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🎧 FRIDAY LISTENING ✧ Today I'm chatting with the magical @pamelaunicorn, a vibrant haired ♍️ Virgo based in Las Vegas who happily works a full-time job and still manages to sell beautiful crystals with her best friend on Instagram through their business @lunaprosperity while also creating her own amazing side projects like her much-loved Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck. 🦄✨

In this episode, we chat about how Pamela found her cosmic calling and her expert tips on how you can choose & use crystals to help you reach your goals faster! Of course, we're also talking about Tarot and the creation of her beautiful deck, too.⠀

>> LISTEN NOW by searching for "The Cosmic Calling" wherever you love to listen - OR - click the link in my profile to listen and get the full show notes on the blog! 🌟

P.S. Soon to be coming to Spotify!⠀
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♋️ CANCER SEASON BEGINS ✧ Today the Sun moves out of busy Gemini into cozy Cancer, kicking off a new astrological season and a new collective focus.⠀

After a busy month where we may have been more likely to reach out to others and rev up our social lives both on and offline, this month is more about grounding down and getting back in touch with your feelings and your roots.⠀

You may choose to use more of your time off to spend time with family, work on home projects, or even get back into cooking old recipes you’ve forgotten about. If you've been working really hard, you may want to shift at least part of your focus to cultivating a richer personal life. 🏡

Because Cancer is the sign that rules comfort, home, family and long-term security, you may find yourself focusing more on working for a purpose beyond just career achievements and more for what they can bring you – a.k.a. a greater feeling of financial security for you and the ones you care about.⠀

P.S. If you missed the Summer/Winter Solstice 6-month review & forecast live event yesterday, you can still sign up for the re-play in the link in my profile! 🌼✨

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Only one week until the next Full Moon which means there's only one week left to get in on my online astrology course, Unlock Your Cosmic Calling with the special rate of $100 off your enrollment!⠀

This is a rare chance to learn everything I know about astrology in a way that is easy to understand and that has been brought down to earth so you can directly apply all that you learn to your life + career as you go. ✨

Whether you are looking to...⠀

✧ Understand yourself on a deeper soul level and discover how you can use your natural strengths & abilities to your advantage to find your ideal career⠀ ⠀
✧ Use astrology as a tool to help clients cut through the noise and tap into their own inner wisdom in order to become better able to guide them on their own unique path⠀ ⠀
✧ Or maybe, you want to become an astrologer yourself by doing astrology readings - or you simply want to write horoscopes or forecasts to add even more value to the content you put out through your spiritual business⠀

...this course was lovingly created for you.⠀

You could spend years sorting through astrology books, googling your way through confusing websites, or guessing at what your dream life & career would really look like for you, or you could enroll in Unlock Your Cosmic Calling and get all of this information & more in one place while getting my personal guidance all along the way.⠀

>> Learn more & enroll at www.unlockyourcosmiccalling.com 💫 {link in profile}⠀


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🌓 Current Moon: First Quarter in Libra // Today brings our 1-day action phase to spur us to pull the trigger and go all in on our latest ideas as we switch out of PLAN-ning mode into DO-ing mode. 🏃🏻‍♀️⠀

Luckily, Libra is a sign of balance and harmony, so the actions you take today can be a way for you to bring more peace to conflicting areas or desires by taking your next solid step forward. You’ve had all week since the last New Moon to plan and research your next move, but today is the day to go for it! Yesterday's harmonious alignment between Venus and the North Node of Future Destiny was super helpful for bringing a dash of good karma to our situations, too.⠀

There’s also a lovely angle forming between Mercury and Neptune. Although Neptune is now in retrograde, your dreams may hold important messages for you, or perhaps an insight or conversation can open you up to embrace a little more magic in your life (or even appreciate more of the magic that has already existed all along!). 🌸✨


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I hope you realize by now that astrology is so much more than horoscopes, moon cycles, and forecasting the future! 💫

It's also a powerful tool that can help you uncover your soul purpose so you can consciously choose a life + career that allows you to flow naturally in alignment with your strengths, passion, and interests while allowing your authenticity to lead the way.⠀

Understanding my birth chart has been absolutely life-changing for me and I know that being able to discover yours for yourself will be incredibly powerful for you as well!⠀

I spent months creating my online astrology course, Unlock Your Cosmic Calling, to give you the power to become your own guru and to teach you everything I know about astrology while showing you how you can directly apply it to your own life. Not only so you can create a more meaningful life & career for yourself, but also so you can use it to help others.⠀

>> SWIPE LEFT on the photo above to watch a video about this course! For more information, check out www.unlockyourcosmiccalling.com 🌟 {link in profile}⠀


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🌞 SOLSTICE PARTY ✧ 2018 is halfway over! How have you been doing with your 2018 goals & intentions? On Thursday, we will celebrate our Summer/Winter Solstice, which signifies not only the official start of a new season, but also an important astrological milestone.⠀

To help us celebrate, I'll be going live on Zoom this week to chat about the Solstice and do a group 6-month review & goal setting practice, plus sharing an end of 2018 astrological forecast to help you plan to make the rest of this year ahh-mazing! 🙌🏼

ALL ARE WELCOME. Plus, there will be a Pop Quiz Giveaway at the end, so if you come live and take notes, you'll have a chance to win a FREE reading! ✨

WHEN: Wednesday, June 20th at 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET // 10:30 am AEST {on Thursday the 21st}⠀

