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What's the philosophy of Surly Brewing? Make great beer. Have fun. Give a damn about your community. Be independent. Don't be a dick.

The sun breaks over the city. Image via @mrs_poems. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


The glamorous world of brewing. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


YOUR WEEKEND TO-DO LIST: 1. Snag our new Variety Pack, featuring HeatSlayer, our new Kolsch-style ale. 2. Stop by Slay Day in our Beer Garden on Sunday. Continual supply of HeatSlayer, all-you-can-eat German-inspired food, FREEZIE POPS. 3. Keep the sun out of your eyes with this attractive Surly trucker hat featuring one of our favorite states. Buy it in the Company Store or the link in the bio. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth #slayday


PICTURED: A hell of a lot of Furious winding its way towards you. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


Welcome to Surly. Even when the sky is foreboding, the beer is cold. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


Eggos sold separately. Inside the Upside Down image via @missdlanae. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


howdy neighbor #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


Surly is celebrating the three months where we can safely go outside with our second-ever variety pack. As with our first one, this will contain three essential Surly brands (Furious, Hell, Xtra-Citra) and a beer exclusive to the variety pack. That beer is HeatSlayer, an easy-drinking, Kölsch-style ale. Read all about it and suggested summer pairings for all the Variety Pack beers at the link in the bio. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth #unclerandy


This weird-looking dog sure loves Furious. Photo via @jmwenstrom. #surlybrewing


Surly Pizza Upstairs opens at noon on the weekend. This is the Walter White. Say its name. #surlybrewing #surlypizza


Some news to take into your weekend: Our second variety pack starts hitting shelves next week, featuring HeatSlayer, a Kölsch-style beer exclusive to the 12-pack. Meaning next weekend, which contains three entire days, you'll have a brand new Surly beer to try along with some of our favorites. #surlybrewing #brewedforthenorth


A Surly salute to all who biked to work today. Even you, Unicycle Guy on the U of M Transitway. #biketoworkday #tcbiketoworkday #surlybrewing #brewedfortheride


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