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Future Love Music for Aliens! 👽 For bookings and other enquires. Email: [email protected]


Thank you @djjazzyjeff & @lynettectownes for being the awesomnesssst ever! To all my @playlistretreat family it was truly an honor to connect with everyone again. 🌍 Safe travels. #playlistretreat2018 #playlistfamily


Stones Throw Records’ head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf is coming to Hangar - London Fields joined by a ridiculous line up! Catch the iconic West Coast hip hop producer with Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau, Jitwam, and Prophet for an unforgettable night.

Very limited early birds on sale Friday 3pm his soundcrashmusic.com #peanutbutterwolf #stonesthrow #ericlau #tallblackguyproductions #tallblackguy #jitwam #prophet


Headed back home today. Thank you London folks for coming through on Friday. I really appreciate it! I will be back in October at @archspace_ldn #tallblackguy #tallblackguyproductions #london #uk


My London folks come through tonight at @archspace_ldn. Come get some joints in your body for the weekend.


Coming sooooon.... Tall Black Guy Presents Drums and Tings Vol.1 Drum kit
Stay tuned🎧🎹🔊🥁 Shoutout to @marcellouslovelace for the cover
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What up my UK folks. Next friday July 13th I will be performing at the lovely @archspace_ldn. Come through and hear some great tunes. Hope to see you there!
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#Repost - @seratosample - Detroit native @tallblackguyproductions had so many heaters at last month’s @beatsocietyoriginal @battleave event ♨️ Peep how he flipped his @Tracklib sample in this episode of Sample This. #tallblackguyproductions #tallblackguyprod #seratosample #seratonyc #funk #soul #tracklib
Link to video in bio


I can't believe Michael Jackson has left us for over almost 10 years. He's still the greatest ever. Also, my MJ tribute project is almost 10 years old. Here's to you Mike
Rest In Power Brother🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #michaeljackson #thegreatest #tallblackguyproductions #tallblackguy #soul #funk
Song: Stay With Me (Lady Of My Life Reflip) Link to album in bio


#Repost - @phontigallo.....“Sweet You” was the very last song I recorded for the album. And by very last song, I mean me and @tallblackguyproductions were still sending files back and forth while @burnoff was already finalizing the other 9 songs at @thekitchenmastering in Chapel Hill.
I sat on this beat for almost 4 years before I wrote one word. Songs like this are always tricky to write in a rap context. Pander too much and you end up with something corny, or go too hard and you wind up in Ghostface “Wildflower” territory...lol. My goal is to always find the middle. I’ve always maintained that I don’t really write “love songs” so much as I tend to write songs about love. The latter tends to be a lot more nuanced and complicated.

Easter eggs galore in this one (B.I.G., Prodigy, Al B., T-LaRock, De La), although my favorite part of the song is when my brother @dornik_official’s backgrounds come in. I get that this song may be a surprise coming from a man who once rhymed “I want a girl when I want a girl/and when I don’t want a girl I want a girl who understands that.” I’d like to think the 25 year old me would hear the 39 year old me and say, “Man, you finally learned something.” Or he might just be like, “Nigga you washed.” No News Is Good News, out now everywhere. #NNIGN #FEMusic #tallblackguyproductions #tallblackguyprod #phonte #sweeterthanyou #soul #grownmangrowth #washedlife


2019 Its Life Consuming To Wait (Immigrant Children Camps USA) art by @marcellouslovelace www.marcellouslovelace.com #marcellouslovelace #print #unjustonstolenland #biko70escapingcaptivity #chicago #thisishhastostop


#repost - @richmedina - Our beloved brother @djspinna had an emergency appendectomy surgery on June 11th 2018. He’s recovering praise God, but he needs more than prayer hands and digital wishes. It takes a village. Let’s help the Williams family focus on healing instead of how to pay the crazy bills that follow those deep hospital moments. We love you Spinna & @keistarproductions. Help is on the way like The Whatnauts said. ❤️