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I don't normally do this kinda advertising but seems everyone does these days to get by, & this single mum needs to get by: Independent Trek Guide; beginners Rock Guide & Rope Access Technician. Contact me at if you want to see some rock or mountains or have a paint job/window cleaning up a building! Ha ha!


My band #thekathmandukillers 7days on the road in N.E.India's tribal hills with the legendary 67 yr old philosopher, traveller & grandfather of free noise #damosuzuki at #zirofestivalofmusic. We ended up like family, eating, sleepin, shittin n waitin for hours like all good climbing or road trips, sharing stories & toilet paper. We hugged goodbye one morning at Guwahati train station, Arunachal Pradesh. This surreal adventure with Damo & #johnny8track was a rock n roll dream; nobody could make a movie as kool as what we lived. The world works in wonderful ways.


My ancestors are calling; i must go. This morning Kirat puja for peace within ourselves & for the world. Two hours of bliss meditating & playing with fruits & flowers, jamming instruments with animist priests. And i showed up by accident.


Last coupla months trekking, climbin', kids n the best friendships have kept me alive. Thank you @sunita_bantawa when student bcomes teacher it's success. Plz help me nail the red route like u did champ! Love ya.


This is the band Dissonance. Most Sundays i'm at their beloved 'home' NAG where they now live, escaped from rough lives; teaching them to write their own punk songs. They'll be sharing the stage w my band The Kathmandu Killers on 17 Sept. I've learned a lot from music as i have from climbing. Like Alex Lowe said, it isn't about your personal achievements, it's about how many you've helped along the way. Wow, and i do love jammin w them.
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Our small anarco punk & climbing collective have finally established the golden triangle: 1.Climbing gear lending library at GAA Hall. Next door 2. The Infoshop radical library, band practise space & venue/bar & 3. our 2 spaces happen to be nextdoor to the climbing gym fave hang out Astrek! Big ups to all of us for making this happen in Kathmandu. We are everywhere. No gods no masters. Rock n roll. #climbinglife #climblikeagirl #anarchist #nogodsnomasters #infoshopdiy #climbingpunk if you can think of any more hasgtags be my guest.


1.All of us suspended hangin off ropes in the air like a dance. I love this feeling & i love using gear & mechanical gadgets (not electrical ones!). 2.Arrive for rescue; changeover 3. Cow's tail biner to lower d-ring. 4. I.d biner to chest d-ring. Lower victim with my i.d
5. Basic hauling with the dudes.Beats an office job any day. #womeninropeaccess #climblikeagirl #ropeaccess #climbinglife


This was us in Manang bolting routes in July. I'm still stuck there.
Soundtrack: 'Take me somewhere nice' by Mogwai.

with @sunita_bantawa @climbnepal @guffymonkey @sportvinayak


Cleaning & bolting new routes with comrades in Manang, dreaming of the future. Sometimes shitting my pants hangin on a sky hook on swing falls with a hammer & a drill...more later. Thanks to mentor #sportvinayak.


2 kool chix in Lamjung

Besishshar, lamjung