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Goodmorning gorgeous ❤️ I just wanted to say that today is beautiful, you are stunning and you can do anything that you want! ❤️


📣 tell your best friends that you love them TODAY! ♥️ Cheers to +13 years of friendship with these two! ❤️ as a full-time traveler I rarely see my closest friends from Belgium. Last month my two besties flew to Spain to surprise me for a weekend 🎉 let this be a reminder to value your friendships, close and far! Tag your besties to let them know that you love them.


What imaginary gates have you put up for yourself?
I used to believe that traveling was only for the rich and famous. Look at me now! This photo was taken in Shanghai, China last month! You can also open up your imaginary gates! Nothing is holding you back - it is only in YOUR head.
Every day I get messages on how to work for yourself, travel more, be a social media manager, ... that is why the last few month I have been creating a platform to share my knowledge (at that of others) with you. It is mainly about online marketing but I’m creating it for social media enthusiasts, small business owners or influencers (+ all of you who want to start a career in either of the 3 above)! I’m so excited for it! Hope to launch soon! The link in my bio will take you to the free group where I will soon share the first videos! 🎉



Every tiny victory is a reason to celebrate. Whenever a client tells me I helped them with something I do a little dance. Whenever I did something I don’t like doing, I high five myself. Whenever I unconditionally help someone, I award myself with karma points.
Celebrate your tiny victories today! Share 🎉 your victory of the day 🎉in the comments & I will show you love in return 💖


Being with you turned out to be the wildest, boldest, and the most beautiful adventure I ever took on. You’re my crazy adventure! Thank you @thebeukering for making my 28th birthday the best one ever! 💖


What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
How would it be to do that now?

As a child I’ve spend 100 hours in the pool. It made me feel alive, weightless, one with the water 💧! My parents have a pool in their backyard and I’ve grown up with having the freedom to swim whenever I wanted.
So swimming transports me back to that feeling of freedom that I had as a child. Now whenever I see I pool I get in and let the water heal me 💖


My time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is coming to an end. I fly to Europe this weekend with a layover in Shanghai 🤩

Against all odds, this place has stolen my heart and for the first time in 2 years I feel 'home'. Kuala Lumpur is a metropolitan city that feels like a village to me. The reason why I love it here so much is the people. I invested time to make connections - to talk to 'strangers' - to go to events even though I'm not a 'big group' kinda girl.
I have met brave women who have fled here because their home country is at war, women who run their own multimillion company, women who followed their partner and started their lives from scratch, creative entrepreneurs who follow their hearts, taxi drivers who shared their life stories, people who supported me no matter what, ... It is for the first time in 2 years I'm leaving with a heavy heart that is full of love for the people in Malaysia as for the city around it!


A couple of weeks ago I shared some of the photos that are on my vision board in my IG stories. One of them was the inside of a private plane with white interior and a dinner table all set up. Guess what I did this week? I had dinner on a plane (Boeing 737) with white interior and dinner tables 🙈 I got what I asked for - the universe delivered! It wasn’t exactly what I asked for or what I had in MY mind but pretty darn close!
It was a really cool experience and I guess I can check it off my vision board?! 😂 #pitckl


MANIFESTATION 💗 this picture was taken about a year ago. I had just graduated as a teacher and had no idea what to do with my life (again). I was 22 when I started uni again because I had no idea what I wanted with my life. I still had no idea after getting my degree. I wanted to help people, travel more, be free, live life on my own terms.. but HOW?
I used a large chunk of my savings, took a leap of faith and sold all my belongings.
Fast forward to today.. I learned a lot about business and working online. I did 10+ courses on social media, human design, manifesting, writing,... and I call myself a forever student/teacher. I started 3 websites, an online marketing agency and I coach amazing people to become their authentic self. Life is amazing if you take a step back and reflect on it!
If you want to know more about this join my free online community ‘Next Level Dream Life Creators’ *link in bio*


Are you ready to surrender?
Okay Universe I’m ready! ✨The practice of surrender is one of turning over your need to control, turning over your belief system that you have to make it all happen. Trust in the process, feel that everything will align and stop trying to push so hard. 💜
The more I surrender - the easier the Universe can co-create with me.


All things that I love in one photo: books, 🍫 chocolate drinks & giggles. Ordering crazy drinks in hipster cafes is kina my thing ✌🏼 what is your thing?


Planning in a ‘what if day’ changes your perspective on life. What if you could fly business class all the time? Would you? I would and I’m creating this as my new reality! You are the creator of your own reality! That is why experiencing your ‘what ifs’ for real are super powerful. P.S start with what if days that are within your reach right now 🌴