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Throwback to this space,its still a work in progress. And the owner is one of the most hardworking women i have met,her i can do spirit is something i admire a lot

Swipe to the last picture to see the before.

Dont worry we will post completed pictures when we have put all the icing on the cake

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Living room design with a pop of color
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Make a statement with your bed !!!!!!!! Lets help you transform your space

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The ottoman has come a long way,they come in different sizes and shapes.
They can be used as

1. Foot rest- the original intent of an ottoman is to place your feet on them and this tradition will never change it can also serve as storage where you can keep e.g remote control,children toys and other handy items

3.extra seating when Conserving space ottomans are perfect solutions for seating that can be pulled out when needed

4. Coffee table they also serves as coffee table as well,display magazines or place your drink tray on them


Living room sectional sofa design.

Are you tired of your old sofa,or you need to revamp, lets talk

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Yayyyyyy, we say a big welcome to all our new followers. Thank you for joining our family,pls dont hesitate to dm if you have any question.
Pls say hi,so we can send your our new members gift. Lol


Make a bold statement with your kitchen!!! Whats your favourite color?
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Attending @impacther increasing your market footprints with this beautiful ladies.its been 3 days of awesome learning,and mind blowing sessions.
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My biggest concern when it comes to my industry and what you guys are consuming on social media is that most of you are using motivation and inspiration as a drug, a stimulant and a supplement to feel more pumped up, for very short periods of time.
Although that's great to have a bit of motivation flowing, it's just like taking a scoop of pre work out or having a strong coffee... it eventually drops off and you crash and I know many of you end up in a slump, feeling less motivated than before you tried to pump yourself up.
The truth is over the course of your lifetime you will be motivated, inspired & pumped up less than 30% of the time... that's the natural flow of life and who we are as human beings.
You can have a great attitude, great outlook and be a positive soul on this earth every day, which many of you are but the actual act of being so motivated and inspired to take action right here and right now, makes up a very small percentage of our life.
Now I know some of you want to mess with that ratio and be a rockstar every day, but the truth is no one is really like that... what you are actually seeing is someone running a very specific pattern every day.
What I want you guys to stop doing is looking for quick and cheap motivation and inspiration, I want you to start running a pattern... there is a time to be motivated, but most of the time you've got to get the job done and produce when you sure as hell don't feel like it!
You have to learn the art of going about your business calmly, rather than waiting for moments of inspiration to do your job and get things done.
Everything I teach you guys, ultimately comes down to training you to run a very specific, high level pattern and routine over the course of a lifetime - that's why it's called @before5am - I want you to run exceptional routines, habits and rituals, so you don't even need to be motivated and pumped up!
So don't worry or stress, when you don't feel motivated or pumped up... just go about your business calmly and get things done, that's where you ultimately make all your progress and gains over a long period of time. #Repost @before5am with • • •


Happy birthday to this wonderful woman. @jaebeefurniture ,thanks for being an awesome mentor,your selflessness is out of this world. As you step into this new year,The lines shall fall for you in pleasant places. We need to do factory party in otta,lols.God bless you loads


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