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Carnival Ride | Photograph by Susanne Skyrm
“This tiny creature, about the size of a thumbnail, was found on a wreck off Grand Cayman. The little yellow arthropod to the left of the center of the hydroid (Ralpharia gorgoniae) was making its home on the organism,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Susanne Skyrm. “I’m always amazed at the beauty of even the smallest creatures underwater. It is rewarding to go beyond the large animals and look for tiny creatures underwater — they are often more colorful and more interesting than anything else.”

“I love Your Shot photographer Richard Wylie (@richardwylie1017)’s comment: ‘This is an absolutely gorgeous shot Susanne and I love your detailed and informative description as well! I am always so impressed with those who master the art of macro photography underwater — it’s a massively difficult but rewarding process — one that you’ve clearly achieved! Love your work!” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


Photos by @CarltonWard | Cooperative Bear, Frustrating Panther…That was the title of the blog I wrote about my attempt to camera trap a Florida panther at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in 2015. I was on assignment for @NatGeoTravel and after a month of trying, I had one bear kindly pose facing the camera and one panther show me her tail as she walked away. Frustrating and motivating at the same time, it was like she was daring me to try to tell her story. Three years and two National Geographic grants later, I'm still trying. I now have a network of camera traps (think photo studios hidden in the woods) pointed at game trails on refuges and ranches throughout South Florida for my #PathofthePanther project, which seeks to inspire the land protection needed for the endangered Florida panther to expand its range. I've had some successes with panthers over the past three years, but more often than not, my "cooperative bear, frustrating panther" mantra, still applies. Please follow my quest here and @CarltonWard as we focus on the story of the Florida panther and the habitat corridors it needs to recover and help us save wild Florida. The third photo is an alligator that should have been a warning that the water was about to rise. A wet winter, followed by strong summer rains proceeded to flood this trail for the next 18 months. @insidenatgeo @natgeocreative #FloridaWildlifeCorridor #FloridaWild #KeepFLWild #panther #bear #gator #alligator #swamp #Everglades


Photo by @gerdludwig Sheep on a hill near Kawakawa on the North Island of New Zealand, where the people are outnumbered by sheep nearly 6 to 1, or 4.7 million people and 27.6 million sheep.

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Set out to really push the limits of portrait photography in low light using the #HuaweiP20Pro and I gotta say I’m really impressed with the quality of images that I was able to capture.  All the modes that come w/ the camera such as #NightMode #Aperture, #Portrait and even the #Photo mode were all great for shooting portraits in lowlight in different settings.  I’ll be sharing some more, but make sure to share some of your favorite moments in the @HuaweiNextImage Awards Competition, using the #GoodNight category #HuaweiNextImage


Athens - Greece ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@christinatouloumtzidou✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


Photo by @udta_firta
Excellent timing, bird. 👏 #WHPhidden


#FotoDelDía | Una leona cuida de sus cachorros en Botswana. "Uno de los cachorros nadaba con dificultad, y el otro directamente no podía, así que la leona se lo llevó a la boca", comentó el fotógrafo de @natgeoyourshot, Connie Bowen.
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Photo and caption by 陳彥宇⠀

2016 國家地理全球攝影大賽⠀

組別 / 地方組⠀
名次 / 佳作⠀

📌 2018 國家地理全球攝影大賽報名連結請見 IG 簡介,與我們分享你眼中獨特的世界觀 🌏

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Wrapping up a crazy long weekend in San Francisco at the Outside Lands festival with @chase Sapphire #ad⁣⁣⁣
Between seeing Janet Jackson play Rhythm Nation live to stuffing my face with lobster rolls ⁣⁣⁣
I managed to find some solace from the crowds at the Sapphire Lounge. Sapphire cardmembers were granted exclusive access to⁣⁣⁣
the Sapphire Lounge, which transformed into a culinary haven with local hot spots for food and beverage pairings every day of the festival at 6pm for Sapphire at Six 🍻😀 #chasesapphire #sapphireinsider #outsidelands


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