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1969: Ground control to Major Tom. Bowie’s first hit “Space Oddity” debuted the same year as the moon landing. British photographer Mick Rock shot the promotional video at RCA Studios in New York. #DavidBowieIsHere


1972: Ziggy Stardust is born. Bowie collaborated with makeup artist Pierre Laroche to bring his astral character to life. 📸Mick Rock & Masayoshi Sukita. #DavidBowieIsHere


1972: Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto created a stunning vinyl striped bodysuit for Bowie’s Aladdin Sane tour. If you’re in NYC, take a ride on the subway to get the full moving image experience. 📸 Masayoshi Sukita. #DavidBowieIsHere


1972: Bowie rocked his New York Carnegie Hall debut despite having the flu. Local artists and musicians attended. 📸 Mick Rock. #DavidBowieIsHere


1973: Bowie was famous for pushing fashion norms. He owned these platform shoes designed by Pelican footwear, a local shoe store located on Bowery (it’s shut down now 😔) . 📸Justin Bettman. #DavidBowieIsHere


1974: Performing at Madison Square Garden in NYC, Ziggy Stardust was laid to rest on the Diamond Dogs tour. It beckoned the start of another new era for Bowie. 📸Bob Gruen. #DavidBowieIsHere


1997: “These days, my buzz can be obtained by just walking, preferably early in the morning, as I am a seriously early riser.” – David Bowie, New York Magazine. 📸 Antonin Kratochvil. #DavidBowieIsHere


Master of transformation, David Bowie created personas ranging from Ziggy Stardust and The Goblin King to Aladdin Sane and The Thin White Duke. 📸 Markus Klinko and Masayoshi Sukita. #DavidBowieIsHere


2013: More than 45 years after his debut album, Bowie continued making magic, releasing the ‘Next Day’ album before his final gift to us in 2016, ‘Blackstar.’ 📸Jimmy King. #DavidBowieIsHere


#JackWhite rocked out at our #SpotifyFansFirst event performing songs from his new album ‘Boarding House Reach’ 🤘🔥 | Album link in bio.


We’re celebrating David Bowie’s life in New York City! From his first show at Carnegie Hall, to the over 20 years when he called SoHo home. Follow along on our stories later today to see our Broadway-Lafayette station domination, and head underground for a chance to get one of five custom MetroCards we created to celebrate Bowie’s life. 📸 Masayoshi Sukita. #DavidBowieIsHere ❤️


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