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Ralph Steadman (@steadmanart) is best known for his chaotic illustrations accompanying Hunter S. Thompson’s work. He has also designed album covers for the likes of Frank Zappa and, more recently, @travisscott. His work is currently on display in the “Gonzo Notes” exhibit at the Sonos stores in New York and London. Check out the Sonos blog for a look inside Ralph’s home studio.


We went vinyl shopping with @dan_the_a at @roughtradenyc ahead of #RecordStoreDay this weekend. His Dr. Octagon collab with Kool Keith is back after 20 years with a new Record Store Day exclusive. See the full interview and learn about everything Sonos is doing to celebrate indie record stores at #recordstoreday2018 #vinyl #sonos #records


We’re at Palazzo Clerici in Milan this week with @haydesign and @wework celebrating @isaloniofficial and our HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection. Each room of the exhibition is filled with HAY design, Sonos sound, and lots of visitors from all over the world. //Music by @trevorjacksonofficial. Video courtesy of @haydesign. #salonedelmobile #salone #hay #sonos #design


Some love it for the warm sound quality or the crackly nostalgia of the needle gliding through the grooves. Others like the tactile experience of putting a record on the turntable and focusing their attention on just one thing—The sonic equivalent of cracking open a book. Whether you’re an audiophile collector or a casual listener, Sonos lets you fill your home with the sound of your favorite albums on vinyl. Learn how on the Sonos blog (link in bio). #recordstoreday2018


We're excited to announce our collaboration with Danish design brand @haydesign starting with HAY Sonos One speakers available in three unique colors. “Color is one of the most important tools in the design process” says HAY co-founder and creative director @mettehay “Colors can hide completely and disappear or provide contrast.”


We're open! The new Sonos store in Berlin blends the creative spirit of Germany's cultural mecca with the Sonos listening experience. Come hear the home sound system in one of our listening rooms designed by @44flavours and or check out the David Bowie photography installation curated by Paul Gorman. #gutentag #berlin #sonos


Creative inspiration starts at home for Andrew Bird and Katherine Tsina. And the acoustics take precedence. “We really wanted to have a compound where we could both be working,” Tsina says of their LA home. See more inside their space on the blog. Link in bio. @andrewbirdmusic @avionclothier


“When I think of the words “listen better” this is really what comes to me. We need to listen better to what’s going on in the world, especially now in these absolutely bizarre and messed up times. And we need to listen better to each other, to learn about and understand the differences of life we all experience. It’s the diversity and difference that makes the world an interesting place.” @einesigns, Artist. Read more at


"I’m thankful for this opportunity and for the people I’m able to connect with through this, which is what it’s all about for me—connection." @reformfibers on joining a new Sonos community in Los Angeles exploring listening better. Learn more at


Today we're celebrating International Women's Day, a day that honors the many cultural, economic, technological, political, and social contributions of women around the world. In partnership with nonprofits like ARTICLE 19 and she, we're hosting conversations about critical issues in our stores in New York and London. To learn more about how we're marking the occasion--and to hear our International Women's Day playlist--check out the Sonos blog at


"Listening leads to an understanding of things that come up internally and externally on a deeper level. It’s about facilitation awareness of our own relationship to sound. When we listen with focus, mindfulness starts to stay with us and permeate into different areas of our lives." @saraauster on Sound Baths


@julianslater knows a thing or two about the importance of sound. The Academy Award®️ nominated sound designer for “Baby Driver” recently visited us to talk about how he helped craft a multi-sensory narrative for a film that’s built around music—And how Sonos can help bridge the gap between the movie theater and your living room. Check out the full interview at


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