Sonos Home Sound System: All the music on earth, in every room, wirelessly. Show us how you Sonos: #sonos #sonoshome

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“Now with all of these more visual apps, it’s really seductive to be on your phone. It’s nice to be able to be in the house and put it aside.” @karenkimmel @undefeatedinc

Los Angeles, California

“When you study music or design you have to understand it at a microscopic level so that you can make something new.” We visited @rapha creative director @a_valdman at home and work in London. Read more at #Sonos #SonosHome #SonosOne

London, United Kingdom

“Sonos helps me get into the zone and start thinking about how to solve the problems I’m concentrating on. Music is the perfect way to block everything else out and get really focused and inspired.” We visited @rapha creative director @a_valdman at home and work in London. Read more at #Sonos #SonosHome

London, United Kingdom

“My home is entirely connected to my Sonos One with Alexa – my voice controls my music, lighting, thermostat and more. It’s refreshing to be hands-free while I’m working and taking care of other things at home.” @aliciadrown


“I do a lot of work creating different spaces, so I definitely think about music in terms of what the experience is like or what story we’re trying to tell with each space.” We visited Jay Carroll (@onetrippass) in Joshua Tree for our Creator Home series.

#Sonos #SonosHome

Joshua Tree, California

“Every morning we start with the same thing. Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, Ethiopiques, Volume 21. I remember this song was playing on one of our first dates and we just became obsessed with it.” Jay (@onetrippass) & Alison Carroll (@alaalison)

Joshua Tree, California

“From family dance parties to holiday ambiance, our family is a music family! On a typical Saturday morning, my husband will start playing a song in our office and one-by-one, the whole family ends up there dancing! Whether it’s classical music or classic rock, music has the power to reset your mood. And when it’s the holiday season, holiday music playing throughout the house makes it even more magical.” @howdoesshe #sonoshome


"My little office had all the creature comforts I needed to work, save for music. My laptop speakers weren't cutting it, and I didn't want to use headphones anymore, especially because I worried people would think they were bothering me if they needed to pop their heads in. This was my office, and I wanted to finally be able to blast Fleetwood Mac as loud as I damn well pleased." Kate Arends, @witanddelight_

Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I love music. I've always been surrounded by music in different ways. It's something that I do from when I wake up to when I go back to sleep… When Lucas was born I decided that I wanted to always be a very active father. From day one, one of my duties was to make him sleep. In order to help him, I decided I'm to create a playlist of his life that eventually I can pass on to him when he's older, that he can build up more with his own personal taste in music. It's like a soundtrack of his life while he is growing." @chefalejandrosaravia, Chef


"The weird life of a music video director means that I have to immerse myself in a song and listen to it on repeat for days, no matter what I’m doing. With Sonos, if I’m sitting in the living room, I can turn it on. If I go make food in the kitchen, I can turn it on. If I take a shower, I can turn it on. For a long time I just had my phone speaker, or was listening through my laptop, and if you’re listening through crappy speakers, you miss the details." Jason Koenig (@jkoephoto), Music Video Director & Photographer

Seattle, Washington

"Having a speaker you can talk to is amazing. It gave me more freedom—to create and not be so limited to the space and the device. I can ask the Sonos One to do whatever I want: turn the volume up or down, pause, rewind. To create my #GrooveIsInTheHome choreography I started with the lyrics and the beat. I thought of jazzy Broadway dance—that’s how I came up with the concept. You know when you’re at home and you hear something cool and you just start dancing? I just wanted to do something other people identify with. Something social. Exciting but more practical than ballet movements that other people can dance to when they see it.” @ingridsilva, dancer


"For me, it's very important that people, when they come to our house, feel comfortable. So we always have something to snack on. In South America we do have a culture of sharing, not just having apps, a main, a dessert. So everything that we put up is always designed to share. And there's always music playing, of course." @chefalejandrosaravia, Chef