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When I tell you we damn near lost it when @willowsmith brought out Jada! Willow' s performance was incredible and we were like but this girl is 16 years old though wtf?? I can't imagine what she'll be like when she's older #afropunk

787 Windsor

'Aren't you that girl from IG??' 😂 I'm such a dork @kieraplease @afropunk #afropunk

787 Windsor

Miguel is SKRONG AF live! I lied though, tomorrow, @saintrecords will be my last standing show 💖

787 Windsor

I just finished my costume and I am HYPE. I wasn't going to post any teasers but I think it turned out so well and I'm super proud of myself. It sounds corny but this movie is near and dear to my heart and working on this fit allowed me to be creative every day for about two weeks and that made me really, really happy. Catch y'all on Halloween beetchesss!




I think this will be my last standing room/pit concert. I'm getting too old, my body starts achin n shit and these youngins are just a little tew much. I'm glad I got to end it with @sza ❤

Tabernacle Atlanta

The Black Ariana
Hair by @ashleymsparrow_


Yay, yay, yay it's October which means Halloween is just around the corner. Here's a #SendMeBackSunday haha of my Dionne costume from a few years ago. I'll give you a hint of who I'll be this year: Stand out! #Halloween #Clueless


Been working on this for a long time. Almost there.


Haven't taken a selfie in a minute. Eating better and losing weight. Hair growing n shit. Still not working out though and I'll prob cut my hair off again in a month 😂


Follow my vintage shop account @secondhandshawty. I sell cool things and it stays pretty lit. Someone hire me as a 'social media specialist' 😂 Follow my lovely model @jla.95 as well! ❤


#TBT to when I met @actionhankbeard at his art show and I was hella nervous and cheesin mad hard 😂


I be trying to tell y'all, but y'all SCHLEEP 😂 #IGotBarz