Fibre dork from the far north

Oh hey I wrote a post on my neglected blog about the group show I did last summer. Complete with casual pics! Link in profile. #betterlatethannever #fibreart


Posting under the wire and in the dying evening light for #mqgsewday ! Today I squared up and put sashing on this little unnamed piece. I’m cutting the binding tonight. It’s now around 36” square and very textured and shiny — although these pics don’t show the sparkle. Maybe I’ll call it Drunken Magpie? #quiltsofinstagram #thriftedfabric #hadtoputafilteronit


Friends! Sewists! Hive mind! I’m looking for a super light one-sided fusible interfacing to stabilize fabric. Like, super-duper light. I want something that will stabilize lawns but not add a lot of stiffness or bulk. Yesterday I found a heat-n-bond at my LQS which is okay but a bit much. Mistyfuse is double-sided, and I want to be able to freely press after fusing... #sewinghelp


I’ve got a thing for small wale or pinwale corduroy. This is today’s thrifted addition to my stash. Sorry for anyone who just had a 70s flashback just then. #sorrynotsorry #thriftedfabric


These two guys have been watching me for awhile now. Soon I’ll get the courage to cut into that awesome African wax print. 👀🐥👀 #prettybird #thriftedfabric #waxprint #handdyedfabric


Finished the puzzle piecing it together! I think it will form a kind of center medallion for some fancy sashing. #saturdaysewing #quiltsofinstagram #thriftedfabric


I figured out what was wrong, did some unpicking and restitching —-> and feel better now with the piece squared up. —-> Bonus leftover patch! #editing #saturdaysewing


Waking up from a debilitating migraine. Now that I can see again, I wonder if I can stitch on this #epp #takingitslow


Current project on the design board. I’m not sure where it’s going next, but it needs one more shift. #drunkardspath #thriftedfabric #latenightsewing


Thanks @annieloutoyou for the awesome mittens! I test drove them this morning at -20C. Believe it or not I’ll likely need them for another month here. A perfect fit! #repurposedclothing #matchesmysunglasses #quiltyfriendsarethebest


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