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Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) ATLANTA, GA: Gorgeous Grandmother Teresa is still up for adoption! Granny T is 10 years old and these days she is all about making the people around her feel good. She's come to learn what matters most in life is strong relationships and taking pleasure in the simple things. That's pretty much her m.o. Granny T a good girl who has been seeking a companion to enjoy life with for all the rest of her years. She'll make you feel like a million bucks! PLEASE SHARE! 💰
@caninecaravanrescue wrote, "Granny T is a spunky, #spitz and #shepherd mix who would love to be part of your family. She came to Canine Caravan Rescue in November of 2018 from a local animal shelter with several mammary tumors and heavy dose of heart worms. It was clear that at 10 years old, Granny had been a yard dog and not cared for in the least. We were worried about the mammary tumors, as was our veterinarian, but to our surprise they all came back benign and she had clear margins! Granny T has healed from her surgery and has now been treated for her heart worms and is ready to find a home and a human to call her own.

Granny is housebroken, quiet and non destructive (except for an occasional roll of toilet paper). 😀 She enjoys car rides and walks and loves to be scratched by her human, but is otherwise pretty independent. She does well with dogs her own size as long as they are chill, but she does not like small dogs or cats. We are not sure how she would be with children, but older kids who give her her space will most likely be fine.

Granny weighs 70 pounds. She needs a home with a fenced in yard and someone who can take her on walks.

Canine Caravan Rescue requires that potential adopters complete an adoption application. We also require a home check. Our adoption fee is $250 and includes spay/neuter, all age appropriate shots and tests and a microchip." To adopt Granny, please email with any questions or to request an application! ❤️ #seniordog #atlanta #Georgia #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

🤕 SSD senior dog medical sponsorship applications are OPEN!! 🏩

Link to application in bio. 501c3 rescue groups and shelters are all welcome to apply. Sponsorships are available to senior dogs age 7 years old and up. Medical requests can range from spay/neuter procedures to dentals to any kind of special surgery. Sponsorship applications only remain open for a limited window at a time in order to process all requests in a timely manner, so we encourage you to apply quickly. 🏃🏽‍♀️ 9 year old Mystique is an adoptable senior dog with @arcticrescuesouthwest who recently received #medical #sponsorship from SSD for several procedures she needed done at the vet.
@arcticrescuesouthwest updates, "Mystique was an owner surrender to a shelter and had fleas, ticks, and some horrible matting. She clearly wasn't the best taken care.
Mystique needed surgery. The vet let me know she had one of the worst cystic follicles on her left ovary that she had ever seen. She said it looked like it has ruptured multiple times in the past. She also found a mammary tumor that we had removed. Her bloodwork all came up good though, and the fatty tumor was just fat which was also good. We also had her rear dew claws removed and they were so ingrown into the flesh that an infection under the skin had been brewing. They clearly hurt and she would cry when they hit something. All in all, this girl will be feeling MUCH better now!" Thanks to everyone who donates to SSD! Because of you we are able to provide medical funds directly to senior dogs like Mystique who desperately need vet care. SSD is a 501c3 nonprofit.
Feel free to pass along the sponsorship application link to a 501c3 rescue group or shelter who could use some help!
SPONSORSHIP LINK: in bio! 🏩❤️ 🐶 #seniordog #seniordogs #adoption #vetcare #sponsorships #grants #501c3 #nonprofit


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) RICHMOND, VA: 7 year old Thelma has been at the shelter for 13 months. We're told people have come to meet her, but then say she is "too aloof," despite encouragement from the staff to give her time. For everyone who has passed her over they are truly missing out! Thelma loves exploring the world and she is very good on the leash. She would be great to take with you anywhere! Thelma is searching for someone who will get past the awkward first date and give her a chance. PLEASE SHARE! 🌲🐾🌲 @fluvannaspca wrote, "Thelma is a very sweet 7 year old hound mix who came into FSPCA as a stray in May of 2018. A few people have come to look at Thelma but they feel that she is 'too aloof' or not interested in them when they meet her. We always try to encourage people to give her a chance because their personality is often so different outside of the shelter once they have some time to loosen up!
Thelma is very friendly and loves people. She also loves going on walks and exploring the outdoors. She walks nicely on the leash and listens very well. She also gets along well with other dogs, but would probably prefer a more laid back housemate. She may be OK with kitties, but it is difficult to fully test it in the shelter setting.

Thelma currently takes medicine for a skin allergy, but the allergies would likely improve with good food, nice baths, and a less stressful living situation. She is up to date on all shots, micro-chipped and spayed. She weighs about 60 pounds.

