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we all think we're pretty smart until we try to turn on someone else's shower

In case anyone comes to wonder if I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, fear not: I’ve just been dropped off on the very top of it. So see you in 6 weeks - I’ve got some polar bears to wrestle, some tiny arctic plants to measure, and many tundra naps to take on Ellesmere Island ⛄️ If anyone cares to send me mail (chocolate and “Instagram feeds” aka print outs of memes and dog photos are always welcome) then let ‘er rip:
Alexandra Fiord
c/o Polar Continental Shelf Program
Resolute, Nunavut
X0A 0V0
Otherwise, brace yourselves for photo bombardment in August 👋


When @gjerluff catches you cheesin’☀️


Currently crying because 1. Denmark got knocked out of the World Cup, and 2. because I love Canada so much and get to go back to the top of the world next week for a month and a half of fieldwork!!! Happy day, you absolute beaut of a country 🇨🇦❤️


Hey Oregon, keep doin’ what you’re doin’ 💯 @gjerluff


Let’s be honest, is there anything Birkenstocks can’t do?


No time like nap time ☀️


Nothing like a good sunset 🤤 #lovethewild


Fat chance the lineup is going to look anything like this in Southern California so we’re enjoying it while it lasts 🌊


How to make sure that you and everything you own gets completely covered in sand and salt: spend all day at the beach and in the water, don’t shower, and then sleep in your car. Repeat every day 🏖️ @gjerluff


Vancouver just became the first major Canadian city to ban single-use plastic straws, and polystyrene foam cups and takeout containers. Not only that, it became the first city in the world to approve a comprehensive zero waste strategy to reduce these single-use items 🙌 There’s still a long way to go but big ups to Vancouver for this big step. Proud to call this beaut of a city home 💙


Our road trip so far: empty beaches and empty line-ups and perfect little waves with backdrops like this... the Olympic Peninsula is a total dream✨ #lovethewild #liveoutsidegoexplore @gjerluff @logecamps


Front row seats to watch the ocean fold in half again and again and again🏄‍♂️