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This piece of bread looks so berry delicious! Bad puns aside, this is a great snack idea for when you're in a hurry: top some bread with your favourite yoghurt and some sliced strawberry. 😍


A good belly laugh is great for the abs 😉 When you workout with a friend, it makes exercising more fun and you feel supported! The SWEAT Community is such a great source of support and encouragement throughout your fitness journey — it's like having a friend to chat about recipes and workouts with! Check out the forum for more details: www.sweat.com/forum
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As the seasons change, we often look to food to give us comfort, especially on cool nights. Rather than over-indulging in unhealthy comfort foods, look for healthy alternatives! That might be choosing broth-based soups (like this one with fish, from @laras.kitchen) instead of cream-based soups or choosing zucchini noodles when you are in the mood for spaghetti. Find more healthy recipe ideas on our blog: www.sweat.com/blogs


We're insanely jealous that beach workouts aren't feeling as glorious as they were a few weeks ago due to the cooler weather in Australia! When the season changes, it can be a good time to assess where you are on your fitness journey. Is it time to try something new? Do you want to change where you're training? Do you need to find a workout buddy to get you training more consistently throughout the week? Whatever you need, the SWEAT community is here to support you! Together we become stronger, healthier and happier! www.sweat.com/forum
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Remind yourself of this every single day if you need to. Take that power in your hands and start making changes for YOU. www.sweat.com/app


Don't let the soft colours fool you — once this outfit is on, we're going out hard and smashing that workout! Who's with us? www.sweat.com/app
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A dream breakfast! This is how you take a simple bit of toast to the next level! Topped with peanut butter, berries and apple (in the shape of clouds 😍) or clementine segments. So gorgeous! www.sweat.com/app
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Who loves getting outside for a workout? Some days the weather is kind to you and you can enjoy some sunshine while exercising. Other days you have to head indoors to stay dry or warm! The SWEAT app gives you plenty of variety — choose WHERE, WHEN and HOW you train. Find the best fit for you by visiting: www.sweat.com/app
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Casually adding some super fancy sneakers to your day, just because. These Under Armour training shoes look so soft and comfy 😍www.sweat.com/app
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It can be overwhelming starting a brand new fitness journey or even changing from one training style to another. Just remember that once you take the first step, you're on your way.


Who else wants to warm up with this bowl of coconut oatmeal? Topped with apple slices, raspberries, sesame seeds, coconut, currants and kumquats, we need to try this!
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Our gorgeous blog contributor @frecklesinmymind showing that muscle 💪 What are some of the fitness milestones or achievements you are celebrating? www.sweat.com/app


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