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I write songs for myself and other artists. Recent cowrites include “Walk On Water” by Eminem ft. Beyoncé, and “Glorious” by Macklemore ft. me.

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If you want to vibe out hard this Christmas go download the new @Kaskade Christmas album... holy Santa... it’s so good. I get so tired of Christmas music this time of year... but these down tempo renditions of the classics are so fresh you forget they’re Christmas songs. Perfect for wine and cocktails, a fire in the fireplace, a hearty dinner, and making love while the snow falls outside the window. Oh- almost forgot to mention I’m featured on one song- “O Come Emmanuel.” So stoked to be a part of such a cool project! Photo by @elliott__taylor


#Revival track listing revealed today!


Happy thanksgiving!!!! I am thankful for so many things this year, but I am especially thankful for this dashing young man who came into my life and showed me the meaning of true love. Hope you are all enjoying some good food and quality time with loved ones!


The last 2 weeks have been an amazing journey... starting in Detroit for rehearsals with @eminem, then to London for the @mtvema, then to New York for @nbcsnl then to LA for @amas with @macklemore... it was truly a dream come true. But my dreams have changed a lot as I’ve gotten older. I used to think my happiness revolved around my success in music... but of all my accomplishments in my life, my greatest achievement has been love... so what made these past two weeks the most epic is that I got to spend them with the love of my life @elliott__taylor at my side.


My second look of the @amas... wearing @LavishAlice shoes by @StuartWeitzman jewels by @DavidYurman styled by @mrmontyjackson hair by @bobbyeliot glam by @jennakristina everything else by @vostovich! 😜


Walked the @amas red carpet with dear friend and collaborator @macklemore looking dapper in his salmon pink suit. I was wearing @halston with @davidyurman jewelry, emerald ring by @octaviaelizabethjewelry. Styled by @mrmontyjackson makeup by @jennakristina hair by @bobbyeliot.


Tune into the @amas tonight to catch @macklemore and I performing #Glorious! #AMAs 📷: @rjmckinnon


@nbcsnl last night with @eminem singing #WalkOnWater #Stan and #LovetheWayYouLie was an epic experience... ❤️ Click the link in my bio to watch!!


SNL tonight. Tune in. 11:30pm EST on NBC @eminem @nbcsnl


Thanks to everyone who got me @mtvema red carpet ready! Wearing vintage @giorgioarmani styled by @mrmontyjackson glam by @jennakristina jewelry by @johnhardyjewelry and @vtsejewelry shoes by @nicholaskirkwood. Thanks to @vostovich for making it all come together and handling shit like a boss!


Last night with @eminem on the @mtvema performing #WalkOnWater #Wow


Tune in to the @MTVEMA today to watch me perform. Live on MTV at 8pm CET, 12pm PST. #MTVEMA #EMAs #MTV #LondonIsOpen


This is the song I’ve been trying to write since I first sat down at the piano at age 6. Every time I wrote a song I hoped it would be this good. I am truly proud of everything I’ve created, but this is the one.
“Walk On Water” by @Eminem ft. @Beyonce, co-written/co-produced by me.
Click the link in my bio to get it!
#WalkOnWater #WOW


The most magical day of my life was kissing this unicorn man in the rain...


I could be lost in the desert with this man and still have the best time ever... I’d never get thirsty or be too hot... I wouldn’t even worry about getting out of there alive. Everything would be just perfect.


Life’s greatest moments and most picturesque sunsets are always more beautiful when sharing them with people you love. #roadtrip #family #friends #love


When I look into his eyes the whole world around me goes blurry... the only thing in focus is him...


Take away the stage, take away the recording studio, music videos, grammy nominations, the money... take it all away, and I can still get the same high from just sitting on the porch with a guitar, putting my emotions into song form... that's how I know this is what I was born to do.


Sunset last night was one of the most mind blowing things I've ever seen... I don't feel right calling it beautiful knowing what tragedy sits on the horizon... thankfully the fires never reached us, but they're still going strong today on the other side of the valley. Thank you to all the firefighters and people working so hard to battle these fire breathing dragons... praying for all who have lost, and all those who still stand to lose their homes, possessions, and/or loved ones in this disaster.


Remembering better times in Napa when the horizon was clear.... such an amazing place... 💔🙏🏻#drinknapa


Surrounded.... 🙏🏻 #napafire


"Some say that true love is a mirage; seek it anyway, for all else is surely desert." -Robert Breault


A lot of people ask me which I prefer... writing for myself or writing for other singers. Both have their pros and cons... it's nice to have the creative freedom of writing for myself, and see my own vision for a song through to the end. But sometimes it's more liberating to fade into the background... to be able to live in sweats in the studio with no make up on, to not have to get dressed up and perform... to not have to be in the spotlight and under a microscope... to not have to travel around from city to city to promote it... to stay home in my cozy abode and watch from a distance as someone else brings the song to life.


Nothing but #glorious and forever


At times it seems like my world is crumbling... but then I remember that beauty can arise from destruction... autumn leaves must die and fall to make room for new spring growth... and sometimes a heart must be broken to make room for new love. It's all going to be ok. In fact, it's going to be amazing.


Had such a great time performing with @macklemore last night in LA! His album #Gemini which includes our song #Glorious is out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go cop that shit!


Thunder (aka Diva) got her first official deployment! She's headed to Mexico to find people in the aftermath of the earthquake. Praying she saves some lives and for her safe return.


Hiking necessities... @nike shoes @lacroixwater and #redwine


This little girl is so impressive. I picked her out as an 8 week old puppy with the idea that she would be my personal protection dog. We immediately started intense training, and in the process realized that she's just too sweet to be doing that kind of security, and discovered her natural forte is search and rescue. She was since recruited by The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and is now a full blown professional! I got to see her in action at the training site this weekend and I am so proud of her... I'm sad she isn't sleeping at the foot of my bed, but I love seeing her so happy doing what she was born to do, and knowing that she is saving lives. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this angel such a badass. #thunderpaws #diva #malenois


I have nice knees.