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"Dear Susie's Senior Dogs,

My husband and I met our little Leo on an unplanned trip to our local Humane Society. We'd been looking to add a fur covered baby to our family but Leo was the only one who grabbed a hold of our hearts and wouldn’t let go. We had no idea just how this 4.5lb, 10 year old dog would change our lives.
When we adopted Leo he was recovering from his recent neutering, multiple dental extractions and a tumour removal. He also had multiple scars and patches of glue on his almost hairless body due to his severely matted overgrown mane.

Leo has gone from a timid and cowering old guy who was scared of kisses and anyone new, to a playful and (almost) outgoing little man who loves lots of short walks, bacon and sleeping in all his beds! He looks at me everyday like I’m the love of his life and even though I see the pain he came from, I can honestly say that when he looks up at me, I know he is exactly where he belongs. I am so grateful that we ended up on the other side of his enclosure that morning almost two years ago.

Leo is now healthy, happy and is finally enjoying the peaceful life we can tell he was missing. Even though we don’t know how much time he has left with us, we see the joy and compassion he has brought to us and can’t imagine our lives without him. Adopting a senior dog brings tranquility, love and appreciation into your home in a way that I have never experienced before. -Koula" ❤️ #seniordog #beforeandafter #adopted #thegoodlife #adoptdontshop

Before & After

CALDWELL, NJ: Meet Milton! This cutie-patootie is 13 years old and has been up for adoption since last September. As you can see, Milton cannot see. But it doesn't bother him one bit! He lives life by his sense of smell and manages perfectly fine (and he actually prefers if humans leave their pity aside!). Milton has maximum amount of love to give and need a forever-someone who is just as loving as he is. PLEASE SHARE! 🌜🌛 @RescueHaven Foundation wrote, "Milton is 13+ year old and super-small in size but extra-large in sweetness! He sadly ended up at an inner-city shelter in Newark and was at risk of being euthanized. He was underweight when he was first rescued back in September, but with his good appetite, all 7 pounds of him have filled out nicely!
Milton is #blind, but it is amazing what blind dogs are capable of! In humans, vision is their most well-developed sense, but in dogs, smell is the primary sense, as we can assure you that Milton's smelling capabilities are at the top of the charts (especially when kibble or treats are on the agenda!). When none of Milton's fosters are home, he stays in a large pen or has free roam of a gated area with his doggie companions. Sometimes he hangs out with the other doggies; other times he does his own thing, like nap in his bed with a cuddly blanket. When his fosters are home, he loves being near them — whether it’s staying close by while they’re doing household things or lounging on the couch while they watch TV. Besides his lack of vision, Milton is a low-maintenance guy.
Some people may call Milton 'special needs' — we just think he's 'special!' He has #hypothyroidism which is being regulated through medication that is not expensive. He also gets eye drops 2 times a day, and when it comes to taking his medication, it’s easy-peasy for both him and his human (good boy)! We require an application and we also do home checks. And while we do adopt out of state, 4 hours away from #Caldwell, #NJ would probably be the farthest." To adopt Milton, please email with questions or to submit your application. ❤️ #seniordog #happy #adoptme #adoptdontshop

New Jersey

(near) SALT LAKE CITY, UT: Nobody really knows Valentino's age, but he's estimated to be at least 8 years old. And he's been looking for a home for a whole year already!! ☹️ Valentino is very polite with humans and loves other dogs. And although adopters have expressed interest in Valentino initially, once they meet him in person his senior status turns them away. So unfair. Valentino deserves someone who appreciates a little salt-n-pepper love in their life and we hope SSD can help him find his forever home ASAP. PLEASE SHARE & TAG your friends! 🎱

