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Showcasing the adventures & mischief of Smidge & Doodle (with cameos from big sis, Lola) DOB:7/16/15 Sisters, bffs, hellions, touchyface masters 👯

Lola seems to be better! I gave her pain meds last night and this morning. She’s putting weight on her leg. Of course being the neurotic mother I am I’m still concerned and just hope that it was a minor sprain and nothing more serious I’ll keep an eye on her. I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes for my sweet girl. #lolabean #lolaisasaint #turkeybutt #pibble #pitbullsofinstagram


Good thoughts for our big sis, Lola, please. 😪 She hurted her front leg. Not sure how but she’s limping and not putting any weight on it. Mom has the worries. 😭 #weloveturkeybutt


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