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Nail Acceptance 💕// photography Credit: @viewswithdav


Current #Spaitgirl Vibes. What Wants To Go on a Spa it Girl Retreat? // Photo Credit: @albionfit


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Happy #Spaitgirl #SelfLoveSunday Today I have gone for a walk, practiced yoga, meditated, practiced gratitude & done some journaling. I have popped on a face mask, nourished myself with lots of healthy fresh food, and that’s only a few of my #selfcaresunday things. Now I plan chilling out and reading @deepakchopra brand new book whilst laying on my mat wearing my brand new #activewear @mactivesportswear which I love! How did you take care of yourself today? #collab


Happy Friday Beautiful 💕

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Making time to care for ourselves is so important and this can be done at home, at the spa or really anywhere!
By doing simply little things like:

Having a spa treatment
Popping on a facemask
Catching up with those we love in person!
Going for a Walk
Practicing Yoga
Having a nice of cup of tea
Doing a Class at the Gym
Going to the Beach
Reading a Feel Good Book
Going a Getaway
Having a Nice Warm Bath
Watching the Flickering of a Candle

It can all help to make us feel good from within.

Being a Spa it Girl has nothing to do with our body, shape or size, as we much more then that.

Instead it’s all about focusing our attention inwards and connecting with our true loving self and honouring our ownself by doing the things that make us feel good from within.

There is nothing wrong with any of us! and loving ourselves Starts with self accept. When we love ourselves for who we can raise our feel good vibrations and it can give us far greater Health & Wellness that start firstly from within.

Thanks for being part of Spa it Girl and always sharing your inspiration too! Hashtag #Spaitgirl for your chance to be featured too! Day’s at the #spa by yourself or with your family friend truly brings a sense of calm, peace, relaxation, Self Love, Self acceptance, Health, Wellness, happiness and so many more physical, emotional, spiritual - Body, Mind, Spirit benefits! Do your friends know about Our #Spaitgirl #feelgood #selfcare #selflove movement? Besure to tell them! When we unite as one! That’s when the Real Magic Starts!
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It’s a Beautiful Day thanks to the @endotaspa team at Peppers Blue On Blue. I had a Deep Recovery Massage and now I am feeling #Spaitgirl A M A Z I N G 😌 this kind of massage helps to restore balance and is designed to work into your muscles and release tension. A warm jade stone is used to ground you and then my endota spa therapist Jean who I absolutely love to bits! focused on the areas of muscles to release my tension and it was such a relief but at the same time so relaxing. My endota spa treatment started with taking three big deep inhaled and exhales and taking in the beautiful aromas scents then I had a recovery back scrub with their own organic recovery products which had stimulating effects of arnica, peppermint and clove. I also had a balm massaged all of my back and it felt so good. When my spa treatment was over I felt so relaxed and calm, so grateful to be visiting another @endotaspa and so blessed that I was actually able to book in with Jean again as she is Spa it Girl Amazing and she always makes me feel good through Within due to her high spa therapy technique & endota spa standards! After my endota spa treatment at #peppersblueonblue I felt so happy within, I had a smile ear to ear and from having just that one spa treatment it actually transformed me from work mode to Holiday Mode. I truly loved being a Spa it Girl here and if you have never visited this beautiful endota spa at Peppers Blue On Blue at Magnetic Island you really should as it’s officially #Spaitgirl tried, tested & reviewed. 💕❤️😘 @peppershotels @mantrahotels


I LOVE the way you Move: I am had a NEW Age Light Therapy Facial @endotaspa and it was soooo Relaxing. I have a Jade Stone on me which helps to ground you, my spa therapist Jean massage technique was amazing! she used @endotaspa New Age Products on my skin to help stimulate my collagen, combined with Listening to beautiful soothing spa music, it truly took my mind off everything and it felt like total bliss. This spa treatment made me feel at total ease, at peace, and calm from within. I love being a #Spaitgirl @endotaspa and after all these years I feel like my facial experiences at endota spa just keeping getting better and better!! I am truly Bless after 10+ years to still be visiting @endotaspa and reviewing them so I can share my personal spa experience especially with you. A very big thanks to my spa therapist Jean who was Amazin! & Leah and her Beautiful endota spa team💕 now you have watched my video, Do you feel like having a #endotaspa Facial too?


The Team @nutralifeau have asked me #howtotakechargetolivewell
Every day when I wake up I practice my Self Care Rituals, before I jump out of bed I always focus on my breath, I stretch and wake up with mindfulness and ease before I get out of bed.

Living in these fast paced-paced social-media-focused time’s, I think it’s important to connect with your own self first, before everyone else.

I love to go for a walk to start my day off with plenty of feel-good endorphins.

Every Sunday I make time to practice self-care and I celebrate #SPAITGIRL ‘Self Love Sunday’ with my beautiful Spa it Girl readers, followers and global community.

In my book, ‘It Starts With Me’ I explore how you can cultivate your own Self Love Sunday practice.
I believe when you meditate daily it changes the way you feel and you realise anything and everything is possible.
I believe everything starts from within.

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Pool Days are the Best Days 😌 I am wearing @cottononbody @mantrahotels in the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia // #itstartswithme #spaitgirl #travel #thisisqueensland @queensland @whitsundaysqld #mantrahotels


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