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From the moment the first drop lands, our Chalice and beer bring out the best in each other.


Rethink your next gathering by relocating outside — close friends, fresh air and Stella Artois is a time-honored recipe for an unforgettable day.


The refreshing finish of Stella Artois makes it the perfect beer to cleanse the palate when switching between dishes. When spending time with your favorite company, there’s no reason to limit the meal to three courses. #HostOneToRemember


Stella Artois’ refreshing balance of malt and hops ease the heat of spicy dishes without sacrificing any of the flavor. Serve a charcuterie plate featuring hot soppressata and Italian sausage, and spice up your gathering with guests who tend to do the same. #HostOneToRemember


On a beautiful summer day in Toronto, Stella Artois partnered with Michelin-trained chef Patrick Kriss, and famous interior designer Nate Berkus to create a one-of-a-kind, 7-course dinner party

Guests were invited to explore the European-inspired marketplace, where they familiarized themselves with Chef Kriss’s ingredients,  before being treated to the Belgian meal designed to pair with Stella Artois.

At dinner, guests quickly learned that dinner parties don’t always have to be formal, as Chef Kriss opted for a family-style meal. Putting the plates and utensils in the middle of the table and letting everyone help themselves kept things light, while encouraging everyone to interact with one another throughout the entire meal.

You don’t have to be a professional to host one to remember, but with the right inspiration, you might just become one.

Toronto, Ontario

Turn dinner prep into a group cooking celebration by inviting friends to play a part. Pair the balanced, refreshing flavor of Stella Artois with your cuisine of choice and enjoy a spontaneous, fulfilling meal your guests won’t soon forget. #HostOneToRemember


To kick off New York Fashion Week, Harper’s Bazaar Global Fashion Director Carine Roitfeld hosted ICONs – an annual event honoring the most notable names in fashion and music. Held in the iconic Plaza Hotel, guests like Camila Coehlo, and @Jaime_King enjoyed Stella Artois served in a limited-edition Chalice fit for the most stylish of occasions. Cheers to @HarpersBazaarUS for truly knowing how to #HostOneToRemember.

New York, New York

Add some flare to the season’s freshest fruits by throwing them on the grill. Stella Artois’ barley malt gives it a subtle fruity hint, allowing it to pair with pineapple and other sweet treats. Savor your refreshing snack and enjoy a relaxing outdoor celebration with friends who wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. #HostOneToRemember


Unwrap 600 years of brewing heritage in seconds.


MECAInhotim - a unique festival of art, music, fashion, and culture - took place at Instituto Inhotim, a contemporary art center and botanical garden in Brumadinho, Brazil. Featuring the world’s largest open-air museum, guests appreciated the sights and sounds in style. Attendees were entertained by some of Brazil’s most exciting musicians, providing an exciting soundtrack for a remarkable event.

In addition to musical performances, Stella Artois hosted two guided tours. The first lead guests through the expansive botanical garden, followed by a curated tour of art galleries throughout the extraordinary, open-air space. Guests also received a Stella Artois picnic kit, blanket and ecobag, creating a relaxing and engaging environment for everyone.

People coming together over art, music, culture, and Stella Artois - we'll cheers to that.

Brumadinho, Bahia, Brazil

Encourage guests to bring homemade dishes that come together just right, and raise a Stella Artois with the people who do the same. #HostOneToRemember