Our Lonely Hearts Club members, such as Thelma, have a $20 adoption fee. The FSPCA is open to working with rescues in other states, and we do allow for adopters out of state if they come to meet the pet they are interested in. If a potential adopter lives nearby or in the state of VA we could set them up with our 'Paws to Consider' program which is a 30 day foster-to-adopt opportunity." To adopt Thelma, please email with any questions or to apply!

@fluvannaspca is located at 5239 Union Mills Road, Troy, VA.

Adoption hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 12-5PM. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #virginia #hound #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) TORONTO, ONTARIO: 9 year old Kravitz is fast approaching his one year stay at the shelter. He arrived at @dogtalesrescue last July 2018, and prior to that he lived in another shelter since he was a puppy. So that means Kravitz has never had the luxury of living in a home! Kravitz is seeking a family who has a dog already because he is more confident with another canine around to show him the ropes. Kravitz is quiet and reserved around people at first, and an adopter needs to understand he will come out of his shell on his own time. He is such a sweetheart and just needs someone to see his potential!! PLEASE SHARE! 💚🌱💚 Kravitz really enjoys going on walks and spending time outdoors. Finding a family with another would be huge for him, exploring and doing life together. What a dream for Kravitz! Kravitz will do best in a home outside of the city, away from the hustle and bustle. And he prefers a home without young children simply because they don't understand the concept of personal space.
Most important, Kravitz is looking for someone who will take the time to get to know him and not expect him to jump in their lap right away. He is incredibly sweet, he just needs an adopter who will allow him to bloom in his own time. Adopters are often looking for an instant connection, but we're hoping to find someone who will understand that Kravitz is a worthy companion who simply connects a little more slowly.

Kravitz is neutered. He is on a daily medication for a heart murmur. An adopter MUST meet Kravitz in person at @dogtalesrescue (no transport). Please give him a chance!! To adopt Kravitz, please email with any questions or to set up a visit!
@dogtalesrescue is located at 1405 19th Sideroad, #KingCity, #Ontario.
Adoption visiting hours are Sundays from 12 noon to 4PM. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #canada #toronto #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

DENVER, CO: Remember 8 year old Shadow? We first featured him on SSD in early March while he was at a very overcrowded shelter — by overcrowded we mean 800 animals at times, or more. That's tough. Shadow was pulled by a rescue group in Colorado, where he is currently waiting for his forever home. His name comes from his days of living on a chain, when he learned to live in the shadows. And while Shadow may always be a little more introverted, we've learned he loves other dogs, belly rubs, and simply being a part of the family. A forever home is the only thing left on his check list his needs! PLEASE SHARE! 🔆

@underdogsrescueco wrote, "Shadow spent his life on a chain hiding in the dark (hence why he's called Shadow). His meals were sporadic and he didn't even know there were beds just for dogs. We're pretty sure he is an introvert, but we're not too quick to label since he's changed so much in foster care. He started out too scared to move and had to be coaxed into eating, drinking, and eliminating. But Shadow has learned that humans ain't all that bad and he is starting to learn he has choices and a voice. He is no longer scared to enjoy his freedom.

Shadow loves other dogs. He has also learned to run around with his foster fur-brothers and he even tried out a 'play bow' that they taught him! It's pretty cool and everyone gets real excited when he does it. While Shadow loves himself a good belly rub, hugs are still a little too much. Unless you're a toddler. He seems to have a soft spot for the littles so they get a little extra leeway when it comes to his personal bubble. He is really sweet with his foster home's toddler. He even lets the neighbor rabbits and cats hang out around him. He has too much love for this second chance to not include everyone in it!
Shadow recently had his first heart worm treatment injection. We will consider an adopter who is up for giving him a home now, while we still support the cost of his treatment at our vet.
Shadow is located in #Denver, #Colorado. We will consider an out of state adoption for a really jackpot, great fit adopter." To adopt Shadow, please email to apply! #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

From discarded breeder dogs to beloved family pets, Julius and Daja got ADOPTED!!! 💋