@fourpawsrescueutah wrote, "Valentino is an 8 year old #GermanShorthairedPointer mix. He was surrendered to a nearby shelter and we saved him before his time was up. (We don’t know why he was surrendered to the shelter.) He’s received interest before, but unfortunately the people just came to meet him and didn’t want him. We think it’s because he seems older.
Valentino has a fun and happy personality. He wags his tail and gets really excited to see people, but he doesn’t jump on you. He doesn’t bark much either and is very polite. Valentino is currently in boarding and he loves to run and play with the dogs there. He is pretty spry for his age! We think he’d probably do best without a cat, however, we haven’t seen him with a cat to officially say one way or another. And he could live with children.
We've been told that if he is off-leash and has the opportunity to run away, he will. (So adopters must be careful.) But he does well on the leash when on one. We do allow out of state adopters but we require them to come here to meet and pick up Valentino in person." To adopt Valentino, please email volunteer Whitney at with questions or to submit an application.
@fourpawsrescueutah is based in Logan, #Utah - a little over one hour north of #SaltLakeCity. ❤️ #seniordog #boarding #adoptme #adoptdontshop


HOMESTEAD, FL: 10 year old Turkey is the goofiest, gentlest and silliest turkey you'll ever meet! He was surrendered to the shelter when his former owner moved away. Shelter volunteers are worried that this incredible dog will quickly become a 'lifer' simply due to his age and large size. But Turkey couldn't possibly be any sweeter and you'll be the one missing out if you pass him by! He lets puppies crawl on him, he loves a good roll in the grass...and you better not shy away from those Turkey kisses 'cause this guy is big ol' lover! PLEASE SHARE!! 🦃
@bornfreepetshelter wrote, "Turkey is a real gentle giant. He arrived at the shelter when his owner had to move out of state and was not able to take him along. Due to Turkey's size and 10 years of age, we are afraid that he is most likely to spend the rest of his life at the shelter. He is a big boy, which can be intimidating for some people, but he has the most gentle heart! He's a very caring, smart, calm and sensitive dog.
Turkey is a very confident and happy dog, he loves people and enjoys walking around the shelter. And he loves to give kisses and snuggle. He will definitely make you laugh when he rolls around in the grass, he can only roll once at the time but he really enjoys feeling the grass in his back. You'll never have to worry about him going anywhere, because he is not very fast. ;) Turkey gets along with other dogs and was even a great 'foster dad' for a couple puppies for a while. While the puppies loved to jump on him and give him kisses, he was always sweet and patient with them. He truly is a gentle giant.
We'd love to find a home for Turkey as soon as possible. He needs to lose a lot of weight, but with 100+ dogs at the shelter it is really hard for them to watch his weight and provide him the exercise he needs. It's a small shelter so transport is not available - adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Turkey in person." To adopt Turkey, please email with questions or to set up a meet-and-greet.
@bornfreepetshelter is located in #Homestead, #Florida - near #Miami, FL. Shelter visits are by appointment. ❤️ #seniordog


"The future is looking bright for our little senior sprite, June Carter, and her boyfriend, Johnny Cash! Thanks to an incredible medical sponsorship from Susie's Senior Dogs, our teeny tiny (only 2.9 lbs!) girl was able to get an echocardiogram on her 14 year-old ticker and she’s just been cleared for her tumor removal surgery, also sponsored by Susie's Senior Dogs, next week!

Johnny and June were abandoned at an extremely over-burdened city shelter two days before Thanksgiving, along with three other family members. When Underdogs pulled all five the next day, we discovered that June had an underbelly full of mammary tumors and a heart murmur. Without the echocardiogram, a diagnostic test normally too cost-prohibitive for a small rescue like ours, her life-saving surgery would have been too risky. 💝 @underdogsrescueco"

June Carter and Johnny Cash are up for adoption with @underdogsrescueco in #Denver, #Colorado.
For more information or to submit an adoption application, please email today! (Photo by @abi.lafleur.) ❤️ #seniordog #roadtorecovery #adoptdontshop

Denver, Colorado

"Uhhh, could you pweeeeaze hit the snooze button?!" 😟😂 #goodmorningbeautiful #riseandshine #bestdogsever #adoptdontshop


