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UPDATE ON MY NEW FRIEND GARY.... He did not walk by my office today. I sat and watched and waited. I drove by where he calls “home” - under the over pass of 280 and called his name but Gary wasn’t “home”. I cannot thank everyone who has contributed to help Gary. He really is a special person.
When I see him, his life is going to change and he has no idea what is to come. And it feels like Christmas morning to me - when I get to see him and able to give all these amazing items that so many of you contributed.
When I saw the items pour in today from all of you... I once again I went to tears (of happiness) that there ARE really good people in this world.
I will post a picture of all the item once I have it all. There are packages coming from Amazon Prime, hopefully tomorrow. I will also have a picture with Gary and all his new belongings.
THANK YOU! 🙏🏽 Gary wasn’t “home” (see picture)


I met a very special friend today, outside our Willow Glen Intero Office. He is now warm, fed and happy. It really hits home to me seeing someone so helpless. Brings tears to my eyes. I sat and talked to my new friend for an hour this morning; and yes I have just as busier of schedules than anyone else - I heard his life story and WHAT A GOOD AND SPECIAL MAN... He went on to tell me that no one has ever gone out of their way to see if he needed anything: food, water, warmth, someone to just talk with; he was shocked I came out of my Office with a hot cup of coffee. Living in Silicon Valley with the DISTGUSTING high rents, that could easily be me right now (tearing up) if I did not have the support from family and friends.
It has rained HARD in the Bay Area the last week; he asked if it would be ok to sit on Intero's front entrance steps to warm up his feet. He began to take his wet shoes and wet socks off, with water pouring from both as he removed them. With the rains and the cold weather we are experiencing, my friend told me he dug a hole in the mud to keep his feet warm for the night. As I looked down at his feet, they were comploetely wrinkled and white from the wet rain.
I could not help to be so grateful for what I have and what I do not have.
My friend LOVES to dance. We danced on the side of Meridian Avenue as cars honked while they drove by. Best day ever!!! I gave him my business card and told him if anyone gives him any grief, THEY ARE TO CALL ME!! Safeway on Hamilton and Meridian (Willow Glen) - YOU HAVE BAD KARMA COMING TO YOU for kicking my friend out of the Starbucks seating area becasue "he was there for too long". Give me a break!!! I will NEVER shop at this Safeway again!!! Writing this post in tears, knowing he is someone's son, someone's brother, someone's 'something'. If anyone would like to contribute, or if you are a local small business (salon to get his hair cut, a spa-like place that would allow him to shower and get pampered for the day, a laundry mat that would allow him to wash his clothes)- ANYTHING... would be greatly appreciated.

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