings.
May the force be with Warrior and Athena students grading today.
#alliance #family #martialarts #change #lives


Preparation Grading briefing

Please arrive early for your grading. Failure to have handed in your licence / grading book or to arrive on time will result in deduction marks before you begin.

Crawley Dojo Gradings
This Sunday 15th July

Karate Kids (9yrs & under)
10:00am, Grading to Pre-Grade, Red Belt, Red & White Belt
11:00am, Grading to Yellow, Orange & Green Belt
12:00pm, Grading to Blue, Purple, Purple White & Brown Belt
Juniors (9yrs +)
1:00pm, Grading to Red, Yellow, Orange & Green Belt
1:45pm, Grading to Blue, Purple, Purple White & Brown Belt

2:30pm, All Grades

Please make sure you;
Wear your current belt
Wear your full uniform (Gi Top Karate / T-shirt Kickboxing)
Bring all sparring equipment 
Bring a positive attitude as the way you think & success are a choice and not a given - Each one of us has the ability to create the environment in which we will be successful; which means that each one of us is responsible for our own results.

You should not have any further questions as you have prepared perfectly but if you do, please don’t hesitate to ask.

May the force be with you

The Cashmans
SKF Dojo


VIP Refer a Friend Raffle Winners

1st Prize *New* iPad
Aymen Gulzar £50 Cash Prize
Harry Eastick

Custom Suit / Uniform Prize
Oliver Hoather

Personalised Hoodie
Andy Randall

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend to our Dojo.
New members always welcome.


SKF Summer Course Grading Results now online

You was awesome and climbed that mountain


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