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Still so much good stuff coming, I promise. Tonight, we take a look at Part 2 of the Los Angeles Wekfest super show, live now on Head over and give it a read before you go to bed. Link in bio you ladies! Thanks to everyone for the support and purchasing so much mercy from the storefront, it is very much appreciated!!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla


Proper 16/17 stagger is so perfect on NA NSX... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #nsx #te37


For those who missed my IG story yesterday, The Chronicles storefront has been updated with some new items include the Year 10 shirts in both normal and fuck boy (jk scallop or long tee) style, Nobori flags (which sold out almost immediately), a new Version X decal which replaces the previous years, and you can start preordering the triple OG black/chrome Chronicles decal in its original design, which hasn’t been available in like 4 years. Get the stuff while you can and please be patient because I’m literally running around all over the place. All orders prior to this are on their way already. Sorry for the delay. More Nobori flags are coming in September from Japan so don’t worry! Thank you always for the support and I am forever grateful for everything!!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #passionfirsttherestwillfollow #norivalnoequal


ATTN: VIP spots will be available for reservation towards the end of August. But for now, I’d like to get a good idea of who exactly is planning to or are currently has plans to come to Year10 from outside of California. You guys will have priority, especially since you guys are bringing your cars down so I’d like to get you guys on a list to ensure we have space saved for you. Please let me know as soon as possible. Everything else is being planned accordingly. I should have some good surprises for you guys. Either way, it’ll be a great time. Stay tuned for updates... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #chroniclesyear10


Hey all, the Wekfest LA Vlog episode is out on both YouTube and Give it a watch when you get s chance. One of the funniest comments that someone left so far is “California’s Wekfest makes Florida’s look like a Walmart Meet”, lol... Fucked-up but maybe has some truth to it?? 🤔 lol I don’t know, see for yourself and you be the judge... it’s live, peep it!!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla #stickydiljoevlog


What is CERAKOTE? Well, Cerakote is a type of coating used on guns that helps to offer a new finish along with protecting the metal. It uses ceramic particles as part of a solution to create a hard surface that resists scratching and other abrasions. On guns, you’d obviously want something like this because you won’t be able to scratch your gun if you drop it or if it makes contact with other things. For cars, well, I imagine you’d want to use this to protect your parts from scratching, but more so because the finish just makes your parts looking fucking cool. And it’s obviously cool to make your engine look like a fucking gun. For functionality and practical use, it’s terrific because of its resistance to heat. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show this stuff off on Phil’s engine in natural light so now you can check it out in Part 1 of The Wekfest LA Coverage live now... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #atsgarageusa #cerakote #wekfest #wekfestla #chapmanconcepts


Sometimes I don’t think I write nearly enough interesting shit for people to read but then when I actually do it, I always find myself writing too much and getting way too personal. In Part 1 of the Wekfest Los Angeles 2018 Coverage, read about my memories of going to all the different shows at the LA Convention Center, which includes some pretty wild stories that you’ll have to read for yourselves. Swipe these shots and then head over to the site for much more!... #stickydiljoe #thechronicles #wekfest #wekfestla


Perfecto. @itr_alex’s Integra Type R with Mugen front, sides, wing, and Crowhouse rear along with Ganador mirrors and +Sure wheels looked spectacular at this year’s Wekfest LA event... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla #wheelwednesday #itr #mugen


Been processing photos ever since I got back from Sunday from dinner after the show ended... Had no idea I shot so much this weekend, I guess that’s when you know it’s good cuz the workflow doesn’t feel like work at all. 200 good ones so far, just a little bit more to go through... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla


The human element... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla


That’s a wrap, L.A. as usual, you were strangely wonderful... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla


Today is gonna be a good one... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #wekfest #wekfestla #atsgarageusa