MOUNT VERNON, NY: 7 year old Diesel has the type of personality that makes you want to baby-talk and coo to him all the time. He is sweet and sensitive and having a very hard time at the shelter. Diesel gets along with people and other dogs, but it's been a whole lot of a big changes for this sensitive pup. He was surrendered when his former owner could no longer care for him while taking care of her father with cancer. Diesel is struggling and we hope to get him out of the shelter and into a love home as quickly as can be. PLEASE SHARE!! 🍼🍼 Mount Vernon Animal Shelter wrote, " Diesel is a 7 year old #boxer mix who isn’t doing so well in the shelter. He was surrendered because the owner has been taking care of her father with cancer, and Diesel showed separation anxiety in the home when left alone. The owner was always with him before that, and three months before being surrendered is when he started showing signs of separation anxiety.
Diesel is a very timid boy and sweet. He’s a volunteer favorite and he walks well on leash as well. And he's house trained. We’ve tested him with dogs and he did well. He's even hung out with a puppy who we tested him with and did great. (Of course we would need to do a meet and greet with any potential adopter with a resident dog to make sure it is a fit.) But everyone loves him as he is so sweet and well mannered. He would really do best in a home where someone isn’t gone for too long at a time." To adopt Diesel, please email Megan at with any questions or to submit your application.
@mtvernonanimals Shelter is located at 600 Garden Ave, Mt Vernon, NY - just 30 minutes outside Manhattan!
Adoption hours are 7 days a week, from 11AM to 2PM every day. ❤️ #seniordog #greymuzzle #sensitivesoul #adoptme #adoptdontshop

Mount Vernon, New York

ALPHARETTA, GA: Meet JJ! He is very affectionate and very much in need of an equally affectionate best friend. JJ has been up for adoption for 6 months already but hasn't been able to find a home because he is 12 years old, blind and deaf. But JJ is a determined little cookie! He quickly learns to navigate his surroundings and does just fine. JJ doesn't want your pity, he just wants your love! PLEASE SHARE! 🍒

@furkidsatlanta Animal Rescue wrote, "Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters in Alpharetta, Georgia. JJ is 12 years old, blind, deaf and has been with us almost 6 months. He is a very loving #miniaturepoodle who craves affection. His ideal home is one with kindness and someone who will take care of a special needs best friend.

Because JJ is completely blind and deaf so he does require a little special attention. He paced around his foster house bumping into things at first, but he is now a little more familiar with his new environment. He needs to be carried up and down steps to go out, although he can also scale the stairs as we found out! This is one tough little dog who is resourceful and determined.
JJ's current foster has another dog and they get along just fine. I don't think we've seen any interactions with cats, but he's a pretty easy going dog. And he is great with children. JJ is house broken.
Potential adopters must fill out an adoption application. We do conduct landlord checks if they rent their home, and vet checks if they have any animals or have had any in the past 3 years. We do allow out of state adoptions, but the adopters must meet and pick up JJ in person." To adopt JJ, please email Laura at with any questions or to submit an application.
Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters is located at 1520 Union Hill Rd, #Alpharetta, GA. ❤️ #seniordog #georgia #bff #adoptme #adoptdontshop


"Hi SSD,

Five and a half years ago, we adopted a bonded pair of 'seniors' (a 4 1/2 year old Yellow Labrador and 7 year old Golden Retriever) that had been rescued from a puppy mill. Roopie and Maisy had spent their entire lives in cramped cages, being bred until they stopped producing live litters. They had never touched grass or walked through a doorway until the puppy mill owner threw them away like trash at a public park and they thankfully ended up in the hands of our amazing local rescue.

When looking for an additional family dog, we had never considered the possibility of adopting a bonded pair. We already had three rescued dogs of varying ages so we knew that we definitely wanted to skip the puppy stuff. However, when we saw Roopie and Maisy together, we just knew they were meant to be our’s. Both girls had 'mom bods' and we affectionately referred to their saggy bellies as their 'uteruses' which made for great feet warmers when they inevitably would lay on top of you on the couch (no such thing as too close!). Maisy also had a slight case of mange- which earned her the nickname 'Mangey.' We loved them so, so much.

