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Found these sillicon freeze pop sleeves at Ikea for 1.99 for 4 it holds just about a half cup of fluids. it's great for the summer and quenching your thirst for those of us who are on fluid control plus you'll know what's in it because it's your choice what to freeze and you'll know the excat measurements on the fluids. I catch blueberries and strawberries on sale freeze them then later cook them down and then add them in my freeze pops or my homemade popsicles.
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I'm free at last! Just got released from the hospital! Thanks for all the prayers I appreciate them all you guys rock!
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Hospital food! Today was my first day with solid foods since I got here on Friday! Today's cusine is Steamed Pineapple Rice, Green Beans and a Open Face Turkey Sandwich. I wasn't allowed to get a nice dessert that is renal friendly like Vanilla Pudding Fruit Parfait because they put in a new ordering system changed all the foods you can get on each diet and the system isn't matching up with their menu. I couldn't even get a salad or soup like I normally do so sometime you gotta take what you can get.Oh, well I haven't had real food since Friday I ate that plate of food like a person who had been stranded in the desert for a week and actually it was delicious and of course you get nothing to flavor your food but something like Mrs. Dash but a McCormick brand. I more than likely get to go home tomorrow we are seeing how I tolerate food.
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***Just sharing some more of my 14 year journey with kidney disease. Please read you'll see this was in 2012 and it's from a post I made on FB back then while letting others follow me while I was in the hospital trying to save my transplanted kidney from rejecting but it soon rejected fully a week after this post***
During the time I had my kidney transplant from day one I was in rejection so the amount of pills I had to take every day was alot, I soon reached 44 pills a day. I will not lie I don't miss them days because I was horribly sick for the full time I had my transplant which was 4 years. It fully rejected around the end of November 2012 I had received my transplant October 2008, and those pills we're just my night time dosage. When I tell you God has spared my life several times it is not a lie! *Always remember when I share my journey this is my journey and it has absolutely no bearing on the next person. This does not mean it will happen to you, my body is complicated and the norm doesn't always happen with me, most people have successful transplants and are doing very well and living a awesome life*!
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This is breakfast,lunch, dinner for a while, I'm not complaining it is what is I'm just doing what I need to do. Doctor's are coming in my room all today, all kinds of doctors, because I got a lot going on. I'm being told for being on dialysis as long as I have been and for as many surgeries I have had in the last 14 years I am doing amazing, besides my other issues! One doctor just told me not many dialysis patients who has been on dialysis as long as me, sometimes don't have strong enough veins left to use, he told me they don't even look as well I do, so he's amazed I been on dialysis this long! It's hard for me to see what others see in me because I'm just doing all I know to do and what I been use to doing the last 14 years and that's fighting for my life, and it's become normal to me! I'm telling you, with out God I woulda never made it this long I put that on everything! Keep God first in everything you do!
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Check out that menu this is all I can have! Last year I did close to 3 weeks on this hospital diet because that's how long I was here then. I don't mind so much that I need to be here but Lord please let my doctor feed me! And the one solid thing that I can have, which is my grits, the kitchen refuses to make them the way they should! Mine are soupy and that's horrible! I can finally drink up on fluids and I don't want it, I want food or nothing! Through all my food troubles and my hospital vacation I still remain GRATEFUL for life!
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I was trying to make it through this year without a hospital stay however, my body loves having a vacation in this hospital! I would have rather went to Disney World or something but noooo my body wanted to come here! Last year I was in here for 3 whole weeks 2 and half of it with only broth to suck on smh. I have Diverticulosis it's pockets in my intestines and it causes pain according to what I eat. I think this this is hereditary my mom had the same issues before she passed and this is my third time dealing with this. Keep me in prayer that I'm not here 3 weeks this time.****update***** I have Diverticulosis AND Diverticulitis so it has turned into an infection smh
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I really hate when fake people come at people who are already dealing with a Chronic Disease and use a real organization name but don't spell words right to try to get folks to send him money! This person is not even caring that the same people he's claiming to help that he's asking us for money, really! Whoever is following this person, it's a scam and I pray nobody has sent their money over to Africa for this scammer! There is a real page called americankidneyfund it's has NO S on the end of fund also look at that strange big blue dot what is that? Also check out the spelling. Now go compare it with the real page. We gotta be careful with some of these people!
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Sometimes I get tired of being strong but I don't got nothing else left but to be strong. Me and dialysis got a love and hate relationship, I hate it but I love that it's available so I remain GRATEFUL! I wouldn't wish this life on my worst enemy and I got a couple people I know that I don't care for at all but I wouldn't wish this on them! Rough day at dialysis I couldn't even finish my whole run this hasn't happened in years.Thank God that tomorrow is a new day! #imnevergivingup #imfightinguntilltheend #renallfe #dialysis #kidneyhealth #people #instagram #mylife #healthissues #kidneyfailure #life #godfirst #kidneydiseasewarrior #gratefulforlife


I am thinking of doing *solo hemodialysis at home* can anyone tell me your experience with it?
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This is pictures from my kidney disease journey. The first picture is from year 2004 i was 38 when I was first diagnosed with full blown Kidney failure months prior to this picture I weighed 240 I'm about 165 here I looked frail and tiny I hadn't been that size since I was probably 14 smh. The second picture is 2008 when I got a transplant I was on my way to an doctor's appointment. The third is the swollen feet that I lived with everyday with not one day of relief from it for the four years my transplant lasted. The last picture was the pie face most get from steriods in the beginning of your transplant days.***Things that I post is my personal journey please understand that this is what happened to ME and it DOES NOT mean this will happen to the next person or that it's the NORM because it is not each person is very different in their experience with Kidney Failure and or Transplants, my body just refuses to act right LOL my body and I are a Taurus we are stubborn smh.***
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My Birthday cake made by my daughter @deliciousdesiresbytee. Of course I can't eat much of this at all so I'm sharing with others. It's very good and I appreciate it, my birthday was awesome and thank you for all the happy birthday's it made my day!
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