One crafty mama!

Dusk in Park City.


Mountain wildflowers.


The mountains are calling and I must go. 🖤


Another fun & successful tradeshow is over. Loved seeing so many retailers & industry friends I adore while sharing the amazing new @heroarts winter release!


Fun wall at the ATL airport. Was going to take my photo with it but I look like death. So I didn't. At any rate - I'm Utah bound! 💜


Fresh haircut = feeling human again. Thanks @courtsan_cosmetology - you're the best! 💜


Psst... don't tell anyone, but just between you and me, this is a little sneak peek from the @heroarts winter release, being revealed on the Hero blog on Tuesday! So cute! I've been prepping for classes I'm teaching at the @afci_global tradeshow in Utah next week. I can't wait! So much holiday goodness!


Been binging season 2 of @queereye while I work, which is rather hard with the constant tears. Loved the original, but the reboot is even better - such great stories of love and acceptance. I wish everyone on the planet would watch, we'd all be better for it. Thank you @jvn @antoni @tanfrance @karamobrown @bobbyberk - you guys make me want to be a better person. Also thanks for showing me all the good in Georgia, sometimes I have serious doubts. If you ever want to stop by Marietta for dinner between filming, you're always welcome. 😂❤️


If you're local, come and get inky with me at @impressive_ideas_store on August 19! This @heroarts class is a ton of fun, looking forward to the encore!


Made this for all of my family & friends who live way too far away. ❤️ #concordand9th


When you teach a class at your LSS and spend your earnings on other stamps because you can't resist one absolutely perfect message in the set...! ❤️ #concordand9th


Today I dared.