The goal of the game:
1. hike to Nunya
2. Swim across the lake to get the log
3. Push the log to our swimming spot
4. Play on log for endless hours of fun.
Nunya is a hidden gem down a maze of logging roads and gates. Today we were happy to discover that the gates were open! We decided to drive in most of the way.
After several hours of fun and sunburns we left and along our drive down the logging road two bears ran across in front of us. It was awesome!
But then, as we arrived at what was previously an open gate, it was now closed and locked 🔒. With minimal freaking out we decided to go back down the logging road to look for an alternative route. We saw was seemed to be an extremely overgrown road with a broken down pickup parked in the middle of it. We decided to give it a shot. We maneuvered around the pickup getting within inches of trees on the other side and continued until the road turned to gravel. Soon we were on what seemed to be a driveway. We were happy to see that the driveway had a gate too, but it was OPEN!!! We then traveled the rest of the way home amazed at our good luck 🍀


Impromptu mini hike this evening. And more hikes to come tomorrow! 🌲⛰️🌿 #andshesdopetoo


Car full of puppers
#doggo #puppers #adventure #sunshine


Happy national bikini day 👙 I hope you had a great day! #nationalbikiniday


⛰️ Hiking weather every day ⛰️


It’s hard to look at an unfinished piece of art and know if you’re going to like the end result. Whether it will turn out close to the way you picture it in your head, or different.
I am a work of art.
Everything I do is another stroke towards the finished masterpiece. I hope I like the end result.
#iamaworkofart #iamamasterpiece #enjoythejourney


“God creates dinosaurs God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.”
“Dinosaurs eat man......woman inherits the earth.”
🌊🦕 🦕 🦖 🌋
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Today is my birthday and I got to start it with best friends and family before we had to split ways. I am so happy we all got to go on an Oregon adventure even though the sun didn’t come out until we were leaving haha. We had a great time relaxing, hiking and exploring and I can’t wait for our next adventure! #besties #kryptonite #oregoncoast #birthday #adventures