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Fall in New Hampshire ✨😍❤️❤️😍✨
Picture by ✨✨@neohumanity✨✨
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Sweet spot. Today on #WeeklyFluff, we’re soaking up the rays with this cute little fella, Pumpernickel (@pumpernickel_the_minipig). ☀️🐽💖 ⁣

Photo by @pumpernickel_the_minipig


#FotoDelDía | Un alpinista se dirige hacia el pico del Nevado Copa, Perú. "A doscientos metros de la cima, nos envolvió un resplandor blanco", afirma el fotógrafo de @natgeoyourshot Henko Roukema. "Decidimos continuar, ya que la ruta era obvia en la cordillera". Llegaron a la cima y pasaron cinco minutos a unos 6188 metros de altura sobre el nivel del mar, con una temperatura de -15 grados Celsius. 📷: HENKO ROUKEMA


Ocean Guardians | Photograph by Alessandra Meniconzi
“One of the most important ecosystem in our planet is the mangrove forest. There are around 80 species of mangrove trees and they are found along tropical coastlines in saltwater,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Alessandra Meniconzi. “Mangroves provide the habitat for many species of fishes and invertebrates, and they are a defense against storms, typhoons, and tsunamis.”

@natgeoyourshot has partnered with Photofest, a photography festival held in San Miguelde Allende, Mexico. Together we are offering the @natgeoyourshot community a chance to have your images featured in a gallery exhibit at @photofest. Published images from our “A Planet in Balance” story will be featured in an exhibit titled "Our Last Call to Achieve a Planet in Balance." To participate, go to the link in our profile (www.natgeoyourshot.com).


Video by Bertie Gregory @bertiegregory | A male polar bear opens an eye during a nap on the west coast of Hudson Bay, Canada. This male bear was in no rush. He was waiting near the water’s edge in anticipation for the big freeze: an annual event when the ocean turns into a rock-solid ice pathway. This ice allows him to hunt his primary prey, the ringed seal. To see this guy in action and to learn more about polar bears’ incredible lives, watch ‘Wild_Life: The Big Freeze’. Premiering this Friday, 8/16 at 9pm EST on Nat Geo Wild. Follow @bertiegregory for more on the series. #bear #arctic #cold #wildlife #wild_Life


“ Hearts & Bones Rescue just saved this mustachio-ed pup and her 10 siblings and mama in Texas! We could not believe her mustache. All will be available for adoption in NYC soon” writes @heartsandbonesrescue


Photo by @cristinamittermeier | I was ready to drop my cameras and spring to the rescue as I watched fishermen fight to keep their boat upright as they approached the shore of the historic fishing town of Winneba, Ghana. Thankfully my heroics were not needed, but despite the incredible amount of effort they put into today’s haul, they will not have great economic reward. The odds are stacked against them because there is no means to preserve their catch. What isn’t sold at the local markets is thrown away or sold at a very low cost, placing struggling families under even more economic strain and at risk of selling their children into slavery under the false promise of a better life. Follow me @cristinamittermeier for more stories about people living in coastal communities all over the world. #Ghana #fishermen #community #sailboat


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(Shot on OPPO Reno 10x Zoom)



The countries of Gambia and Senegal only make sense if viewed though their colonial history. The British held The Gambia River and everything within a set distance of the banks of the river. Other than its coast at the mouth of the river, the entire country is surrounded by Senegal, which was a French colony. ⠀
Given their geography, the two countries are inexorably intertwined. However, they are very distinct from each other. In The Gambia still speaks English, and in Senegal they still speak French. The Gambia, up until recently, had a long ruling strong man who was actually ousted in an election in 2017. He also had one of the most longest and ridiculous titles of any world leader (His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Aziz Awal Jemus Junkung Jammeh Naasiru Deen Babili Mansa)

Senegal, on the other hand, is one of the few African countries to have never experienced a coup or authoritarian rulers. I found Senegal to be one of the more developed countries in the region, which I’m sure in part extends from that political stability.

#1 I loved the street scenes in Dakar. Nothing goes to waste, including space on a bus.

#2 Fishing boats on the shore of Goree Island outside of Dakar

#3 The Door of No Return, Goree Island. There are several doors of no return in West Africa. These were the doors through which slaves passed to board ships, never to return. Goree Island was of the first world heritage sites created in 1978.

#4 This statue is called the African Renaissance Monument. It is 49m tall and was built by North Korea. It is the Senegalese Statue of Liberty.

#5 Guard at the presidential palace in Dakar

#6 The Gambia river lined with mangrove trees

#7 A woodcarver in Banjul, Gambia. He was carving masks and statues for tourists in the market

#8 Dancer in Banjul. She was part of a dance show which was extremely fast-paced. I managed to capture her when she was in mid air!

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