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Enjoy the journey πŸ’« Tag a friend who gets it
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Karma whispered softly in my ear and said, β€œEvery story you tell yourself about another person is a trick of perspective.
We all have our ways of chasing love and happiness. Dehumanizing another does not deeper humanize you. So treat people better than you have been treated. We fall in love with those who carry lessons for us. And that’s the thing about the heart- it demands to be felt. Let love’s crackling embers burn away all that is built up inside, until there is a peaceful emptiness within. Like a hollow instrument, each moment will be music that is played through you.” Words + flow: @alliemichellel
Wearing the Skylar Bra + Saya Tight
Song: I Feel Love - Mounika
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When you have an open mind you have the best views - @amberibarreche β›Ί
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