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(swipe to see the full image) It isn't all sunshine and lollipops being a full time photographer! This was a beautiful sunrise I shot in April after the 8th night in a row of sleeping in the back of my cramped rental car. And my air mattress had a leak so it would be flat each morning. I was ready for a real bed but wanted to shoot sunrise from here while I had the opportunity. And as you can probably tell, there weren't any hotels nearby! #sonyalpha #desertsolitaire #sunrise


I've been using @Cotton_Carrier camera harnesses for a while now and truly love them. I've used them on many shoots, including the Ptarmigan Traverse, where I shot the above image of sunrise over Dome Peak last year. I've partnered with @Cotton_Carrier to giveaway two great prizes. The contest winner will receive a canvas print of the Dome Peak sunrise photo above along with a Cotton Carrier Strapshot Camera Harness system.

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To see their products, swipe right on the above photo. Head to their website (‪‬) to see the rest of their products. The contest ‪ends June 15th at 9PM PST‬. Good luck! #harnessyourphotography #sonyalpha #wilderness


(swipe to see the full image) I love shooting on the Northwest coast. It's rugged, beautiful and remote. When I first began trying to shoot there, I would wait for a nice sunny day and try and catch sunset. I'd drive all the way out to the coast from Seattle, which is about 3.5 hours with the ferry ride, and hit a wall of fog right on the coast. Skunked. No sunset. So I reached out to someone whose weather opinion I respected, meteorologist Larry Schick. Amazingly he was responsive and super helpful. He told me to look for offshore flow. That's when the wind is blowing off land and out towards sea, blowing the fog away from the coast. Even more amazing he emailed me a few days later to let me know that offshore winds were setting up. Now I know. On the day I shot this panorama, there was. Weak offshore winds, keeping just the right amount of fog around as the sun was setting. Thanks Larry! #sunset #panorama #olympiccoast #fog


One of my favorite things to shoot this time of year are the wild rhododendrons on the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington. It suppose when I moved to the Northwest that this is the state flower of Washington. But spend a little time exploring the eastern Olympic Peninsula right now and you'll understand why.#wildflowers #wildrhododendron #sonyalpha


(swipe to see the full image) I'm not a native of Washington state, but have lived here for over 25 years now. I moved to Washington state from the east coast right after college and instantly felt like I was home. My adopted state felt more like home than where I grew up. I had a 360 degree panoramic poster of the North Cascades taken from the summit of Sahale Peak in the North Cascades by Will Landon, on which all the identifiable peaks were named. I spent countless hours staring at that poster and memorizing the names of all the peaks you can see from the summit. So much so that when I actually made it to the summit of Sahale, I could name all the peaks I've never seen before in person. We each have our own story of moving to a new place and how it changed our lives for good. What's your story? #northcascades #whatsyourstory #wilderness


Larch Madness in May?! That is madness! 😁 I'm excited to announce my Larch Madness and Fall Colors photography workshop in the North Cascades and Methow Valley in Washington in October. I'm stoked to be co-teaching the workshop with my good friend and talented photographer @scott_kranz. The Larch tree (aka tamarack) is a deciduous conifer, a fir tree that changes colors in the fall...and my favorite tree. Larches grow in abundance on the east slope of the North Cascades and peak in color in early October. To learn more about the workshop, follow the link in my bio above or feel free to email or DM me. #larch #autumn #larchmadness


(swipe to see the full image) I think the Northwest made a statement with this incredible sunset from Mt. Erie State Park last Friday. Spring is here and summer is hot on its heels. Bring it on! #sonyalpha #northwestisbest #sothishappened


Here's a photo from our final day of the Redrock Photo Workshop and Canyoneering trip. We had a great group of participants and made the most of our time in such an amazing place! Thanks to all for joining the workshop! @mikempix @artisanalphoto @shopberkd @northstarranch @getinthewild #photoworkshop #sonyalpha


The images above are not mine, but by William Neill, @williamneill, a photographer whose work has inspired and influenced me for years. He has a regular column in Outdoor Photographer Magazine. And if you're a landscape photographer, he's probably influenced you and how you shoot. William Neill is a self-described photographer of the intimate landscape. We're overwhelmed with photos now, and quickly swipe through hundreds of images on our Instagram feed. We rarely slow down enough to appreciate the images before us. But William's eye for details and natural design encourages us to linger on each image. William has released a new book, "William Neill, Photographer - a Retrospective". I have my copy sitting right next to me. I developed as a photographer by looking at photo books, including William's books, not social media. And it's great to sit down and look at amazing images on the printed page...slowly. It just may be the antidote to the firehose of photos being sprayed at us on social media. I highly recommend you check out his work, order a copy of his book, and follow him on instagram. Link in my bio above to William's page with info on ordering his book. #williamneill #landscapephotographer #stopandsmelltheroses


I never cease to be amazed by the beauty resulting from erosion. And it's everywhere here in the desert, a place seemingly lacking in water. #sonyalpha #erosion #desertsolitaire


It's hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago I was skiing in this incredible terrain in the Kootenays. Now I'm heading to the Utah desert to teach the Redrock Photo Workshop. Still space if you're interested. Follow the link in my bio above. #sonyalpha #backcountry #skiing


I'm briefly back at home after a week long backcountry hut trip into the Selkirks in British Columbia. During the week we received over 40" of new snow... And yet it cleared up a few days to get some sunshine and stellar views south to the Kokanee Glacier. #sonyalpha #backcountry #skiing #Kootenays