Julius is 12 years old and Daja is 11 years old. They were used to breed puppies throughout their lives. (Ugh.) But then when their former owner moved to downtown Denver where pit bulls are banned, Julius and Daja were brought to the shelter. These two are very bonded. And advanced in age, especially for their size. They were certainly, and sadly, not a "desirable" pair to 99% of adopters. But all they needed was that ONE - that one special person. This sweet, deserving duo was desirable to Wendy. And Wendy says she is the one who lucked out! She was quick to realize she couldn't wait for someone else to adopt Julius and Daja because otherwise that day might never come for them. And so their love story as a new family begins. Thank you, Wendy!! Wendy writes, "I had a 12 year old pit bull who died in October due to old age and issues with walking. Then my 11 year old pit bull died in May due to cancer overtaking his body. These two pits were my best friends and I loved them to death. I had a really hard time losing them and was looking for some #pitbull puppies to adopt. However, I came across Julius and Daja who are 11 and 12 year old pit bulls and I couldn’t stop going back to their photo and story.
I knew being a pit owner that very few people want to adopt pits who are older, let alone two who needed to be together. I just felt an instant connection to these two. And what are the chances they are also the age I lost my own pit bulls? I decided that I needed to be the one to ensure Julius and Daja lived out their golden years in a loving place being spoiled to death.
Their foster mom Amanda, who is amazing, brought them to meet me and they made this their forever home. They love their huge yard and deck and look forward to our time walking or playing outside each day. They are happy in their golden years, but I am the winner as they as such sweethearts. Even though they are senior lovebirds, they have a lot of energy which I think comes from being happy and secure and knowing this is where they will spend the rest of their years." ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) MIAMI, FL: This is Ears' 7th feature on SSD. And he's been at the shelter 10 years, his whole life. 😔 The lack of adoption interest for Ears is definitely not due to lack of effort by the incredible volunteers at his shelter. Together, the shelter and SSD have been able to adopt out many of their long term senior dogs over the years because of the volunteers' consistent communication, fantastic photography, extreme dedication, and true love for the dogs. But we've been stuck on Ears' situation since he was first promoted on SSD back on February 25th. It's very strange because Ears is wonderful. He is very loving and so sweet and it is disheartening each and every time we turn up empty for him. PLEASE SHARE! 💔🖤💔 @bornfreepetshelter wrote, "We didn't receive adoption inquires for Ears on the last post. Sometimes we have received interest after a few of your posts, but then when we asked them to contact our adoption counselor to coordinate the adoption they never get in touch. Ears can be dog reactive and he needs a very calm dog. We think that if a potential adopter has a very friendly female dog who perhaps is not pushy with new dogs, and with a slow introduction, Ears could be a good match for them. We are hoping for people to contact us about him this time.

Ears is very loving towards people and would make an incredibly loyal companion. We don't think he has ever been in a home and he is already 10 years old. Nothing brings out his fun-loving personality more than when he plays fetch. He absolutely loves it, will actually return the ball and seemingly can go on playing forever! He also loves water. Ears is eager to have a home that will give him all the love and attention he craves and deserves.

We have recently tested Ears with a cat. He was aware of the cat and didn't seem very interested for the most part but he did growl and bark a few times.
Ears is a healthy doggie! His damaged ear is from many years ago when a dog bit his ear through the fence.

We are a small shelter so transport is not available." To adopt Ears, please email to apply.

@bornfreepetshelter is located in Homestead, #Florida. ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY: Chowder is a beautiful 9 year old lady who has been overlooked at the shelter since February. She is friendly, but she takes her time getting to know people; she waits for the "real deal" to come along before cozying up to just anyone. And that's what makes receiving her affection all that much sweeter when you earn it! But most adopters aren't looking for older dogs who won't give them much attention upon first meeting. And so Chowder patiently waits for that one special human who will give her that one special chance. PLEASE SHARE! ➡️ 🎥 🎾

SSD met Chowder last week at the shelter. We learned she was originally abandoned in a house all alone. She was found by a nice family and lived with them for a month, but it became clear she was uncomfortable living with their young child. They surrendered with hopes someone would quickly snatch her up and adopt her, but she's still waiting!
@saratogacountyanimalshelter wrote, "Chowder is a sweet older lady looking for her retirement home. She is a #LabradorRetriever mix.
Chowder prefers adults over kids, and would love a calm quiet house to hang out in. Easy to walk on a leash, Chowder loves to go for adventures and explore the outdoors, but she doesn't mind hanging out inside and watching a good movie either." Chowder cannot live with other dogs. She's a queen! She is reactive (barks) when she sees a fellow canine and would do best living in a quiet environment.

