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This is 14. I would say Steph is living her best life. Happy Birthday, Boo!


The classic “Lion Cut,” on our favorite lion. 🦁


It’s #nationalpetday and we wanted to introduce Sophie. She is one of the many purriends featured with Steph & Kate. She’s fabulous.


Our thoughts on this Sunday morning.


The cutest little baker, wearing the cutest little apron.


Steph decided to take a big jump today (about 15 feet). She is almost 14 and has never attempted this. She’s an indoor grandma. We called the vet and they said unless she’s limping then she’s fine. What do you guys think?


We miss seeing all the kitties from our neighborhood since we moved, but we can’t wait to share news about cat friends we’ve made in the new place! ❤️🐱


We sent some love in the way of tea towels and mugs over to our friends @mooncatcafe Check them out! Cats, coffee and travel...our favorite things. You’re pawsome!


We will be heading to New York for #catcamp again this year! Details to come.


We don’t make resolutions, but we do set our sights on directions we want to go, encouraging surprises along the way. Kate wants to work up to going on long walks to be able to smell more than just her own backyard.


Can you see a Steph on the tree? Meowy Catmas and Happy Meowlidays!


Columbia has a chance to get a Cat Cafe! Please head over to their kickstarter and support them!


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