Kidney disease warrior! Here I will bring you and teach you about my world and bring insights about kidney disease. Remember no question is dumb here.

I am not my kidney failure and I am not "SICK", I will never claim to be! I will not post smiling pictures claiming that I am kidney failure, no shade on who does! I am Jeanette who DEALS with kidney failure. What I AM and what I will CLAIM, is that, I'm an exceptional woman, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, a great cook , a great baker, an advocator for kidney disease I am all of these things and more but I am not my kidney failure! You will see smiling pictures of me because I am happy for the life I live dealing with a Chronic Disease because God allows me to do so! So many people didn't make it this far but God, He saw me worthy enough to continue to keep me alive and for that, I will glorify Him!
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April is Autism awareness month sometimes we have to advocate for other diseases or challenges in life too we are in this struggle together. This is a repost from @cocothecomic but it's also for two of my friends who adopted two boys as newborns then later found out they have autism they are the sweetest boys ever! My friends are the most awesome parents to these boys and have such great patience with them i commend them for what they do it's a big job!
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Ok, so you deal with a Chronic Disease, Hi my name is Jeanette I too deal with a Chronic Disease for the last 14 years. Dealing with this doesn't mean your dead already it may not mean your going to die anytime soon. If you speak negative every day about what you go through, complain all the time, talk about every ache and pain you have all the time then this is what your life will continue to be! For years i was angry I had this disease and was negative all the time, then one day I decided I was ready to be happy and live my life and things changed right then I started feeling better doing better I came out of a wheel chair, attitude is everything! You all never see a post about me complaining about anything I go through and I go through a lot I just go through it because that's what I got to do no shade on the ones who post things like that some people need to post things like that to help themselves so whatever works for them. I'm happy, I'm content, ok yeah I do dialysis so what, I'm still happy I take care of myself, I travel, I get out and do things, I'm living which is the greatest gift of all and with that I have no complaints! I hope my words can help somebody today! You all enjoy your Sunday, if you woke up that makes it an extra awesome day get up and live life!
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Kidney Disease Facts

In the United States 30 million adults are estimated to have chronic kidney disease—and most aren’t aware of it.  1 in 3 American adults are at risk for chronic kidney disease.  Risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and family history.  People of African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian or Pacific Islander descent are at increased risk for developing the disease.  African Americans are 3 times more likely than Whites, and Hispanics are nearly 1.5 times more likely than non-Hispanics to develop end stage renal disease (kidney failure) info from the #nationalkidneyfondation
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This is my story! A single parent trying to raise my kids I was looking forward to paying for college for them I was in my 4th year of owning my own matienece company something I started with a mop a bucket and a vacuum cleaner and dollor store cleaning supplies it turned into a good source of income for me, for my girls. I also worked a full time job, I was also in school for EMT. I worked a lot of hours, never thinking of my own health. June 19th 2004 I got up to go to work but my body didn't want to move, I ended up in the ER and hours later I was told both my kidneys had stopped working I hadn't even noticed my weight had dropped from 240 to 160 that's how focused I was on taking care of my kids and forgot about me I don't know when that weight fell off.. I didn't get symptoms until my kidneys had stopped working. Pay attention to your body make your health important to you because the statement above is true for many people.
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It's kidney awareness month! There are many kidney disease warriors waiting for a kidney wanting a second chance at a longer life. Can you please think about being a donor., It would be greatly appreciated.
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Just a little Friday humor 😂😂😂. BTW it's Kidney Awareness Month sign up to be a organ donor. Everyone have an awesome day!
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It's Kidney Awareness Month please think about helping save a life or helping someone live a longer life. The life of a kidney transplant can be longer from a living donor. I advocate for my fellow warriors who would appreciate your donation, I am not looking for a kidney for myself.
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When I first got Kidney failure I use to say things like "when I got sick with kidney failure" and a lady that was my nieghbor at the time that I use to dislike but I would still be nice to her and talk to her and she asked about my Kidney failure and I started off with "when I got sick" she stopped me she said don't speak words into existence! I didn't understand her untill we both moved. And I noticed as long as I used the word "sick" I felt crappy then I stopped using it and then I started telling myself I feel good today after a while of my body getting use to the positivity my whole being got better! Yes I still got tired after Dialysis I still do, but I stopped feeling crappy all the time I started being able to do more, it changed my life. I just thought I'd share for the ones who want to read it. Oh and my every few months of hospital stays stopped I went a whole 4 years no hospital and that was something that had never happened since I had started dialysis. Speak positivity into your own body and life!
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For the ones who have working kidneys take care of them, they control a lot of things in your body and keeps you from having to use a machine (dialysis) to do the job of what your kidneys would normally do. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
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