Kidney Disease Warrior! I Am Not My Disease! I'm giving you pieces of my testimony through my journey with Kidney Failure and Diverticulosis

@downtowndetroit Can't nobody say I didn't get my steps in today! It's hot here and I'm tired now and I'm about to get a nap. Yesterday after dialysis and a doctor's appointment I got in just over 5000 steps don't say what you can't do, just do it! Staying active is good for our health and our hearts and our minds!
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***update*** Me a day after being told I can not finish my Solo Home Hemo Training. That's the look of me waiting on God to fix the problem for me and I'm waiting patiently. Check the comments for the rest of the story.
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My daughter was here on vacation visiting the family and I had her do a body shot of me because I always just post a head shot. Looking at this picture made me realize how skinny I've gotten lately and I'm always saying I need to lose weight. The scale says 185 for me I don't see 185 in this picture unless my big ole head weighs 50 pounds of my weight smh! Being on dialysis and dealing with diverticulosis makes my weight fluctuate.
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Today marks 14 years with Kidney Failure I've kept this paper that long! I was diagnosed on June 19th stayed in the hospital with no dialysis until June 24th.It was obvious my doctor I had was not all there mentally he also was my mom's doctor before she passed away from the same disease, the doctor was old refused to retire he sent me home with that piece of paper and wanted me to give that to the job I had at the time for an excuse of why I wasn't there, he didn't even add I had kidney Failure. He told me to go home go back to work like everything was all good smh. I went home and the next day another doctor called me and said Ms. Allen I ran across your chart and I notice you were sent home she said I need you to come back we need to start dialysis or else you will die. She was under the impression I refused dialysis but my doctor didn't order it and I wasn't educated enough to question him he told me go home "maybe" my kidneys would kick start back up smh this doctor took care of my mom for 11 years but by the time he got to me he just mentally wasnt there he soon retired after that and now passed on. I'm telling you all if wasn't for God I would not be here, all my praises and thank you"s goes out to my heavenly father! Thank you God for this awesome life, thank you for these 14 years with this kidney failure because a lot people didn't make it, thank you for the struggles and the pain and all my happy days and my not so good days, all of it has been awesome and it's made me who I am today so thank you I appreciate you father for allowing me this time on earth I really hope I've made you proud so far!
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(SWIPE) These are Tindoras these have no phosphurus no calcium no sodium no Potassium it basically has none of what we as dialysis people can't have. You need to Google all of what you can do with these I found them in the store today. They are also called Ivy Gourd
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Today and last night was not good for me. I got through dialysis on Thursday and came home ate some vegetable soup because my stomach can't handle too much else and I guess I ate too much of it because my stomach is dictating how much I should eat, then the stomach aches happen. Been up since 5 am in straight pain. Diverticulitis is putting a good punishment on me, so no today I am not ok and I have no strength to fake it today. I hardly ever cry but this thing will pull tears out you that you never knew you had.I have been in pain way too long this time around. Keep me in prayer!
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Last week I was supposed to put my own needles in preparing for Solo home HemoDialysis training ( means I will be doing hemo dialysis without a partner at home), my nurse wanted me to get use to putting the needles in before training so we are ahead of things but I had still been so sick I couldn't concentrate but today I'm better. So, today was the day I put them in and it was nothing like I thought it would be. I was nervous for nothing, got it right the first time for both spots even pulled both my needles when I was done.Whewww I'm glad that first time is over I'm good now! I'll be putting them in myself from now on now. Never let fear take over, it was a waste of emotion LOL.
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In my begining years of dialysis I use to say how kidney failure/dialysis has ruined my whole life and all my plans I had at the time. Well, it did ruin my plans, it actually killed all my plans but it didn't ruin my life! We are what we speak into ourselves, I'm still learning this more and more. Strangly, I know that had I not gotten Kidney Failure I would not have learned to love myself and others the way that I do now because I was too busy being who I was then. I was the type who had no problem with telling somebody off or cursing them and could back up all of that, yep, straight ghetto lol. Kidney failure humbled me down beautifully I stopped cursing like 7 years ago I started loving myself enough to want to be a better that others would want to be ok with knowing me, first of all i got back with God so I owe it to him! Now, Im not perfect, I'm a little off when somebody tries me still but I only get that way because I'm a loner and I don't bother anyone so I'm pretty upset when somebody comes to disturb my vibe and my peace then you get what I got for you but I do it all without curse words now and that feels good. The moral of this is, I'm not ever saying or thinking again that kidney Failure ruined my life because I refuse to EVER give it that much power over my life! No one, not anything can have that kind of power over my life and even on my sickest days it's still a good day! Let's all enjoy this beautiful day!
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My appetite has been so messed up lately I haven't eaten much in 3 weeks it's starting to show on the scale. I'm not mad about the weight loss because I can stand to lose some more weight but I wasn't trying to lose it by not feeling well. Just got home this morning from the ER from allergic reaction from some antibiotics that I'm taking for my stomach. My face looked like I been on steroids for a year and my glands were all swollen. They fix me up with bendryle and steriods and a new antibiotics I'm feeling better and today I ate my first full plate of food in a while. I was forced to buy a smorgasbord of food just to get a little of some of all that I wanted. Nope, it's no kidney dialysis friendly foods, I really needed to eat something so I got what I wanted today. Y'all still no matter how many times I enter that hospital life is still good I'm still blessed to the highest!
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I have been partially deaf in both ears since 2005 due to taking a antibiotics called Gentimicin but though IV. This medicine caused me to be partially deaf in both ears and I wear two hearing aids normally, however because one is broken I only wear one which makes things much harder for me. Even with my hearing aids I don't hear things properly most of the time. Today a person I deal with on a regular was telling me something and I didn't understand so she says "your not listening to me", I told her no, it's not that I'm not listening I don't understand you, she comes back with "no, you use that as an excuse you are not listening"! So, I'm dumbfounded right now because I'm confused on how another person thinks they get to dictate my handicap that I've had for 13 years and tell me i use my hearing loss as an excuse! Needless to say after I got done with her she got up outta my face! I'm nice until you make me be a different way. The moral of this story is: Everybody ain't for everybody! And if you don't deal with a certain issue don't try to to tell others how to!
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It's hump day everybody and no Dialysis for me today! Since my hospital stay I have no been on out on my own to do much at all but today I'm going to get it in, it's pedicure day and I'm getting my steps hoping to do at least 4000 today! When you are out today smile at somebody never know who needs that smile never know who going through a hard time and that smile can brighten their day it's not just about us it's about everyone!
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