Louie, a floofy Persian/Turkish Van rescue who’s as sweet as he looks.
Always remembering sweet Sophie.
Petcube/Gmail: @sophielovestuna

When you’re so beach ready you don’t even have to try.


What’s inside my new @catamazingtoy?MUST. FIND. OUT.
They also send one to the shelter of your choice how awesome is that?! Heads up @arlboston you’re getting one!


Dead ends or dead serious?


When it’s this hot I lay in front of the ac and get a blow out in the back and a floofin in the front.


Thanks for washing your pants. I needed a cool chin hammock for this record breaking heat.


Happy place.


Where’s my super cape Maaaa?
A bunch of you have been DMing me lately asking how I keep his fur so nice and what I use, so maybe this will help. First, he keeps himself clean. I have never bathed him. If you swipe right those are the brushes/tools I use in order of importance from left to right. Mostly the comb because of his thick under coat. I just got the buzzers because he had a few unworkable mats. I had a groomer come over last week and it went south in under 5 min lol. Complete meltdown and she said she couldn’t do him because he was too upset. So I bought my own and guess who allowed it! Guess he just needed his momma on the job. Hopefully that’s of some help to people who have messaged me or ask away 👇🏻.


When are you taking me to lunch? I look too good to eat at my usual buffet.


Lou always knows how to one-up your level of relaxation.


What’s fur lunch?


Where’s the gas pedal in this thing?


Lou’s face when I told him the noise coming from the stairs is in fact the unhandyman on day three of putting our new front door on. #hackjob #notsurprised


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