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I recently did a few stand up shows where the audience was all drummers. The impressions and jokes are drummer/musician-specific. It was a lot of fun to do, particularly getting to talk about drum hardware. We taped it and it’s now on @netflix. “Standup for Drummers” Directed by @lancebangs co-produced by @alice_mathias @thetrapset and @broadwayvideo. The kits were mostly provided by @revival_drum_shop (the Simmons kit is mine!) Special guests @sheilaedrummer @steezmeez @trecool @thomaslangdrum and @thaogetstaydown


The new and final season of Portlandia starts tonight on @ifc!
Directed by @carrie_rachel and featuring @henryandheidi @brendancanty and #kristnovoselic


Thank you to the wonderful cast of @lastmanfox for making me feel so welcome. I had no idea Mel was looking at me like that when this was taken. @realmelrodriguez @k.schaal @januaryjones @mary_steenburgen @cleopatracoleman @orviv


@jonwurster told me about this incredible new documentary about #xtc. It’s so good! “XTC: This is Pop”. It’s on @showtime and starts off with Andy Partridge talking about how much he hates rock documentaries. There’s great footage of them live and in the recording studio. @thetrapset should do an interview with Terry Chambers. His drumming was a huge part of their sound. #englishsettlement #drumsandwires


Happy Birthday @jmascis! @dinosaurjr


Tonight, I’m on #FindingYourRoots discovering my ancestry with @HenryLouisGates. It'll be on your local @PBS station at 8|7c. The second photo is my grandfather.


I took these pictures by mistake! I didn't realize my camera was on. @carrie_rachel @kareyd @jamiebabbit @grahamstwagner @alice_mathias. And congratulations @nbcsnl!


@jonwurster wrote such a great piece about Grant Hart for @rollingstone. #huskerdu #novamob #minneapolis #sst


This was taken in the photo booth at Lounge Ax in Chicago, I think around 1992. Before a Grant Hart solo show. I loved (and still love) Hüsker Dü so much. Rest in peace, Grant! #granthart #huskerdu #sst #novamob


@kenzo Directed by @nlyonne! #simmonsdrums