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Happy Birthday @jmascis! @dinosaurjr


Tonight, I’m on #FindingYourRoots discovering my ancestry with @HenryLouisGates. It'll be on your local @PBS station at 8|7c. The second photo is my grandfather.


I took these pictures by mistake! I didn't realize my camera was on. @carrie_rachel @kareyd @jamiebabbit @grahamstwagner @alice_mathias. And congratulations @nbcsnl!


@jonwurster wrote such a great piece about Grant Hart for @rollingstone. #huskerdu #novamob #minneapolis #sst


This was taken in the photo booth at Lounge Ax in Chicago, I think around 1992. Before a Grant Hart solo show. I loved (and still love) Hüsker Dü so much. Rest in peace, Grant! #granthart #huskerdu #sst #novamob


@kenzo Directed by @nlyonne! #simmonsdrums


Today we wrapped Portlandia, the season and the series. It was an emotional day, but always positive. This is us as Bryce and Lisa, in between takes. @carrie_rachel
Also, season 7 is on @netflix now!


@cherylstrayed Fly Farther Faster #portlandiaseason8


Last scene with @kumailn! He's been in every season since the beginning. Two more shoot days to go. #portlandia


I'm playing Cole, The Earth Ninja in the #legoninjagomovie. In theaters September 22nd! @kumailn @abbijacobson #zachwoods @mvegapena @oliviamunn @justintheroux


Happy Birthday @lancebangs!
Pictured here with @kurtvile and a Marshall Stack refrigerator. #portlandiaseason8


The new season of Matt Berry's "Toast of London" is on Netflix Worldwide. Every word he says sounds so funny, I don't know how he does it. #mattberry #toastoflondon


I'm doing three shows Oct 18th and 19th @greatamericanmusichall in San Francisco, and they're going to be taping them for a @netflix special. But...the Thursday 10:30 show is going to be for drummers only! The content will be drumming and drum equipment related. There will be a drum pad at the door to show that you can do a paradiddle. #jenshannemann @thetrapset


By total luck, there are iron workers working nearby.


Today we shot our last Mayor scenes with @kyle_maclachlan and @samadamspdxor at City Hall. A bittersweet feeling all around, but I felt lucky that we've gotten to work with them for eight years. Thank you to Ted Wheeler, the current mayor, for making us feel welcome. Directed by @billbenz #portlandia


Toni, Gil, Candace, George and
cardboard Toni. @carrie_rachel @nickkroll @johnmulaney #portlandia


I brought my 14 year old nephew to his first concert ever. #greenday in Oakland! I'm so happy for him that this was his first experience. The show was great and we got to see it from behind the sound board. Thank you, @billiejoearmstrong !!!


Johnny Ramone tribute @hwdforever with @billyidol and @jonesysjukebox #johnnyramone #theramones #sexpistols #generationx @lindaramone Song list: I Can't Make It On Time, Lonely Boy, Ready Steady Go, Untouchables, Wild Youth. Photo credit: @mitzi458


A message from The Mayor @kyle_maclachlan: Leaping into action for #GlobalTigerDay! Help @discoverycomm and @wwf protect wild tigers at #projectCAT @ragandbone #portlandia


Ed Begley Jr. as the caretaker for Candace's childhood summer house. #portlandia


A stand up show for drummers only at Main Drag Music. First four drummers to comment on @thetrapset page will get free tickets!


Nina and Lance 1997. Photo by @patsysrats #portlandia @carrie_rachel


@kenzo film directed by @nlyonne starring #Maya Rudolph @thegreta @realmattlucas @houseofwaris @leslieodomjr September 2017


Thank you @revival_drum_shop and @thetrapset for hosting the show for drummers only! @theejazzzhand


One of my favorite days ever. Henry, Spyke, Brendan, and Krist. Ironic bumper stickers were popular back then. Directed by @carrie_rachel Photos by @lancebangs #portlandia @henryandheidi


What a lucky night, getting to see and hear, and then play with @therevolution (on Baby I'm A Star). I am such a fan of Wendy and Lisa, including their post-Prince music. I took a photo of Wendy from the stage. Brownmark held much of the show together. A kind of co-leader with Wendy. His roots with Prince go deep. Dr. Fink has played on so many records! Dirty Mind all the way through Sign ☮️the Times. Maybe more? He was on the Lovesexy tour. Bobby Z played great. A perfect mix of drums and trigger pads. "Bobby on the drummer" is what I found out Lisa says during "Mountains". I thought I was hearing it wrong, but I was hearing it right. I never imagined I'd ever get to hear the song "Paisley Park" live. @brownmark_therevolution #wendyandlisa @lancebangs