97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl.
(🏠: NYC & NJ)
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just in case it’s not crystal clear, this is me begging for noodles. lazily begging, but still begging. #heavynoggincarl


totally not going to judge if you want to curl up and take a nap in that bottom jowl hammock.


forever photobombed by my own poop bag holder.


a hippo at rest stays at rest. a hippo in motion stays at..... lolol nvm, who am i kidding i hate motion 🙃


new recycling law in effect immediately: all nut butter jars must be wiped (licked) clean before proper disposal. #nutbutterempties


say hello 👋🏼 to GOOSE! this dreamy fella is a @mrbonesandco #fosterfail who lives down the hall from us, and we get to hang with him till monday while his momma is on vacation 😊. excited to have you for a few days, sir lanky goose! (swipe for @ephonehome in his truest #instadogdad element...)


mom. dad. not to worry, i have gotten not even a tiny bit less weird while you were gone the last 4 days.


rooming with @bettythebostonb (and her ears) till sunday! it’s you and me vs this precautionary drool-sheet, betts. my money’s on us.


does this mean i’m getting braces next? #soundupforsqueaks #nubbinsforteeth


it’s easy to forget how good fresh air feels when you like your bed so much.


i’ve gotta say, this is a pretty lame reward for a teeth cleaning & skin nubbin removal. you could at LEAST fill the cone with treats.


BIG FEROCIOUS YAWN if you moved into your foster home today!!! chambers is all settled in with her wonderful foster fam in CT, which includes 2 year old resident pup willow — also a @mrbonesandco rescue 😊. if you’re in NJ/NY/CT/PA and are interested in adopting chambers or one of her siblings, visit! #adopttribecapupsmbc #adoptchambersmbc


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