@starburymarbury @stephonmarbury_3 #starbury God is Love and Love is God #loveislove

@bpericadams Thank you for the gift and signature. It will stay with me forever. Real Brooklyn dudes do real #brooklyn things. Keep spreading that light. Grace and peace! #loveislove #starbury


Don’t you like when you’re about to say ( @kingtelfair ) KING me and your real name is KING! China is balancing you out nicely. Keep being the best you on the planet and no one will see you but will see your spirit. @picofmerolling will be fine like wine in time. Designer of the year 2019-2020 CLAM IT! #wecoming #starbury #marburydynasty coming soon! @stephonmarbury_3


China @gq Shoot was it! @stephluv100 @kenaemarbury @stephonmarbury_3


@gq China was a dope basketball classic shoot. It had a lot of style and flavor. I most liked how you guys scouted out the scene at my basketball camp then arranged the clothing to match the coloring. Simi (Props) Genius in how it all came out. Thanks for the introduction to my after basketball life. I’m excited to see the article as we spoke about a lot of different things. My career was perfect for me. I ended my last shot with a 3! @stephonmarbury_3 @stephluv100 @kenaemarbury @stephonmarbury_3


Pre Order Retro Starbury’s. The shoe that changed the sneaker business forever Memorial Day Weekend. The new reconstructed website will make the experience pleasant. This shoe created access but most importantly it created awareness. #Starbury is for the people always! I’m speaking about the brand not me. I know some get confused with me being the owner, player and receiver. It just so happened I decided to own than be owned in wearing what’s on my body. Benefiting off of me end of story. No one should get mad for someone benefiting off of themselves. There’s nothing wrong with my decision or others of the same decision taken place, it was just a lot harder for me to OWN my OWN brand which was the challenge. Companies trying to take 51 percent (LOL) so you can make a billion and they make GOD knows what. When you own you make decisions. When you don’t you have to listen. It’s ok to listen to the people who you work with but it’s better when you can listen then make a decision. We have to create more owners by creating more portals. I believe the future is bright for those who are unemployed. Change is coming and we’re going to do it together. Love is Love! @tashamarbury @stephluv100 @kenaemarbury @stephonmarbury_3 @mmarbury03 @angenettemarbury @normanmarbury @eric3x @salemamarbury @milehigh31 @kingtelfair @nybongiovi @thisissignificant @nba @slamonline @slamkicks @and1 @sneakheads @sneakernews @complexsneakers @sneakersnstuff @sneakercon


I’m trying to make it easier for you. #starbury @stephonmarbury_3


Welcome to the #MarburyBasketballBallCamp A #global platform for all kids around the world. We will give the real so you can feel that when you go up against the best players around the world. The teaching is what we will do, you will do the rest! A lot of hard work was put into creating the international platform. The bridge has been completed and it couldn’t of happened without the people in following. The Principle of Beijing High School University to my Left. The Leader of the Beijing Basketball Association. The other team members are owners of the camp and distinguish gentlemen and coaches. The organization is in tact. We are focused and determined to help change the game. We coming in #waves HOME BOY! #starbury #starburydigitalcoin #blockchain #gtdollar @nba @ncaasports @stephonmarbury_3


Looks like my vision was about a decade (+) plus ago. Smile 😊 Thr best has taken court. Thank you for your craftsmanship @rollsroycecars @stephonmarbury_3


#tbt When my little man was the man and still is @stephonmarbury_3 #sportsblockchain #gtdollar #blockchain #starbury


Back home in China where restoration will now take place. Found a new spa that looks amazing. Take care of self and you’ll always feel your worth. Live in the light of God! #LoveisLove @stephonmarbury_3


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