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Game Makers. Team behind this year's #CODWWII, #Advanced Warfare and #MW3. The Liberty Strike Community Event is live until July 24!

Happy Midweek Mobilize, soldiers! Here's our #CODWWII Playlist Update for today:

#2DivisionXP on Domination

Grab your crew and go... uh, dominate!
Enjoy until 10AM PDT tomorrow, July 19.


It's that time of the week. Captain Butcher's got a new #CODWWII Weekly Weapon Contract for the Nambu Type 2.

Get it while it's hot! And by "hot," we really just mean before 10AM PDT on Tuesday, July 24...


ICYMI, Tier 3 of the Community Challenge was completed yesterday. Congrats, everyone! Check your Mail for the 'The American II' 1911 Heroic Weapon Variant reward and head to Nazi Zombies to collect 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop. More info on rewards:


TGIF, everyone! We'll be live at 11AM for our first SHG Weekly Livestream on Twitch (link in bio) and YouTube. But for now, here's our#CODWWII Weekend Warfare Playlist Update:
One Shot playlist (Featured)
HC Ricochet playlist (Featured)
Enjoy until 10AM July 16!


Join us tomorrow at 11AM PDT for the kickoff of our SHG Weekly Livestream series that will be accompanying our SHG Weekly Community Updates! We’ll be talking Cavalry Shields, the appearance of the Moonraven, Master Prestige rewards, and more. Who knows? We might even do a giveaway!

See here for more info on what we'll be covering:


It's that time of the week! #CODWWII Midweek Mobilize Playlist Update July 11:
#2XP on Ground War! Find it in the Featured Tab.
Enjoy for the next 24 hours until 10AM PDT tomorrow, June 12!


This week's #CODWWII Weekly Weapon Contract is for the... STINGER!

Go see Captain Butcher now and get it before it's gone at 10AM PDT on Tuesday, July 17!


‪With Tier 1 under your belts, you’re on your way to completing Tier 2 of the Liberty Strike Event Community Challenge! Check for the ‘Canadian’ Calling Card in the Mail and a Zombie Consumables Supply Drop as well.‬ ‪See here for more details: #CODWWII


Hey everyone, we just posted a quick community update on Reddit for this week. Check it out, as we detail a couple fixes we pushed through today for Nazi Zombies camo menus and the Cavalry Division:


Time to gear up for this #CODWWII Weekend Warfare Playlist:

#2DivisionXP is now live for ALL modes!

Enjoy until 10AM PDT on Monday, July 9!


Happy #IndependenceDay from all of us at Sledgehammer Games!


#CODWWII Playlist Update:
TRIPLE DOUBLE for all Multiplayer modes!!!
#2XP, #2DivisionXP, and #2WeaponXP for everything (where it applies)
#2XP on #WWIIZombies!
Enjoy until 10AM PDT on Thursday, July 5!
And if you haven't already, check out the Wanderlust Basic Training Playlist, live until 10AM PDT on July 10!