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talia sutra

You were complete once as a child. Remember?
When did you start believing you weren’t?
Deep below the waves of fear, worry, resentment and disappointment there is always you, watching.
And you’re whole, you are as you always have been: pure, limitless, present.


talia sutra

There is nothing more important than THIS moment right now. Nothing more important than being completely and utterly present in wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Do it fully. Be there. One with it. So much that you understand it. And then it never matters what it is you’re doing. It’s the how. That’s the love.
EVERYTHING else is secondary.
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talia sutra

Some of my favorite “little” ways to connect with myself daily is through asana, preparing and drinking tea, reading and of course, taking care of my skin.
I have a few products that I love from @freskincare, all of them revolutionary: natural, certified vegan, and oh do they do their job. The key ingredient in all @freskincare products is Moroccan argan oil. It has epic healing and hydrating properties.
Today, I am sharing the launch of @freskincare’s newest release: RECOVER ME, a light weight, super hydrating night cream which ensures a perfect hydration balance, fights photo-aging and accelerated aging while we rest. It also protects from breakouts and acne and est part: skin is glowing and soft first thing in the morning.
I loved adding Recover Me to my night time routine! 😍😍😍
I have a discount code for you for today and tomorrow. Use TALIARECOVER at checkout to get 25% off. The product lasts a long time and I 100% recommend❤️
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talia sutra

First embrace it. The pain, the discomfort, the anger, the fear.
Hold it, look at it, love it like a hurting child.
Then let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
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talia sutra

I am responsible for myself. For my feelings. For my peace. My heart is free.
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talia sutra

Yoga first came into my life through my mom.
She started going to yoga classes when she was diagnosed with lymphoma, around the time I was six.
My childhood is filled with memories of yoga and although it was only at age 21 that I committed my self to daily practice and study, I am very grateful that I’ve witnessed and experienced the power of yoga from a very young age.
It would be a dream come true to see all children around the world have access and awareness of yoga and mediation.
Don’t you think?
Today @aloyoga launched @alogives , a nonprofit that is dedicated to bringing yoga and mindfulness to the world by providing a free curriculum of 5-minute videos to do in the classroom or at home helping to introduce mental and physical skills that are a part of social and emotional learning.
I could not be more touched to share this with you guys!
How old were you when yoga first came into your life?
Share your story and tag more friends to the same so we can spread the word about @alogives and bring more yoga education to kids all over the world. Check out alogives.com to learn more!
I want to hear your stories: @swami_jnanamudrananda @miriamturtlem @rejuvenatewithnousha @shani.yoga @whatgibbs 💓💓💓
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talia sutra

Light dances in the shadows.
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talia sutra

Sweet moments with my Kiki in London today.
Thank you to all the yogis who came out to practice today and raise money for Women and Children First UK.
I can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow and Sunday for the Method workshops!! Annnnd happy International Women’s Day to all the goddesses!!! You are powerful beyond comprehension. I hope you can feel that.
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Thank you for the capture @ezrabaderman the most beautiful man in existence.
Thank you @aloyoga for the best yoga wear in the universe. #ad #aloyoga


talia sutra

The postures reflect just like a mirror.
Meaning, they are never judgmental, critical or comparative.
They do not create our sensations, feelings or thoughts just as a mirror does not create our form.
Our perception becomes crystal clear through deep experiential compassion for ourselves in all our forms.
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talia sutra

I’m very excited for another round of workshops in London this upcoming weekend! Remember I am teaching a DONATION BASED class this Friday 10-11:30am at @indabayoga. All proceeds go to WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST UK.
All of my classes and workshops are truly for all levels. It’s normal to feel anxious about joining but I promise it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone!! This is how we grow.
The following weekend I will be visiting DUBLIN. Then, MILAN!
To sign up click the line in my bio loves. See you all soon!! 🕉💗🕉
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talia sutra

Happy Friday everyone!!! Happy March first!! February was intense in the best ways. The first ever LAAIC Teacher Training was announced, we received an overwhelming response and eventually selected 30 amazing ladies to join us in this incredible journey. I met many of you in Europe, turned 31 at home with my beautiful family AND released my first ever jewelry line with @yamajewelry !
This weekend we’ll be taking it easy at home. Kiki, Ezi and I.
And next week we’ll be on London!! Next FRIDAY MARCH 8th I’ll be teaching a DONATION BASED class at @indabayoga with all proceeds going to WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST UK.
I put the link up in my stories! I’d love to see you there!! I am about to turn off my phone, for another phone free weekend. I’m wishing you moments in all the light, all the love and all the wonder. You’re beautiful. And strong. And very kind.
And I love you. In this small way that I can.
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talia sutra

Every day is a gift. I mean it.
Sometime we have to lose something to realize how lucky we already are. Or maybe we just realize the preciousness of “ordinary” life without too much loss if we’re ready to.
Either way, challenge yourself everyday. Feel things. Get out of your comfort zone and love hard!! Never give up. ✨🌸💪
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