RSVP @ http://bit.ly/2018solsticeparty or link in profile! 🎉

By RSVPing, you'll also get the re-play sent to you afterward in case you can't make it live.⠀

{Never used Zoom before? All you need to do is click a link, download the app, and you'll be able to chat with us live!}⠀

▽△▽ ⠀

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WEEKLY VIBES ✧ These are our last few days of Gemini Season before the Sun makes its way into Cancer on Thursday, shifting us into a whole new collective focus. 🦋

For now, enjoy your last few days of collaborating and getting out to see what the world has to offer! Cancer prefers to ground down at home, so you'll soon have a chance to reset after such a busy 4 weeks.⠀

Neptune Retrograde begins on Monday and we have a day filled with wonderful energy on Tuesday. The First Quarter Moon is on Wednesday, so make sure your plans are set by then so you'll be ready to step forward and take some solid action! ⠀

>> Get the full day-by-day astrological forecast for this week by going to www.soulshineastrology.com/cosmic-career-report 💫 {link in profile}⠀

Gorgeous crystals & image from @soul.makes 🌸


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🌒 Current Moon: Waxing Crescent in ♌️ Leo // What is your current wish, dream, intention, goal or mission? Are you clear enough about what you want... to see it and feel how it feels in your mind?⠀

Leo’s energy asks us to be BOLD as we plan out how to get where we want to be. The next chapter is going to require you to drop your old stories and see yourself as the shining luminous being you are - capable and powerful enough to create anything you want out of your life!⠀

Until the First Quarter moon on Wednesday, we’re in the planning and research stage of our current moon manifestation cycle. It’s time to have the courage to believe in your dreams and to believe in your ability to make them happen. Then, from that place, make your grand master plan, remembering that you are the powerful creator of your own destiny and the bold & courageous leader of your own life. 🌟

P.S. I have a special 6-month goal review & end of 2018 planning live event planned for the Solstice coming up next week! Be sure to stay tuned to your inbox tomorrow if you’re on my e-mail list so you can get the invite.⠀


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🎧 FRIDAY LISTENING ✧ The Planets & Your Purpose ~ What do the planets have to say about your soul purpose? 💫
In this episode, we’re going on a cosmic journey through the solar system to discover how the planets can explain different aspects of your personality in order to help you choose a career that allows you to flow in alignment with your authentic nature.⠀
✧ How the planets are much more than just floating rocks in space and actually have deep meanings, personalities, and very strong vibes of their own!⠀
✧ What Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can tell you about your personality and your purpose⠀
✧ What the deal is with asteroids and how they can help explain our deeper soul level fascinations⠀
✧ Why knowing all of this information about the planets is so helpful in allowing you to stand in your personal power and choose the right career that fits with you ⠀

>> LISTEN NOW by searching for "The Cosmic Calling" wherever you love to listen - OR - click the link in my profile to get the full show notes on the blog! ⠀

Thanks @coralantlercreative for all of your lovely photos! 💕
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I found a way to combine everything I love most into one career and most days my work feels like play! Every single task on my to-do list is one that I get so much joy out of... writing, doing readings, e-mailing clients, designing graphics, podcasting, and planning - all of it is SO much fun and puts me right into my natural element which is just as I believe your career should be. 🧜🏼‍♀️♀⠀

I just want to remind you that we always have a choice when it comes to what we put ourselves through each day, and if we're being smart, we'll choose to make life FUN (even if the initial path to set up our life that way is really hard at first!).⠀

True success is loving what you do and the way you do it. How can we truly be successful if we're not allowing ourselves the time & space to enjoy the journey along the way? ☀️


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LEARN ASTROLOGY 101 ✧ Have you been wanting to learn more about astrology, but are feeling confused and haven't known where to start?⠀

So many of you have been asking me questions about it, so I put together a special video with an overview of how to learn astrology including reading a birth chart and forecasting the future!⠀

I also talk about all of the different things you can do with astrology - including finding your soul purpose, planning for the future, and even discovering how to make the best decisions when it comes to love, business, and where to move or travel next.⠀

>> WATCH NOW: www.soulshineastrology.com/learnastrology {or link in profile!}⠀🌟


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🌑 NEW MOON in ♊️ Gemini // Exact on Wednesday, June 13th @ 12:45 pm PT / 3:45 pm ET / 8:45 pm GMT // 5:45 am AEST {on Thursday the 14th}⠀

Gemini is a playful Air sign that loves to socialize, share their creative ideas, and have fun without becoming overly attached to heavy emotions or set outcomes.⠀

Although the Sun has already been in Gemini since May 21st, when the Moon meets up with it today, it brings a time for taking the lessons you've been learning about the power of networking and sharing your message (as well as any other lessons that have come up to the surface since that crazy Full Moon in Sagittarius!) and set a new intention as you turn the page and start a new chapter in your life & career with this New Moon.⠀

Here are some questions to ask yourself on this New Moon: ✨
⠀ ✧ What is the overarching message you feel you have to share with the world summed up into one easy-to-understand sentence?⠀
✧ How could you improve your social media strategy and other modes of communication to expand this message over the coming 6 months?⠀
✧ Who are some like-minded people you would like to spend more time with or may like to work with as part of a joint collaboration?⠀
✧ How can you make your life & work less heavy and stressful and more fun and lighthearted?⠀

>> The wishes and intentions you set on this New Moon can come full circle within 6 months on the Full Moon in Gemini on November 22, 2018.⠀


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