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be joyful in hope. patient in affliction. faithful in prayer. romans 12.12

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Maybe somethings just don’t get better, but WE do. We get stronger. We learn to live with our situations as messy and ugly as they are. We fix what we can and adapt to what we can’t. Maybe some of us will never be fully the same, but we’re here! We’re still trying, and we’re doing the best we can. That’s worth celebrating too!


This momma is everyones “caretaker” whether you’re family or friends. She puts others before herself ALWAYS and deserves to be taken out and shown how much she’s appreciated! #MomsNightOut #MomsAreTheBest #SoGratefulForMommaD


Girl time is good for the soul! Miles and time between us, but I love seeing these women busting their booties & building their futures 💕 #RageWithPaige #Since24HourFitness #BlakeOurPaparazzi


Wedding 1/8 for us this year. Blake will be starting a scrapbook documenting each photo booth reel and most common reception song. #WeAreFamily #ItsAlwaysWeddingSeason #YouHadMeAtCocchi

Las Vegas, Nevada

Grateful for the breath in my lungs to be able to laugh with these two and forget about everything else around us. Grateful for the arms to wrap around them and feel their love and friendship. Grateful to be living and truly cherish the most simple thing like another day. #WheresJackieW #ChurchNBrunch #CountryStrong #Lewanstrong #BeIntentional


Been holding in this secret far too long; can’t wait to have Meo as a brother-in-law! 💍❤️


Because two MacBooks are better than one! Spent the afternoon business planning for the 1st quarter with the boss man himself @dale_austin_twore It is so refreshing to share goals, fears, and aspirations with someone who is like minded and TRULY cares about helping others #DaleAustin&Partners #DouglasElliman #ItsAllTheSmallThings #RealEstateLife #GoalsShouldScareYou


There aren’t enough words to describe the woman and friend that Paige is! We’ve celebrated less birthdays together than we have been friends because one of us always seems to be out of town or traveling. Paige, you are fearless, risk taking, and always “make it work.” Happiest of birthdays my love! #PaigeStillDoesntHaveAnInstagram #ItsJustIbuprofen #Since24HourDays #JustHereForTheFreeStuff


Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Not your average holiday “work” party...A fun filled masquerade and casino night! I can’t express enough gratitude for the opportunity I have to work in this industry with such passionate and genuine people 🎭🎲 #StriveForGreatness #DouglasElliman #WolfPAK #ItAllTheLittleThings #DaleAustinAndPartners

The Cicada Restaurant and Club

Happy 30th birthday weekend Blakey! We broke the birthday curse and 65 people were finally able to surprise you on your special day. We are extra grateful to have you in our lives this year and celebrating you was that much more sweet. #DirtyThirty #ThunderdomeFamily #WhatAboutLockAndKey #RobbingThePension


Found some arm candy wandering the streets of LA for this wedding #TrumpSuit #FallWeddings

Daily Dose Cafe