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Weekend behaviour... this is where I soaked my bones.


Currently reminding myself that I already have enough beautiful linen // trying to resist an impending linen binge...


Putting all of that yummy wool I bought to good use and crocheting pixie hats for the little folk around me 🤗 @gracelands #auntiebeckylovesyou


I spent the weekend in the city. Making new friends with people that feel like old friends... Then came home and had a dinner party with old friends that feel like family... #allthespaghetti #allthewine


Sunday hangs with my mini-me. Brekky date in our pjs at a local cafe so we didn’t wake up anyone else in the house. Quick browse of a car park rummage market. A few 🌵 and an antique leather jewellery box later... time for more coffee and the long drive back to our sleepy town... thank you SO much @trinacaryphotography for this picture of me and my girl 💗 flower crowns made for us by @foxandcoflowers


Creating. Everyday.


Vintage lace, linen and flower crowns. Blush tulle and woven baskets. Pulling together all of my collected bits and pieces into a treasure trove of a wardrobe. A magic cave of lush goodness for my photography clients to play dress ups before their shoot.... @sugarshackphotography #theseareafewofmyfavouritethings #reflected


Spent the morning rugged up in my sleeping bag, on the beach, watching my girl surfing with my love. Played around with my camera and tried my hand at a few new techniques. Collected hot chocolate on the way home and now I’m going to sit down with these little balls of delight and make some granny squares... how good are long weekends!


The little heart that lives inside my heart. The babe that made me a mama. All the joy, all the love, the pain and the fear - I feel everything more deeply since she became my world. And as she grows up I see how brave and kind and creative this girl of mine is - and my heart swells more and more and more ❤️ Photo by the talented @trinacaryphotography and flower crown by Mia @foxandcoflowers thank you ladies ❤️


That feeling of PURE ELATION when you find a gem of a woven rug for only twenty big ones! (and I’ll find the perfect spot to put it straight after I have a nap... #weekendbehavior #startthecar )


This is like soul food. Happy dancing all over the place after collecting my latest glazed pieces from pottery! They are a little (more like a lot) imperfect but I’m so in love with every single piece. PS. Thank you all for all the love on my last post, so glad I gave a whole lot of you a big laugh. I was enjoying myself so much at pottery today I *almost* forgot about the pain in my jaw which was excellent! Also my amazing man brought me all the flowers and gave me all the love so mama ain’t so sad anymore... 🌞


Self care levels at an all time high while I’m grumpy and coming off my pain killers. Still only eating food of the blended variety. Can I tell you a story - please be ready for a bit of a whinge. So we had a lovely guest staying with us for a couple of days, an amazing opportunity to meet a clever photographer that I admire and have some family portraits taken. So so so special, as I am always taking the pictures- I bet the majority of you understand #mumlyfe - ANYWAY - Murphy’s law just before Trina rocked up our drains became blocked and out toilets won’t flush - someone in my family has left a monster in the toilet and it’s been there for 24 hours and I’m MORTIFIED that our guest will be greeted with a roll of toilet paper and instructions to squat out in the garden. I’m still sore from surgery removing all those 8 teeth - omg worst timing, but at least my face isn’t swollen so much anymore... So we dress up and Zav isn’t the slightest bit interested in having her photo taken. Typical photographers kid, she would be happy if she never had a camera pointed at her ever again. SO the shoot is not too bad and I bet there will be beautiful photos, but I’m pretty grumpy with Zav for not showing up for me. I am exhausted afterwards. My face is really hurting. I’m grumpy at everything. I need a bath - I feel like it’s the only thing in the whole world that I have to look forward to. I make the most special bath EVER aaaaaaaaaand then Zav knocks a pot plant into the bath turning it black with soil and that is my final straw and I bust into tears... So today is mine. Time to reset. Sending big love to all the mamas out there doing all of the things - I’m giving you permission to drop everything and just look after you. Xx