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Should I start the new protein company based on grass fed chicken eggs? The food system is broken. You are what you eat. The nutrition of the soil and the health of the animal comes through in your food.


Back to my roots. On the Amish farm. Way better than any car. An American Saddlebred Horse🐎 ...


Not a bad start. Money is definitely not the main goal of life. But fast cars are fun. You have to admit. @liaostep


Money comes and goes. Family is forever.


‪My 100 yr old Grandma is the GOAT...‬ She’s rocking the sandals.


I noticed a homeless man with 2 different, worn out shoes. Decided to help. He said the 1st pair I bought him would hurt his feet. Luckily there was a shoe store near by. Don’t be afraid to do random acts of kindness. #payitforward


Always help those in need. Be generous.


There are still some nice people left in the world. 🙏


What’s wrong with America 🇺🇸? @OfficialBenShapiro, one of the most controversial people in the world, came by the house the other day. He doesn't pull any punches on touchy subjects. He's the editor-in-chief of Daily Wire, and has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. Here is what he had to say... 🎥 WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO @ TAI LOPEZ.COM/BENSHAPIRO


Adolf Hitler Visited my grandmother’s school in Germany, 1938. She refused to salute and get betrayed by her German people so she fled. -
She arrived in America, this was the first place she saw someone eat more than one egg. During WWII Her brother was forced into the German army and was
Shot in the stomach and died on the eastern front. -
I was inspired by her resilience and she remains one of the reasons why I’m inspired to self educate, and learn from history. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO @ 🎥 TAILOPEZ.COM/GrandmaWW2


Common sense is at an all time low in the world. Awareness is plummeting. We have Google and more information than ever. But we still are lost.
We have become 'ghosts' - detached from reality. Amazon will instantly ship whatever you need, Netflix will broadcast whatever you want to watch, and Facebook will provide the virtual social interaction you think suffices.
Across the board, the mental and physical requirement to be aware and present is the lowest it’s ever been. The effect of this is that we have become disembodied ghosts floating through our day-to-day.
Watch Full Video at tailopez.com/worry


Most people can’t keep up faith when things look dark. Stay the course in 2018. Follow @tailopez for more motivation...


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