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CLOSED for a small break// See y’all homies on 11.25– SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! We are so pumped to share a steal of a deal with y’all then... but right now we are hustling trying to get y’all your sale Swank out the door! 💪 Thanks for the small shop love 💕


Guess what we will be practicing after all those delicious orders yesterday? That’s right! Our mad wrapping skills! Our shop is open for just a few more hours tonight and then we will reopen on Small Biz Saturday with another fun sale! Thanks for such an incredible response to our sale yesterday ❤️ @stacimichaud


Current sitch


Today is a B I G day—We have joined together with 100+ other small biz shops over at @smallshoppromo to give y'all some incredible discounts!
Here at @swankyshank we are taking 20% off your total purchase (we have everything already 20% off to save you the hassle of entering the code but be sure and use that code in all the other shops!! MERRYSSP)

That same promo code is good for a different discount at all 100+ of the small businesses involved. Check out all the amazing business involved at smallshoppromo.com & the hashtag #smallshoppromo to see where else you can score a deal while shopping small.


Two things: we are OPEN aaaand we’ve got a new Hanukah design #youspinmerightround #dreidel @amandahillaryphotography


Don’t stop beLEAFin’ 🍁 @kirstreilly #handdyed


We are finishing up the last of the Thanksgiving orders this week!! And we will reopen tonight! 👏 @emilymohs


THIS is how good five months feels @angiebphoto


Hey @kateisennock — you make a darn cute baby 😍🙏•••••• we reopen in TWO more days y’all!


This week’s #mcm is brought to you by @judeandhudson #mcm #handdyed


We no longer sell these but @made4boutique still does! Go grab the last of our hand dyed tee pees!




Hey babes I’m cayla 👋🏼 girl Mom to Mason who is 2 & Walker who will be here in April 🎀 I’m also a member of club swank!
I found swanky shank shortly after mason was born & I️t was love at first site 😍😂. There’s so many reasons I love and support swanky shank, but so that I don’t keep you reading for days, I’ll list a few. Every time you receive an item you can just look at that piece and see how much love & effort was put in it. From the hand dying to the imperfectly beautiful felt placement, and the puns, OH the puns. Swanky shank caught my eye initially because of how cute the shop was, but I’ve stuck around this long because of how unique this shop is. It’s like Christmas every time Jen releases new designs 🎄 & no matter the child, age, or personality, you can and will find something to fit your babe perfectly.

What’s my favorite piece that I’ve bought? Hardest. Question. Ever. But I think if I had to narrow I️t down it would be our belle baseball tee- “the girl is strange no question” 💙 and I️ choose that one because my child is strange no question. 😂
I’ve already starting buying swank for miss walker but the amount of twinning my kids will do in the name of swank is going to be ridiculous. And I can’t stinking wait. #igtakeover @itscayla_b


SEARCH CLOSED// Photographers will be announced before 12.1 🌿 📸: @stacimichaud


We reopen in a week! ...until then let’s dream of peppermint mocha fairies dancing in our heads 🌿


•WE REOPEN ON 11/15!! •

we can dye it, stamp it, personalize it... whatever you want, we gotchu @thekiers


Hi Swanky Fans! My name is Maredith and I'm a member of Club Swank! I'm a momma to two girlies ages 5 and 7 and they are Swanky fanatics. (And I secretly keep hoping they will start carrying adult sizes! 😬) I cannot say enough good things about these adorable pieces. The quality and unique styles keep me coming back over and over again. I asked my youngest what her favorite Swanky shirt was and she instantly said her 'No Prob-llama' shirt.....any my 'Stay Magical', oh and Chewie shirt.....😂 She couldn't pick just one! I'm just as guilty when ordering! ((@marelaude )) #igtakeover


Our cocoa got a makeover and then @stacimichaud shot it on her sweet little summit ❤️ #handdyed #handmadelove


'Bruh' is a cool adaptation of 'bro' which is a cool adaptation of brother... your kids will know more, ask them. #bruh #handdyed @veggiemom1436


Today is {one PINE day}


I’m with this cutie let’s {relish today} @lifewithhop #fridayvibes


Last call for Swanks-giving orders! Who’s got some swank to be gotten?! @stacimichaud


TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER THANKSGIVING SWANK no exceptions/no “pretty pleases”/no but’s 🍁😬 @joss.and.j


Tomorrow is the last day to purchase Thanksgiving... SWANKSgiving if you will 🤓@emily_upchurch


Happy November 🍁


We aren’t a costume shop by no means, but we are makers, and when someone asks us to make a ketchup and a mustard... well, this 🤓 🎃


Guess what’s trickling in this week!! 😍 #christmas2017 @veggiemom1436


Oh thisssss. 😂 @jollygoodapparel


And the winner of my #mcm is sweet little summit 💕 @stacimichaud #handdyed


I. ❤️. Ewe. #handdyed