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Ottolenghi's take on a baked pasta has tomatoes, parmesan and enough mozzarella that it streeeetches from each forkful, but there are also pillows of eggplant and other vegetables, so it doesn't feel over the top. The leftovers, should any survive, are glorious. [Baked Orzo with Eggplant and Mozzarella on, or linked in profile]


In my World Cup of Pancakes, rumpled and wavy pancakes with cherries baked until they collapse with toasted almonds on top always wins. [Cherry Almond Dutch Baby on, or linked in profile]


A small amount of butter, a colossal amount of chocolate, a few chopped up toffee bars and walnuts and, if you’re me, a little sprinkling of flaky sea salt and then you repeat them as often as possible because these are cookies for the Forever File. [Chocolate Toffee Cookies on, or linked in profile]


This is my family's (but mostly my husband's) favorite potato salad, one that's as populated with vegetables — crunchy, delicious ones, like radishes and lightly pickled cucumbers — as it is with potatoes, so it feels like something you might eat with dinner in warmer weather, and not only as a grilling side dish. [Dilled Potato and Pickled Cucumber Salad on, or linked in profile]


The blueberries are here! Let's sprinkle them with lemon sugar and burrow them between slices of buttered bread and pour a vanilla custard over it and bake it until the top is crisp and bronzed and the center is luxe, all in the name of extra-perfect weekend french toast. [Blueberry Bread-and-Butter Pudding on, or linked in profile]


Looking for an easy baked good for a summer weekend? This galette -- which comes together in 15, takes 30 minutes to bake and looks like a superstar, as will you when you bring it anywhere -- is all you need. Use 2 cups of any kind of chopped fruit you like baked; I demoed it at lunchtime on Instagram Stories with strawberry and rhubarb; the video will be up for another 20 hours, so don't miss it; I have a ton of extra tips and answer question, too. [Blue and Red Berry Galette on, or linked in profile]


New recipe, Linguine and Clams: For the first day of summer, already our official dish of it. You do not need one fancy thing to make it, save the freshest clams you can find. You can pick them up on the way home from the beach or sprinkler park or wherever you’re going to spend your summer day now that cooking will be the easiest part of it. [Linguine and Clams on, or linked in profile]


Summer begins tomorrow but you can get your freezer ready today with an intense raspberry granita that's basically the best crushed popsicle/sno-cone I've ever made. [Raspberry Crushed Ice on, or linked in profile]


This is the kale salad that converted me, once a staunch kale resister, to the dark green leafy side. Cut into thin threads and tossed with vinegar-soaked golden raisins, sharp cheese, toasted walnuts and crispy breadcrumbs, I could eat a mile of it. [Kale Salad with Pecorino and Walnuts on, or linked in profile]


Old-school banana pudding with one little twist: double "nilla" wafers with a hint of sea salt because there was no going back after trying them. Snug and cozy in little dishes, this is the best comfort food. [Banana Puddings with Vanilla Bean Wafers on, or linked in profile]


Cold noodles + grilled chicken + crunchy vegetables + two perfect sauces, one loud with chiles, lime and fish sauce and the other cozy with ginger, peanuts and sesame = I could eat this forever. [Cold Rice Noodles with Peanut-Lime Chicken on, or linked in profile]


This hot fudge sauce takes less than 10 minutes to make, keeps seemingly indefinitely in the fridge, is forgiving of almost all human error, and makes heat waves... well, not enjoyable, but I challenge you to find anyone disappointed you've chosen sundaes as coping/cool-down mechanism. [Best Hot Fudge Sauce on, or linked in profile]