Maisy, the yellow Labrador, unfortunately was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer about 10 months ago. She powered through five rounds of chemo and surgery to remove an almost seven inch tumor that seemingly formed overnight, with a smile on her face and a constantly wagging tail. We stopped chemo after the cancer spread into her lungs and focused on Maisy’s 'bucket list' instead. She had the best 10th birthday party with all of her friends, a 'best day ever' with burgers and a trip to the pet store where she shopped until they ran out of treats, and spent everyday being loved on.

We put Maisy to sleep last night and kissed our crazy Maisy one last time. Although the heartbreak of not seeing her silly face everyday is just setting in, the joys of having her, and Roopie of course, would have never happened had we not been open to adopting older, bonded dogs. Even though we didn’t have them for their entire lives, the time we had together was so special. We love you Maisy. -Brie" 🌈❤️ #rainbowbridge #adoptdontshop


Mornings are Prince Charming's best moods. 🤴🏼😬 #cutenessoverload #downwarddog #seniordog #adoptdontshop


PHOENIX, AZ: Milk & Cookies? Wine & Cheese? Peanut Butter & Jelly? Add Melody & Rainy to that list of duos that go together! Melody and Rainy are a bonded pair living at the public shelter. Thankfully they get to share a kennel, but they sure are missing their former owner who, sadly, moved into assisted living and had to surrender the girls. Melody and Rainy are all things sweet. They are behaved and quiet, but mostly, they just want to stay together for their forever. PLEASE SHARE! 🍪🍪 A shelter volunteer wrote, "Some dogs are just so dang cute, they render you inarticulate. Melody is 11 years and Rainy is 7 years. And they are THE most adorable bonded senior duo. I hope so much that we can help these two find a happy ending together.

It's obvious these girls are used to being loved. They are friendly and so, so sweet right off the bat. All they want is to be near you. During our daytime foster outing, they sat quietly on our laps, and I barely heard a peep out of them. They alternately snoozed, and then woke up for some treats, or to check in on each other, then snooze again.
Both girls walk great on the leash and love their walks. They have the cutest little trots when they get going, and are such happy girls- those tails are always wagging! They are definitely a bonded duo; Rainy checks in on her sister often, and Melody loves to use Rainy as a pillow.

I don't know how they are with cats, but they are basically the size of one, so they are evenly matched in any case (lol). Kids, I don't know, but I think they could potentially be great- neither are nippy or fearful. And with other dogs- they've always been kenneled together, so we just recommend people bring their dogs in for an intro.
Their $40 total adoption fee includes spays, rabies certificates and County licenses. Neither seems to have obvious health problems, AND Melody just got a dental at the shelter!" To adopt Melody and Rainy, please email volunteer Heather at with any questions or to set up a meet and greet.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control is located at 2500 S. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. ❤️ #seniordog #bonded4life #sisters #Arizona #adoptdontshop


🐶 There are too many deserving doggies lingering in shelters all around the United States right this very moment. We are an "animal loving country," and yet so many dogs go unnoticed and overlooked - too many for their entire lifetime!! 😞 Here on Susie's Senior Dogs, we attempt to feature a variety of adoptable senior dogs looking for his or her forever home. But this call-to-action is specifically for the shelter volunteers and staff members who have great dogs in their care who have been waiting for months or years to be adopted. Many times this is simply because these dogs haven't had the exposure - or foot traffic - they need in order to find the adopter they have always been looking for. Submissions welcome from EVERY state!! Tag a shelter/rescue! 🇺🇸 A few requirements for submissions include:

1) Submissions MUST be made by volunteers or staff members of the shelter.
2) Dog's age 7+ years old. Please include a very detailed bio of the senior (aside from the basics, this includes their history, personality, any special needs, etc.)
2) The shelter's adoption & transport policies.
3) An email contact of the person who handles adoptions (must be responsive and answer emails within a reasonable time frame). 4) PHOTOS!! Quality photos are a must. Professional photos are *not necessary* but candid pictures need to be in-focus and show the dog's face.
5) Email to: 📩 (*Please note: submissions including all of the above will be prioritized first. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!) 📬 #seniordogs #animalshelter #adoption #petadoption #adopt #adoptdontshop