Summer Saxton@summertrio

Mum to a smoosh-face bobble British Shorthair named Mises.

This cat is ridiculous! She looks like a kitten here, but this was taken last weekend. She's the best kitty 😍


Mises finally gets a post after months of baby baby baby. Don't worry, Mises gets so many cuddles just less photo shoots. Which honestly I think she doesn't even miss.




Why does Mises like to hang her head off the chair? Doesn't the blood rush to her brain?!?! Oh no... Maybe she doesn't have a 🧠


Best buds 😍


Someone got caught right before she tried to scratch the rocking chair again! Little badness. Mises loves Joelle's room, but we had to put a scratch pad in there because she loved scratching the rocking chair


Mises loves Joelle's stuff 😂 By the way they are basically best buds according to Mises. Joelle still doesn't acknowledge Mises, but Mises wants to be apart of all things Joelle 😻


Sisters 👶+ 😻 = 😍


Before Joelle I thought nothing could be cuter than Mises...I stand corrected. But what's cuter than Joelle? Joelle + Mises together. I'm working on getting a wonderful pic of the two of them together. They are fast friends. Mises wasn't so sure about Joelle or me when we first came home. However I play with Mises each morning and have taken over cleaning the litter box, feeding her, and grooming her daily. This weekend she returned to purring when I hold her and sleeping next to my head 😊 So happy to have both my girls in love with me 😍


Morning play sessions with the first born 😂😂😂😽😺😻⚠️👶❤️


Babysitter Mises is ready 👶😼


The happiest grandmother ❤️