Chowder is in overall good health. She must be adopted in person at the shelter.
To adopt Chowder, please email with any questions or to set up a meet and greet.
@saratogacountyanimalshelter is located at 6010 County Farm Road, #BallstonSpa, #NY. ❤️ #seniordog #retriever #fetch #upstateny #saratogasprings #albany #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

Sara’s breath smells like flowers!! 😬💐 Haha, no that’s a lie, it actually has no smell at all. As a dog’s mouth should be! 🙌🏽 As many of you loyal followers know, all thanks to her dental surgery three weeks ago, which included four rotting tooth extractions, this girl’s bad breath immediately cleared up. No more “peeee-yew” when snuggling close! Get your dog’s teeth cleaned, it’s so much more than good breath, it’s for good health! (P.S. Swipe for 28 video seconds of Sara being her cute and perfect and pink and pit bull self!) 😍 #seniordog #dental #freshbreath #goodhealth #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

"I can’t believe it’s been a year already; I still remember meeting Jasmine at her foster parents’ house for the first time. She was clueless as to who I was, obviously, so it’s funny to think about how much we’ve bonded over the last year. I don’t think we could live without each other. At the time, I was worried that she might not bond with me as much as a puppy would if I were raising it. But we’re attached at the hip now! She follows me everywhere and I love it.

Everything is going great. Jasmine had a bit of separation anxiety when I first brought her home, but it’s improved immensely. I give her a little bone on my way out of the house, and suddenly I’m unimportant! She has a tendency to bark at my cats in the middle of the night if they try to join us on the bed, but the cats pay no mind. It’s a lovely little cuddle pile, the four of us.
We went on a road trip— just the two of us— for my birthday last week. It was so fun to walk her around the small river town, as we live in the heart of Minneapolis. I also took her to my old college town, where she loved meeting all the locals. She’s a magical little thing. -Anna" ❤️ #seniordog #adoptiversary #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Get your jammies on ‘cause 12 year old Jammies is ready to snuggle! This senior boy only gets cuter with age. He’s been up for adoption since January and we’re not sure how anyone can resist a pup this cute named Jammies. Plus, Jammies is a professional cuddler. Doesn’t that make you just want to put on your jammies and cuddle Jammies?! This boy will bring his adopter so much love they won’t know what to do with it all! PLEASE SHARE!! 🛌 🛋
@rescuecrewmn wrote, "Jammies joined The Rescue Crew on 1/26/19 from an overcrowded shelter where he was on the euthanasia list.

Jammies is a lover for people! He will give kisses and cuddle you all day if you let him! He also loves walks. He’s not so great with dogs and cats, but with people of all ages count Jammies in!

Jammies is crate and potty trained. And he doesn't jump on furniture. He has been having some issues with his ears. He shakes his head a lot, so he is currently on some ear drops. He is also taking Apoquel due to his legs and feet being raw. Other than that, he is in good health. He is neutered, UTD on vaccines, and micro-chipped.
Jammies is located in #Plymouth, #MN. We adopt within a 4 hour radius of #Minneapolis. We require an application to be submitted and we do a background check, landlord check, and vet check.

Jammies’ adoption fee is all paid for by Petcurean! And you’ll receive one year worth of food as well - what are you waiting for!?" To adopt Jammies, please email with any questions or to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #minnesota #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

NORWALK, CT: Abby is still a fairly young lady, but even at just 7 years old she still struggles with getting any adoption interest. She's been up for adoption since last October!! Abby is youthful and mature all at the same time, the perfect blend. She's healthy, energetic and loves going on adventures. She always up for riding in the car, in fact, sticking her head out the window is one of her pastimes! Abby just wants to get life started with her forever family and she very much needs our help connecting with her special someone. PLEASE SHARE! 🚗🏖⛰ @pupstarzrescue wrote, "Abby is a 7 year old, 81-pound #LabradorRetriever mix with a heart of gold. She is very well mannered, too.

Abby has the perfect blend of energy and couch potato-ness. She can be upbeat, peppy, and exuberant, but can be just as happy lounging on the couch with you, cuddling, snuggling, napping, and watching TV. She is 100% housebroken, is respectful around food, doesn’t jump, and loves going for walks. She’s smart as a whip and knows a bunch of commands, including sit, lie down, come, heel, and paw. She enjoys playing with toys and she loves being pet, having her ears scratched, and receiving belly rubs.

Abby is wonderful with humans of all ages. She is reactive to other dogs and would do best in a home without other dogs. She is a terrific traveler and gets really excited about going in the car. She will hop into the passenger seat, sit nicely, and will stick her head out the window, letting the gentle wind blow her velvety ears. You can literally take this dog anywhere!

Abby can be adopted in the tri-state area. We are open to anywhere within reasonable driving distance! If you are in the market for a new fun bestie with whom to journey through life, Abby should be calling your name!" To adopt Abby, please email with any questions or to apply! (Photo by @ledaphotography) ❤️ #seniordog #connecticut #bff #adoptme #adoptdontshop