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Dessert Lover. Foodie. World traveling for food is my passion ✈️🥐🍓🍫🍕🥞🍩🍪

Weekend shenanigans in Maine. Y’all, not one photo of me is pretty BUT, you can’t question whether or not I was focused!! 😠🤣. Oh, and yes I was the only one wearing a helmet. @lauraseavey wanted to make sure I stayed safe 😤


Made it back to my old home. Haven’t been inside since I graduated high school #nostalgia


Somehow I managed to live my life without ever kayaking. Today that changed. 📸: @pop_city. No words do this beauty and experience any justice.


We made it!! Ask and you shall receive #abronxtale #nyc


My life has been taking turns these past couple of weeks that I couldn’t have known to prepare for. While the challenges can be just that, challenging... I love them!! They’ve always seemed to be exactly what I needed to welcome the next adventure. All that being said, yesterday’s time away was a much needed moment of serenity. 📸 @khur


I love @lonniechavis for this. Preach young 👑. #fixyourheart


Y’all, @heynikkicole was legit trying to take a picture of me, while being full on harassed by this dude (100% under the influence), who wouldn’t walk away and let her take the pic. This was her still snapping shots and capturing my every emotion. I was so over it. End result...I walked away 😂😂


All in celebration of @Tristinmays. We 💛 YOU.


Y’all I’m really messin with this family right now. 🔥🔥
I’ve been wanting to get on this FOREVER!! You Smashed this one, Jaden! @c.syresmith @nickyjampr


Warriors. Angry Orchard. Pizza on the way. #sundayfunday


Nephews 3rd birthday. He was so happy, UNTIL... the traditional head bash into the cake 🤣


Reunited and it feels so good. #nighthikecrew