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Purple, green or blue—they say the Crystal Ball Frappuccino chooses you. ✨🔮
Available in US, Canada and Mexico...while the magic lasts.


A coffee press is one of our favorite ways to brew rich, full-bodied coffee. How to make one at home:
1️⃣ Fill your press with coarse ground coffee. Use 2 Tbsp of coffee per 6 fl oz of water. ☕️
2️⃣ Add filtered water just off the boil. Make sure to saturate allllllll the grounds. 💦
3️⃣ Steep for 4 minutes. After that, just plunge, pour and enjoy! Oh yeah, one more step...
4️⃣ Take advantage of Spring Coffee Days and get 25% off at-home coffee this week, 3/20-26! 🎉(U.S. & Canada)


Add an extra shot of espresso to the warm, caramel-y, vanilla-kissed #CaramelMacchiato. #MacchiatoMondays


Is it just us, or does the Siren's smile seem a little brighter at the beach? 🏖️ Iced #CaramelMacchiato with coconutmilk 😊 Regram: @lbtoma


Smoooooooth cold brew + notes of creamy vanilla & fig. NEW #VanillaAndFigColdBrew!


If every week's a mountain,
then we're half-way there...
Thanks to applewood-smoked bacon & aged Gruyère. #SousVideEggBites


Of course you can have a bite. ❤️
🍴Slow-Roasted Ham, Swiss & Egg Breakfast Sandwich.
☕️Iced Coffee
Regram: @starbuckscanada


#MacchiatoMondays are back! This week we're celebrating the sweet & creamy, cinnamon dolce-dreamy, Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato.😋


Lost an hour? Here’s a flower.
...and a Grande Iced Starbucks Blonde Quad Americano 🌼


Flowers: "Coffee? You shouldn't have!" 🌸☕️🤗 #IcedCoffee Regram: @emogden


For the ride home 🚃


Here's to 👀ing forward to Mondays. Say hi to the new mocha-dreamy dose of joy that is Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato. #MacchiatoMondays